Friday, April 1, 2011

A Delightful Surprise Arrived Today!

When the Mailman came by today there was a delightful surprise that had arrived from a certain TATTERED REBEL - GYPSEA NURSE!!!  Dearest Cat has Blessed me abundantly and it is as if she has looked into my very Soul as to what is the perfect Gifts! *swooning*  It was like Christmas in April... Beautiful Bohemian Bag... divinely scented Candle of "Gypsy Rose"... lovely Religious Miraculous Medal Necklace with one of my fav Saints, St. Anthony *which by the way Dear Cat, is also my Mom's fav Saint especially when she has lost something!* ... and a lovely old Skeleton Key!!!  And the card "Color Outside The Lines" is so very accurate for how we roll isn't it Cat? *LOL*  All so Artfully wrapped, I was overwhelmed and it really touched my Heart!!!  Here in the Land Of Blog we connect with like-minded Spirits who soon become Dear Friends... it is a benefit of Blogging that I never anticipated and has been truly the best part of this experience.

And Dearest Cat it has been on my Heart to surprise you too with something I knew you really wanted... I was going to wait until your visit to Arizona and totally surprise you... but I cannot keep you or I in such suspense any longer, each time you mentioned it I would giggle to myself... knowing... and then I'd feel a bit bad for not revealing my Secret... I'm not very good at suspense you see! *winks*  I found not one but TWO different versions of this Sheet Music we both adore and fits us so very well... two Gypsy Souls... and so very soon they shall be on their way to the East Coast Ocean Shores and I know you shall find something fabulous to do with them!  Along with some other little Surprises that I don't mind keeping under wraps. *winks*

Version #1 from 1898

Version #2 from 1898

Yes don't us Gypsy Gals just love our GYPSY LOVE SONGS!?! *Winks*

A Big Bohemian Hug and a Thankful Heart to you Dear Cat... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. How fun Dawn..don't you love blogging and the great soul friend you meet..I also have met some that will be friends until I die..Have a wonderful week end my friend..Hugs and smiles Gloria

  2. How very cool! I thought you were going to say my package arrived! WTH? Where is it?
    Come visit my giveaway!

  3. Thanks so much for coming by my blog and for your kind comment. Love meeting other "Nanas"! And you're a great-nana too...WoW!

  4. Oh, How lucky are you! Wonderful surprise!
    So many cute things. Wish you a wonderful saturday

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