Saturday, April 2, 2011

Another Delightful Surprise Arrived Today!!!

I'm SO very Blessed and Spoiled rotten... yes I am!  Today yet another delightful Surprise package arrived from a Dear Friend from the Land Of Blog...  Andie of DIVINE THEATRE who I have affectionately dubbed the Craig's List Queen! *winks*  She finds some of the best Treasures and has exquisite taste... I learn a lot of new decorating terms from Andie, such as Ormolu and Fauteuil... which I have yet to be able to use in a sentence but at the first opportunity you just know I will, though I will probably masacre the pronunciation! *LOL*

The smell of fresh Lavender was strong, even through the unopened packaging, so I was already beside myself with excitement of what delightful Treasure was in store!?!?!!  Even the packaging filler was lovely, Sheet Music cut into wispy Feathers and glittery Birds cradling the contents... which literally took my breath away as I unwrapped each piece!!! *Gasp*  Along with a Sachet of Fresh Lavender were THREE Beautiful Vintage Rosaries!! *swoon*  I'm a Rosary Addict... I have probably amassed one of the largest Rosary Collections known to Man *winks* and yet I don't have any like these three so I was squealing with delight!!! There is a Baby Blue one with Miraculous Medals at four of the Pater locations and Wood from the Chapel of Apparitions in Paris encased behind the Medallion...  (Note to Self: Before photographing close up of hand after Gardening all Morning make sure you do a Mani first or said nails will look disgusting... winks)  But I always go into crazy Photographer mode to immediately photograph new exciting Treasures... photographing them here... photographing them there... draping... foofing... I'm a flurry of activity with the rush of it all! *LOL*

 There is a delicate Pale Pink  Glass one with a lovely ornate Crucifix ... and a lovely Opaque Glass one... this was the Trifecta of Rosary Presents my Dear Andie and I can't thank you enough!!!  AND THEN... there was the Vintage Bohemian Bling Butterfly!!!! ! *Quadruple Swoonfest... be still my beating Heart*  As if I wasn't overwhelmed enough with the generosity of this fabulous Surprise Package out spills Madame Butterfly in all her aged to perfection splendor!!!  I love the patina, I love the vivid Blue Stones and the ginormous size of this piece... she will look positively splendid mounted on one of my Bohemian Treasures Bags which I will one day get around to making for myself. (Well, I can't very well put myself to the top of my Waiting List now can I and say to clients who have had the patience of Job that I made myself a new bag instead of making theirs!!! winks)  But I'm thinking this will go beautifully on a Bohemian Bag made of Vintage Lace, Antique Tapestry and Royal Blue Velvet... whaddya think?  Andie my Dear, you said you were sending me a 'little something'... OMG this was a Big Something to me and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it ALL, you touched my Heart and this was yet another unexpected delight from a new Friend made in the wonderful Land Of Blog... given JUST BECAUSE... which makes it better than Christmas, when you might expect something... but to receive unexpected Treasures from someone always brings tears to my eyes, it truly does and I'm so honored and grateful, you have no idea! 

Honestly, I am the most fortunate Woman in the World to have met so many wonderful new Friends through the Land Of Blog... this was a Journal and Journey I began just as a release for my own self-centered need to have one... to indulge myself in a personal space for thoughts, musings and passions... that though it was made public I never really expected the wealth of other benefits it would ultimately bring on a Social, Artistic and Giving level... and it is such a Joy and a Blessing... a Big Bohemian Hug to you all... and Thank You again Dear Andie for making my day special... yes, two special days I've had IN A ROW... I'm SO very Blessed and Spoiled rotten... Dawn... The Bohemian 


  1. I love how excited you are about all of your treasures. I love the rosaries :)

  2. I am so glad you liked it, Dawn! You ARE special and you ARE blessed!
    When I saw the butterfy I thought of you immediately! I pictured it on one of your bags or in use as a buckle!
    Thank you for the daily inspiration I glean from your diary!


  3. You are lucky to have friends like that. I just found some og my rosaries again - did not realize I had so many...
    Wish you a wonderful sunday


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