Friday, April 1, 2011

Spring Thrift Store Score


Okay, so even though someone's dead Gramma might be rolling over in her grave about what her inheritance and old lovelies are being sold at or have been given away in a donation... I can't help myself, I LOVE seeking out Bohemian Bling at Thrift Stores and Yard Sales! *LOL*  Sometimes my Heart almost jumps right out of my chest at the scores that can still be had if you're a determined and tenacious Found Treasure Hunter and the Seller isn't as appreciative of the piece as you are!

Today's Spring Thrift Store Score are the two above pieces of Bohemian Bling... the Necklace with the Cameo was a mere 99 Cents *be still my beating Heart* and converts to a Brooch!!!  The Cameo is carved on the backside leaving the Cabochon Style Stone smooth to the touch on the surface and giving her lovely depth and dimension.  I love Amber and Amber colored Stone, one of my fav hues for Jewelry since it is a color I wear a lot of in the Fashions I choose and it goes well with my ruddy complexion.  The larger filigree Brooch with the Marquise cut Amber colored Stone *which is over a whopping 2.5 inches across* is also a Locket and also converts into a Pendant so I can easily make a Necklace out of it or attach it to one of my Bohemian Treasures Bags... it was only $2.99 *whoop whoop*!  I love them both... and I especially love the ridiculous prices I practically stole... um, I mean got an amazing deal on them for! *LOL*  And NO, I'm NOT April Foolin' Ya, those were the real prices these gorgeous old lovelies were practically being given away at... sometimes I'm just gobsmacked because right beside them was worthless crap with outrageously high price stickers ... sorry, I mean inexpensive common modern costume pieces overly priced. *smiles* Don't ya just LOVE the Thrill Of The Hunt!?!?!?!

May you also have some amazing Spring Scores my Friends... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. Hi Dawn,

    To answer your question about labels or tags, I would check Etsy. It looks like several of the sellers offer custom tags with your logo and pretty reasonably.


  2. Hi Dawn! What gorgeous finds!! Yes, the thrill of the hunt is so much fun, isn't it? Especially when you get such bargains. If I told you what I paid for my Mary/Jesus chalkware, your jaw would drop! haha

    I'm going to have to watch for a photo of Rat Boy. Our Baby is young, but our Tiger is 17. Baby is so funny with the statues! She actually loves them. She is a ham and likes to "hide" behind the shower curtain in the bathroom. As long as her head is behind the shower curtain she thinks she's invisible (even if her body and tail are sticking out!)... I hope you have a wonderful weekend! We woke up to an April Fool's snowstorm today. I don't think we're ever going to see spring in New England!... Donna

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  4. Ms. B. Another fun post. Richard at My Old Historic House.

  5. I feel your excitement, oh how I love a good jewelry haul. Good stuff here! The sales are starting up around here....I'm ready!


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