Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Easter Eggs & A Genius Invention

We look forward to the dying of the Easter Eggs every year... and each year I try to find a 'Kit' that isn't as messy as what we used the year before and does a good job of coloring beautiful Easter Eggs.  This year I discovered a Genius Invention to Egg Coloring!!!  I want to personally kiss and hug whoever the Inventor is!?!  It is the Egg Spinner Coloring Kit...   

Let me tell you why I'm so in Love with this marvelous Invention:

#1: Since I knew both G-Kids would be Home from School today I made the mistake of telling them last Night that we'd be coloring Eggs first thing this Morning before it got Hot outside... we'll call this Mistake Numero Uno!  Forget about sleeping in... they were up at 4:00 A.M. because apparently in Child-Speak that is the time of "first thing this Morning"!

So I needed an Egg Coloring contraption extraordinaire that wouldn't require much participation from Yours Truly who was still trying to wake up... this fit the Ticket perfectly!!!

#2: And with 'Spin Egg' Egg Spinner Coloring Kit there is virtually NO exterior mess!  Can I get an Amen!!!

#3: The process of coloring Eggs goes very quickly and smoothly... no dissolving of tablets, no vinegar, no touching of the Eggs or Dyes, no waiting, no coloring of the skin that has to wear off, no unhappy accidents on clothing or furnishings... just wee ones pumping away like they're auditioning for an Exercise Video!!!  So I figure this is Fun AND Healthy!  An unexpected Bonus!!!

#4: The Eggs turn out quite lovely and unique like Hippie Tye Dye... and there was mess-free Snowy Irredescent Glitter that went on like powdered sugar and attached with no glues or adhesives!!!

#5: Everyone had fun... including Gramma... because this was mess and stress free! *whoo hoo*  And they could do everything with little or no help and intervention, which is a big deal when you're a wee person creating your own Masterpieces.

#6: And the BEST and most exciting part for ME... was that all this physical pumping action is VERY, VERY TIRING and quite the strenuous Workout... in fact they were getting worn out after only nine Eggs apiece! *Evil Granny Cackle*

Oh yeah, they were all Smiles at first and very Gung-Ho... and then...

They began to show signs of fatigue and exhaustion... much like a Gramma that had been rolled out of bed with a 4:00 AM wakeup call to Egg Coloring Duty!!! *LOL*

Yes, there were the "How much longer will this take?" expressions and comments indicating that having to do dozens of Eggs would be out of the question now and off the table of negotiations...
*Relieved sigh from Gramma since about an Hour is all I'm good for in the realm of Egg Coloring activities.*

They were fading fast, subdued and ready to wrap this gig up... *Smiles* Notice the expression... the Non-Color White was starting to look like it might just "do" for her on the last few Eggs... *Wink* But as Easter Egg Coloring Supervisor I was a Slave Driver... no... each of you's doing nine, so get pumping... *LOL*

Ah, done at last!!! *Winks*

Grinning returned as they showed off their Easter Egg Masterpieces...

And Gramma was delighted because as they worked hard at their Egg Spinning Workout... I barely had to do a thing but watch, encourage and capture it all through the eye of the lens... And the clean-up of the Egg Spinner... a snap, it comes apart easily & cleans like a dream... then goes back together so effortlessly a 3 year old could do it!

So I'm totally down with the Egg Spinner Coloring Kit (Spin Egg)... I might just become their Spokesperson! *LOL*

And these will be my fresh-faced Infomercial Egg Spinner Assistants... Prince R and... Princess T... working it like there's no tomorrow!!!

And I would highly recommend it for those of you seeking that perfect balance of Fun & Sanity...

Which is very important if you're not to blow your Christian Witness just prior to Easter Sunday... *Winks*

Dawn... The Bohemian  

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  1. Hello Dawn...We will have my beautiful grandson this weekend....and we plan on coloring eggs....where does one find such a contraption as the Easter Egg Spinner....IT IS TOO COOL!




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