Saturday, February 12, 2011

What Defines Romance & Romantic Style?

As I was wandering around NOT TOO SHABBY during this Month in which Valentine's Day falls, surrounded by Romantic Lovelies of every description... I began to think about what defines Romance in our lives? Romantic Style in particular... because for Women, our surroundings often play a vital role in the Romantic vibe.  For me it's not any one thing or style actually... though certain styles do evoke a Romantic vibe for me... I do find that certain aspects of various styles can be very Romantic in different ways and degrees.  For many Women we tend to gravitate towards those ultra Feminine styles that celebrate the Female aesthetic... you know the ones... that a lot of Guys just don't feel all that comfortable surrounded by because the Masculinity of the aesthetic is lacking. *Smiles*  They might tolerate it or go along with it just for our sakes, but you know if it were their Man Cave it would be banished and look nothing like that Nest we've feathered with estrogen soaked Romantic notions, pastel colors, pure Whites or Floral Fantasies! *winks* 

Then there are those Exotic Romantic styles... where you could be in a Middle Eastern, Bohemian, Gypsy, Oriental, Polynesian or East Indian inspired Love Nest... creating a distinctive atmosphere that is bold, exotic and sensuous and brings out the free Spirited Romantic in you. I must say that for me, this one speaks to me loudly in my own Love language.  The Guys in our household can feel more comfortable nestled in this particular Style because it's not overly Girly. *wink*  So its a very nice compromise and I'm finding that I'm replacing more and more of my ultra Femme decor, which I went through a phase of, with this Style once again and it is more ME. 

Perhaps the Animal Prints of Africa bring out the She Beast in you that takes you on a Romantic Safari?  Or is it Old Hollywood Glam Romantic style that will make you feel like a legendary Leading Lady in your gilded Palace? Does a festive French Quarter influenced New Orleans Style of party-like-fun-filled Romance with a Jazz or Blues infused ambiance get you in the mood for Love?  Or will it be a Beach Cottage with the wind, the sand and the surf just outside the door and colorful Sunsets against the backdrop of the Ocean?  A Rustic Cabin or Chalet in the Mountains with a roaring fire to cozy up to and long walks in the Forest communing with Nature?  Or how about a decided European elegance and charm... a Tuscan escape... a French Chateau... English Cottage... Paris Apartment or Soho vibe?  Maybe a simple Country theme with Nature's infusion of natural beauty will make you feel like Eve in your Garden of Eden?  Or would it be a Faded Elegance that conjures up generations of Living and Loving within the walls and showcases time worn objects aged to perfection and patinas that only a long History can create?  Is your Romantic Style filled with youthful energy and modern or contemporary styles, sleek and cutting edge, trendy and with a pulse on what is happening now, in the moment... or maybe even Futuristic and a vision for what will or could be?  

Oh, there are so many more Styles and settings that could evoke, embody and define Romance in our lives... too numerous to mention actually... because in the end, Romance and being Romantic is internal... and the external is only a manifestation of our vision for the perfect setting in which to set it free and live it.  May you always feel Loved and express Love in marvelous and creative ways... feathering your Nests in ways that capture the vision you have to keep Romance vibrant and extended from your Heart outwards...  not just on Valentine's Day... but every day... Dawn... The Bohemian

*All photos were taken at NOT TOO SHABBY in Phoenix, Arizona and concludes my photographic tour of a recent visit there... Happy Valentine's Day!!!*


  1. I have only one simple answer on this title/ question....your pictures do!!!
    Fine weekend my dear

  2. Dear Dawn,
    thank you for stopping by and your sweet comment. So I discovered your blog and I love it. You are so thoughtful, ana rtist of romance. Give your three cats a little scratch.
    Greetings, Johannaa

  3. it's always a true pleasure to visit your blog! i just love your posts and images! Romantic?! must have flowers! that's for sure! and lace and light pink and.... whatever we love!
    happy sunday!!

  4. WOW I am so glad you visited my blog so I could find yours. I love it! I love East Indian fabrics and what an eyeful I had the pleasure to enjoy this morning. Beautiful blog.


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