Thursday, April 14, 2011

First Photo Feature Friday... And Defining My Blog At A Party!

I'm linking up with Tricia of A ROSY NOTE for the very first Photo Feature Friday!  Who doesn't want to improve their Photography skills in general and particularly to enhance their space in the Land Of Blog!?!  This Blog Party is a wonderful idea and I'm all in...

The photos I'm sharing today were enhanced using Picnik Basic Free Photo Editing online.

So if you want to see some amazing Photography... um, and Photography by those of us who aspire to be amazing at it one day *winks*... and learn some Photography and Photo Editing Tips... come on over and join us. 

And the next Blog Party I decided to link with gave me pause for reflection ... it's over at Sarah's MODERN COUNTRY STYLE and asks you to define your Blog.   Can my Blog be defined by any one thing or Style... no, not really.  My Blog is defined by my Passions... and I have many of them *winks*... it is my Space to indulge myself in such things as...

WRITING... about anything and everything that's on my Heart or mind...
And I WILL go long... so get comfy... I'll make us some Tea... and I'll want to listen to your Story too...

MY FAITH... the personal relationship I have with the Lord... and sharing that Good News with others... in Hopes that they too can enter into the best relationship they shall ever have or need...

DECORATING... preferably with Bohemian Time Worn Treasures... and Vintage items galore...

CREATING... Art out of Salvaged items... 

COLLECTING and seeking out those Found Treasures that I adore... through Flea Markets, Thrift Stores, Antique Malls, Yard Sales, Shows and favorite Shops... or even Curbside as I've been known to rescue Found Treasures from the fate of the Landfill...

FASHIONS, DECOR & JEWELRY that speak to my Style and Sensibilities...

INTRODUCING YOU TO SOME OF MY FRIENDS WHO ARE THE ARTISTS & DESIGNERS THAT ARE THE CREATIVE FORCE OF MANY OF THEM (The Fav Fashions, Decor & Jewelry)... and are a Joy to hang out with Socially... as well as having the best Shops, Booths & Exotic Mobile Studios  EVER...






Tricia & Heidi

Connie, Carol & Sandra




PHOTOGRAPHY... which I'm becoming more and more enamored with now that I am sharing my Photos publicly in the Land Of Blog...

You got to see my very first Photo Mosaics...

And my very first attempts at Photo Editing...

And my new Passion of taking a Camera virtually everywhere I go and capturing my 'World' as I Live it daily...

Becoming more aware of all of Nature and Creation and capturing it through the eye of the lens to share with you...

MY FAMILY, BFF JUNQUING COMPANION, THE REST OF MY INNER CIRCLE & FUR BABIES... Who I  Love with all of my Heart and who know me better than anyone... and yet, still love me back! *winks*

NOTE... Alas... not all Beloved Extended Family Members & Best Friends I've been able to photograph and share in my Blog Journey... but I Hope to in the future so they may all be represented as the important part of our Lives that they all are...

I have taken you DINING with me to some fav Restaurants and Home-Made Meals...

FANTASIES... yes, I've even taken you along to some of fav Fantasy visuals my Friends! *winks*

Photo Cribbed from Gypsy Moon

Photo Cribbed from Romany Soup

Photo Cribbed from Interior Alchemy

Bora Bora Photo Cribbed from Flickr Images

Photo Cribbed from Magnolia Pearl

Photo Cribbed from Jeanne Bayol

Shelly & Minnie's Mini Manse

Yes my Friends... my Blog is simply defined by my myriad of PASSIONS and is a Journal and Journey of my Life and pursuit of those things near and dear to my Heart, Spirit and Soul... and it has changed, inspired, enriched and stretched me in ways I never expected... and connected me with the most wonderful new Friends... Kindred Spirits around the World... and I haven't even had my one year Blogaversary yet... so I can only imagine what wonderful new adventures lie ahead!?!

Blessings from the Arizona Desert
Dawn... The Bohemian 


  1. Ahh girl, You got it already!!
    Love your ya!

  2. I think you already hit it square on:
    That's how you live your life and it shows!!

  3. Hello Dear Bohemian! I honestly believe that when you are passionate about something, not only does it make it more interesting for your readers but you will end up turning more and more people on to whatever your passion is.

    That said, there's always been a bit of bohemian in me as well, something about it really appeals to me. The rug in the image above was something that definitely caught my eye!

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog as well, it's lovely to 'meet' you! x

  4. Hi,
    I am joining Sarah's lovely party from my vintage apartment in Chicago. So glad you joined, too.


    Gg - Notes on the Journey
    Link #26

    ps. Blogging about your passions makes for a great and authentic blog.

  5. Thank you so much for linking up!! Wow! You sound as you have a VERY full life - full of love and excitement, with so much going on!!


  6. Love that you share your life's passions! What a fun link party! I have loved reading every blog! Thanks for the blog visit and comment love too! Peace!

  7. Hi Dawn, so nice to meet you! And what a lovely blog you have. And so unique! It's nice not to see the same old thing. Looks like you've got a lovely family too! Thank you for the nice comment on my bottle toppers, my shop is not open just yet, I hope to have it open mid May or 1st of June. I'm going to follow your blog so I won't miss a thing, xxx tami

  8. Hi,

    What an amazing post...I feel that I actually know you. I love your handbags, which I beleive from what you show here that you make ~ beautiful, and so creative. Thank you for stopping by to visit me. Have a happy, happy day!

  9. how cool are youuuuuu??? thanks for your kind comments. this blog is a treasure and clearly you have a huge heart! i am inspired to pull out some of my Mary/baby Jesus items and go nuts with a photo shoot, so thx for that.

    have a great weekend, friend.


  10. You put your heart in everything you do and I believe that's how Life should be lived ! You are a great example ! Thank you very much for visiting my little corner of the blog land ! I am happy to know you !

  11. Hello My Friend, It's nice to meet you and I feel that we are kindred souls. There is more then a bit of bohemian in me. I loved your post and will be your next follower.
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  12. Hi Dawn! Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I love greek food, too--I will have to post some of my favorite recipes. Your blog is so lovely and really reflects who you are and all of your loves. I love old things and antiques, too. Thanks again for reaching out to me :).

  13. Ms.D. What a wonderful post and your little ones are so dear. I love your yard. It seems like a fairy land. Dreamy. Richard at My Old Historic House

  14. Your blog is beautiful!! You have so much love here and so many gorgeous treasures! I love this post and reading about why we blog and who we are.
    Thank you for visiting me as well and I hope that you have a wonderful weekend!


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