Thursday, April 28, 2011

Atelier des Ours Swoonfest

ATELIER DES OURS is by far one of my favorite European Designers... I knew the Spring Collection had been online for a couple of months but alas, I could not bring up the website and I was dying to see what fabulous organic creations Sandrine had come up with, as they are always cutting edge and so very French Country.  Finally today my PC quit locking up and I was able to behold the ATELIER DES OURS Spring Collection, which is all that I would expect and more from this amazing French Designer.  I also adore the way the Shop is decorated and it would be a Dream to one day see it in person if I ever make it over to France... definitely very high on my 'Bucket List'.   Everything looks so comfortable and feminine... and the lovely layers... who wouldn't feel dressed up even though it has that dressed down practicality and simplicity to it that I just adore.  She has many fabulous colorful creations, but I must say that I'm personally drawn to the Natural organic tones she uses and I'd love to be able to acquire some of her Collection.  The French Country look is definitely all the rage now and many Designers are gravitating to it, which is wonderful because I adore this look and glad we can get some of it Stateside from local Designers, but I must say, nobody does French Country and Couteur French Designer Fashion quite like the French... it's the real deal... and Sandrine is a Master at it!

And if you want to see even more of the beautiful Home of Sandrine and her Family set in the French Countryside North of Uzes in the Village of Lussan, check out this website link LIVING INSIDE... SANDRINE HOUSE.  These Photographers of LIVING INSIDE have definitely captured the essence of Sandrine's Style and of French Country at it's best...

As you can plainly see by their magnificent Home, Sandrine lives the life she creates in her beautiful Fashions and flair for decorating... it is most definitely a Swoonfest of epic proportions!

Dawn... The Bohemian



  1. Dawn...there are no words that express the "darling-ness" of these I made a word up !!
    But yes, having a Swoonfest...for sure.
    OH my gosh they are cute.
    IF I were young, thin and rich..this is the way I would dress...without a doubt.
    Thank for sharing this wonderful treasure.
    WAY...way enjoyable to see.
    Her home is wonderful.

  2. i would love to have all those clothes, i do not think i would wear all of them, but could use for just the pure beauty of them.... i love the cot , in the outside photos....gorgeous!!!

  3. oh, they are sooooooo beautiful!!!!

  4. Beautiful -- thanks for introducing this designer to me!

  5. Once again, Dawn, you have Blown My Mind! Those clothing designs are so dainty and feminine while being strong at the same time. Linen is such a wonderfully versatile fabric! And those home photos are fabulous! I agree, total 'swoonfest!'

  6. So good you like Sandrine´s creations too, I have been loving her work sooo much!!! thanks for showing her home, gorgeous!!!

  7. Wow, really fun! I used to be a buyer for a boutique and we bought a french line called Lillith...really layery and funky fun! Love it :) Thanks for stopping by my blog too...I laughed about your comment of matching your g-kids chalkboards to your decor...I would do the same thing! Have a good night, Laurel

  8. Sandrine's clothing is beautiful! Oh, and your blog is a delight!


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