Monday, February 21, 2011

Visions Of Spring On A Stormy Day

Nothing feels better to me on a stormy day than Springtime images in the house... fresh fruits, bright Vintage Tablecloths and fresh flowers bring visions of Spring to life.  Living in a Desert we have to remind ourselves to be thankful for the stormy days which bring the rains that will sustain us through the droughts and fierce heat to come.  Though our blood gets thin from climatizing to the usual heat, it is nice to occassionally be able to break out the heavier wardrobe... the jackets, hats and wraps... layering beautiful clothing... that normally wouldn't be possible on the average Desert day when the temps typically exceed 100+.   But I must confess, I'm a Desert Diva to the core, I like it hot, I prefer the images of Springtime and Summer days, and the bounty of fresh fruits, veggies and florals that those Seasons provide.  And on the rare stormy days here in the Desert I still like to surround myself with those things that speak of Spring and Summer to my Heart... and revel in them.  I know we're spoiled here and enjoy more glorious weather than most, and in being spoiled we can risk taking those things for granted if we're not careful and mindful of our Blessings. 

And so I'll be thankful for the rain, bundle against the chill when I venture outside on these stormy days, load up on the fresh fruits to eat hot or cold, enjoy the beautiful, vibrantly colored fresh Roses lovingly provided by The Man to bring delightful fragrance and ambiance into our Home... and curl up with a couple of good books, recently gleened from a BORDERS Store closing Sale... and some soothing Tea... to enjoy a relaxing, peaceful President's Day Holiday... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Loving the Kat Von D and fruit.... Roses from the man... lucky girl!

  2. Great tasty images Dawn! So welcome given the weather we're having here....It's gloomy to say the least! So did you find any other quilts to rival that one? If so I wanna see em!!
    Yay for Prince R!! The internet wiz at the age of 9...that cracked me up girlfriend!....But I know it's true. What a sweet boy!
    And $3-$10?? I could cry! *WAAAAHHHHHHHH* Lol! Vanna


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