Friday, February 11, 2011

To Visit A Piece... Or To Buy It?

I don't know if you do this too, but have you ever just visited a coveted piece at a favorite Shop every time you go in there, wrestling with whether to just visit the piece... or to buy it this time?  I do.  There are some purchases that for whatever reason I can't make an instant decision about on the spot... not because I don't really, really want it mind you... but for other reasons... you know how it is. It's a piece I have a longing for and would like for it to be mine... but not just now. Perhaps it would take a while to be able to make the purchase or the decision on whether or not to purchase... and so... you begin to have this relationship with the piece... where every time you walk into it's Shop you pay it a visit...  like a Friend you would just have to see if you were in the area and wouldn't feel complete or right without stopping by and visiting for a while. *wink*

For a while now every time I visited one of my favorite Shops NOT TOO SHABBY I'd have to pay a particular piece one of "those visits"... and it became rather comical as Proprietors Kim and Katie knew that I'd be spending time with "THE Pillow"! *LOL*  The one that was SO very ME that even when they acquired it I came to mind and they had to show it to me the next time I came into the Shop.  And oh they were right, the attraction was instant... Love at first sight in fact... and the relationship thus began *winks*... but I waffled.  No, not because I didn't desperately want it, but there was the "other" pillow... and I knew I couldn't have both... at least not right away... and the "other" was Down filled versus Horsehair filled... and it had a bold pop of Orange Satin along with it's fabulous Vintage Floral centerpiece... and it was a tad less expensive.  So there I wrestled with the decision of which Love to take Home first!?!  Which did I adore more? Humnnnnnnn... difficult choice when you Love 'em both, huh? Have you ever been caught between two Loves? *winks*  So, the "other" pillow won out... and I reluctantly walked away from the other Lovely that I adored... but I swore I'd be back... and someday... but until then, at least we could visit and take photos.  So, each time I was in the area and popped in... I'd beeline over to THE Pillow... and we'd spend a bit of time together... always wrestling with the decision... would this just be a visit this time... or was I going to buy it and take it Home?  You know there is only going to be a certain window of opportunity you see, before some other Lover of a piece comes by and acts upon their attraction to it!   You know that one day you could walk in there for a visit and it's gone *GASP*... moved... gone Home with someone else... because you waited too long!   Hey, after all, a beautiful Lovely can't wait for you forever... someone else is bound to fall in Love with it too and decide they just can't live without it!  And so... after what seemed like an eternity... I finally acted... no, not instantly... I walked in for just another "visit".  Once again fondling, photographing, imagining this magnificent Lovely being mine... and then I put it down and walked away... AGAIN.  I spent a great deal of time visiting with Friends in the Shop and beholding all the other fabulousness... and picking up an inexpensive piece that had been calling my name for some time also... a Vintage piece of Sheet Music called "Gypsy Love Song". Eight lovely pages that had also patiently waited for me... mostly because it was one of those pieces that I didn't know what I'd do with it, but knew it was way cool and definitely 'my thing' that I'd figure out something to do with in due time.  So there I was visiting and wandering... holding my Sheet Music and trying not to think about THE Pillow.  But the lure was very strong this day, an urgency in fact... what if this was the last chance I wondered... how sad and regretful would I be?  VERY I decided, yes, VERY, VERY sad and regretful... this was in fact a PERFECT Pillow for me in every way imaginable... the design, the age, the shape, the size, the magnificent color palette, the luxurious mottled Velvet and Needlepoint of Roses aged to perfection.  If I were custom making a Pillow out of my stash of Vintage and Antique Fabrics I could not design something any more ME if I tried in fact! And so I went back for it... and lovingly scooped it up, holding it close to my chest, yes, the decision had been made, today was to be the day we were going Home together ... and Kim and Katie laughed and applauded that FINALLY the match made in Heaven was sealed! At long last!!! *LOL* You know how happy everyone gets when two that were made for each other finally ride off into the Sunset together like one of those Hollywood movies! *Okay, so me and THE Pillow is perhaps a weird kinda exaggerated version and visual of that type of union, but you Treasure Hunting Junquers extraordinaire of Found Treasures know what I mean... and YOU get it... winks*  And thankfully my BlogPal Vanna wasn't shopping in Phoenix that particular day, so we didn't have to have "Antique Gypsy Pillow Smackdown 2011" over the beloved coveted piece...*winks*... And that's my Story... and I'd be interested to hear one of yours... of THAT piece YOU visited... and wrestled with the decision of... to just visit... or to buy?  And what was the ending of your Story my Friends?  A Happily Ever After?  Or a sad Love song?  Dawn... The Bohemian 

Be sure to come back tomorrow for the photographic conclusion of the visual fabulousness of NOT TOO SHABBY, the Shop Gals loaded the place to the rafters with great finds just in time for Valentine's Day!!!  So that you could spoil yourself... or the one you Love... and create that ultra Romantic escape and Fantasy... within the walls of your own Home!!!   

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  1. Oohhhh Dawn I am lovin' that store!! That pilla of yours is the only thing I'd go "smack down" over *winks* But there are a few things I'd do the "giddy up" to! Lol! I want one of those ex voto hearts in the worstest way! How much was that one under the cloche? Did ya happen to notice? And girlfriend I want to see the first pilla you took home cuz it must be a beaut!

    Funny thing I just got home from the Goodwill where I found a cool brass planter with ornate lion paw feet for $3.99...It was really interesting, but I put it down and walked away. Went to find my hubbs and was telling him about it when I thought "ya know that really was cool I should go back and get it" So off I went and just as I was about to hit the isle...There went my piece in someone elses cart! Nooooooo! But ya snooze ya lose! And Yes I have favorites I visit in many places. Usually because they're just too over priced and I refuse to pay too much! (Doesn't that sound so much better than I'm PO and can't afford it? *winks*) Anyhoo can't wait for more of the shabby adventure my friend! Vanna


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