Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Easter Favorites

Easter is a Joyful Celebration for the Faithful...

Celebrating the Risen Christ is of coarse the main focus...

And each Culture also has certain Traditions and activities that accompany the Easter Celebration...

And things they particularly look forward to... with my Mom being European one of ours has always been having Hot Cross Buns...

The delightful large, buttery Hot Cross Buns packed with dried Cherries, Golden Raisins, Cranberries and Figs, topped with a characteristic Cross in Sweet Icing!

When my Dad was still alive, being a Master Chef and Pastry Chef extraordinaire, he always made our fresh Hot Cross Buns each Easter and so we were very spoiled... having the very best buns made by our own personal Master Pastry Chef!  But he's been a long time gone and after he passed from time into eternity my search for equally delicious Hot Cross Buns eventually led me to WILDFLOWER BREAD COMPANY

To be sure, finding a Hot Cross Bun that rivals Dear Ole' Dad's was a tall order... and though over the years I'd found Hot Cross Buns that were 'good'... they couldn't compare and weren't 'great', like I had been used to my entire Life when we'd wait for Dad to bake them from scratch and eat them fresh out of the oven!!!

Mom had been used to a great Hot Cross Bun from the magnificent Homestyle Bakeries in her Native North Wales even before she met Dad... so we're a discerning bunch when it comes to our buns... *winks*

But I must say that WILDFLOWER BREAD COMPANY makes a Great Hot Cross Bun and I've been buying them every Easter since discovering them there.

Today was the first day they were available and I rushed right on over to get a half dozen...


And they can be special ordered for Easter from April 20-24... and I hear they usually run out closer to Easter so a special order would be a wise idea so that you're sure to get yours...

I'll be placing a special order for Mom and I, closer to Easter...

Because this half dozen will be gone in no time... we're more than halfway through them and its only been a couple of hours since I arrived Home from the Bakery! *LOL*

And while I was out the G-Kids had put in a special request for BIGGER Easter Baskets for the Big Egg Hunt... fearful that their standard sized Baskets wouldn't be nearly big enough for all the eggs they Hope to find... *winks*  So whaddya think... I found some Pastel Galvanized Buckets at GOODWILL that I think will do the trick just fine... big enough to mop floors with in fact *LOL*... that oughtta hold all their eggs!  And now the only whining shall be over who gets which colored Easter Bucket Basket!?! *oyyyyyy*

Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Happy Easter bohemian women with your family. Beautiful warmly pictures,

    sweet regards,


  2. Dawn I had to go back over the pictures twice to soak up all the beauty of that fabulous Jesus! And the hot cross buns look delish! Probably a good thing you can't get good ones around here *winks* my bum is already big enough! I think those pails are Easter perfect. Vanna


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