Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Blog Therapy

Blogging really can be a welcome release... a form of Therapy if you will.  When I've had one of those weeks where the car breaks down, I don't feel well, the laundry has stacked up and I've got way too many meetings and appointments on the calendar, most of which have to now be cancelled because the car is on the fritz and I don't feel well!!! *LOL*

This was such a week, and though there were the high points, like a wonderful Easter Celebration, there were also the low points and having Blog Therapy has been an invaluable escape into a Land  where I have a measure of control about what I want to experience here and which always encourages and lifts me up.

I don't know that I'll be able to get the car fixed, or how long I will be battling health problems, the myriad of appointments and meetings are very likely going to be my norm and have to be dealt with accordingly, and certainly there will always be laundry to do... but here, in the Land Of Blog, I know what to expect and I know how I can and will benefit from visiting this delightful place, spending pleasurable time here, and carving out my own little portion of it any way I choose on the Pages of my Blog.

Yes, Blogging has been good Therapy to restore my Soul and Spirit... and much like my Devotional time I come away from the time spent here renewed and refreshed, replenished and rested... all those good "R" things that really make a difference in going forward and keeping a good attitude and perspective.  Even when the car breaks down, and the battles with infirmity take a toll, even though I'll be spending far too much time in the Laundromat and after a two and a half hour Meeting at the Grandson's School with more Counselors, Agencies, Therapists and School Administrators than a Football Team I am mentally and physically drained... I know that I can spend the last portion of each day having a respite in the Land Of Blog... like a mini vacation.
I'm thankful that the BFF Tina just happened to have the day off work and come over for an impromptu visit at the perfect time. To have Lunch and Fellowship and was therefore able to help out by volunteering to babysit Princess T while I attended said lengthy Meeting without having to keep a busy Preschooler calm during it. *Whew, wipes sweat off her brow! Winks*  I'm thankful that all of the important appointments I couldn't get to and had to cancel will be able to be rescheduled at some later date when transportation can be arranged.  I'm thankful that I always take way too many photos for Blog Fodder so that even when I'm anchored to one spot I can share previous travels, adventures and items that delighted the eyes.  I'm also thankful that I have this particular Place to come to at the end of a day where body and emotions have just about given out.  Sure, it might have taken until the wee hours of the Morning of the next day to escape here... but its always waiting for me, whenever I can get away... and I really look forward to that... to get a good dose of Blog Therapy that costs me absolutely nothing but some time... and yet offers benefits that are truly Priceless!

Dawn... The Bohemian 

*All of today's Photos were taken at RUST & ROSES and gleened from my Photo Archives.*


  1. Dawn, I'm so glad that you have an escape that you love!! It is always an escape for me to come to your blog and see what beautiful pictures you have shared! Feel better and have a Great week!!
    PS I can't wait to go to Rust & Roses when I'm in town next!

  2. Sending good thoughts and Karma your way...........

  3. Hello Dawn,
    Sending you lots of light and good wishes, hoping you feel better soon! I haven't left you a message for awhile but I check your blog out regularly, I just love it! I always come away with a happy heart and a feeling of kindred spirits (which is why I love blogging so much). I have moved my blog to a new address so I could create a whole new look. I would love to have you check it out. It is now triciafountaineblogspot.com/. Blogger seems to have many more options that word press (or at least ones that I can understand). Hope you swing by for a visit. Wish I could make you a cup of tea to ease your troubles... Take good care,


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