Thursday, April 21, 2011

Come Along On A Blingfest...

Well you all know how much I LOVE da Bling!!! *Winks*  And though I may not be buying any, I still enjoy having a Blingfest from time to time to behold beautiful OOAK and unusual Bohemian Style Bling at my fav Shops and around Town.

This Tiara at SIRENS & SAINTS really captivated me... not that I'd be sporting a Tiara around Town *winks* but it would look magnificent on one of the Mannequin Twins, Yazmin & Yashyme, don't you think?  This one is on my Wish List... yeah I know, the List is Manuscript sized, but it's fun to add to it and Dream...

No... we're not trying to defy gravity... this is just the best angle to view this lovely Art Nouveau Stamp this necklace was designed around. *Smiles*

Yes this beautiful creation at COTTAGE GARDEN 2 was to-die-for... sweet Carol even modeled it for me, she always looks so amazing in everything that she's the perfect Model.

These fabulous hand painted Wood Jewelry creations are made by an amazing Artist named Don who is 84 years young... Carol at COTTAGE GARDEN 2 has some of his Collection for you to snap up before it's all gone... the detailing is breathtaking and to imagine doing that kind of intricate work well into your 80's is quite a Testimony that creativity never ceases at any Season of Life!

I really liked these Wax Seal Rings with every letter of the Alphabet...

How cool is Spark Plug Jewelry?!?  Proof that anything can be upcycled with creativity and vision...

I'm so glad you came along on my Blingfest today...  and when you're Jonesin' for a Feast for the Eyes of Bohemian Beauty... come on over... I'm sure we can discover something...

Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. It's good for the eyes! Thank you.

  2. I saw blingfest and came running...bling ho that I am *winks* And it didn't dissapoint Dawn! Could you please hand me that crown cuz I'd wear it all day...and probably all night too!LOL! Vanna


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