Saturday, February 26, 2011

When The Photo Is What Is Left...

One reason I've always loved photography is that very often I'll be strongly attracted to something, capture it's image through the lens in that moment of time... and know that looking back, when the photo is what is left, I've still got something to remind me of it or share with someone.  You can't buy everything, there are some things not for sale or you couldn't actually purchase, but you still want it in some form.  Trying to explain a beautiful moment or image to someone who wasn't there isn't adequate, but a picture... as they say, is worth a 1000 words!!! Whether you choose to keep those momentos in a photo album, a Blog, or an archived folder... you can still look back and have the memory rekindled... provide new inspiration perhaps... or just the Joy of beholding something beautiful once again or showing it to someone who is looking at it for the very first time.  We so very often do it with Loved ones, so that we can remember when... and it can remain fresh and vivid even as actual memory fades with time and everyone changes with the years or the photo is what is left. But it's only recently that I've actually begun to do it with objects.  Professional photographers have of coarse done it for a very long time... and I've admired or saved those special images that captured my Heart or imagination that those who do it for a living have shared with the World. But not being a professional photographer it never occurred to me that I should try my hand at it. And I never knew how much Joy the doing of it would create in my Spirit and how it would open my eyes wider and more attentively to the World around me!  Now I know... and I'm rarely without my camera now as I venture out... eager to see what will inspire me to photograph next?  My eyes now seek out those opportunities... even the staged ones where I'm creating my own settings for that perfect photographic opportunity using imagination and suitable props and backgrounds... just like I've admired for so long in books and magazines.  I'm so caught up in the moment that I'm no longer timid about who might be curiously looking on as I snap away in my yard or a public setting... getting that perfect shot... at just the right angle... of some image I want to preserve or create a Post about!!! Everything is fair game... food, nature, objects, scenery, interesting people and places... the possibilities are endless!!!  And that is what makes it so very captivating... limited only by your imagination and personal experiences as you go about Life with this new passion and Art form... capturing slices of Life as it unfolds around you... one image at a time... Dawn... The Bohemian

*Images photographed at Melrose Vintage... The Desert Botanical Gardens, Phoenix, AZ... Rust And Roses... and our Home*

I'm linking with Beverly over at HOW SWEET THE SOUND for PINK SATURDAY... come on over and behold Pinkness at it's best...


  1. Always great images Dawn! You're getting better and I just wish some of that would rub off on me! *winks* I always forget my camera *sighs*
    I had (and sold) that same crystal chandelier you have pictured. It had quite a story to go along with it. Not a good story so I'll shut up now. It's just that seeing it stopped me in my tracks and made me think "is that my chandelier of pain?" Vanna

  2. Beautiful photos, Dawn! I love seeing your fur babies! As for my photos, I use's a free download! I love it! It makes my crooked pics straight, corrects color and light and does all sorts of special effects! Thanks so much for your visit and sweet comments! Happy weekend!...hugs...Debbie

  3. Ahhhh..there you go taunting me with those bottles again!!
    Have a great weekend girl!

  4. Beautiful images Dawn. I love to capture it all with a photo too! Such wonderful Bohemia over here at your blog. Thanks for linking up!

  5. Happy Pink Saturday Dawn Sweetie...
    Another beautiful share today. I so love coming to see your shares. Always full of such beautiful color. I love that most.

    I love the Desert Botanical Garden, DH and I have spent many afternoons there, just walking and it is so interesting to stroll through at night. Have you been on one of their night summer excursions? They are so much fun. I have also acquired a few plants there during one of the sales. They are fun as well.

    Love the sunflower with the bee. That one took me all the way back to Oklahoma. A beautiful sea of sunflowers. Love it. Thank you so much for the memory. They are priceless.

    I hope you have a beautiful weekend. Was disappointed to hear they are calling for rain here in the valley today later and into tomorrow. I have yard work to do, so I guess I had better get a moving. Just had to pop in say hello.

    Many hugs sweet friend, Sherry

  6. Oh it's so beautiful in here this week. I see now that I need to get to the gardens before the heat sets in. Just look at what I am missing!!
    Happy Pink Saturday, Char


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