Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Glimpse

I have spent a lot of time in the Studio Garden these past few days... sewing like mad... and finally, today I could bring Mannequin Yashyme from the Inside Studio to the Outside Studio to try on a finished creation.  *whew*  I must confess, I'm not very good with Creative Deadlines, and so I rarely agree to one.  And if I relent and agree to one, I'm usually relieved when I manage to get it done in plenty of time so that I can get back to a more relaxed Artistic pace... my pace... which to be sure is a very slow and steady one... with no deadlines or sense of urgency... but one I'm quite comfortable with and prefer to work around.  I have always enjoyed a laid-back approach to things and so I can drive the 'hectic pace' peeps a bit crazy with my meandering 'Don't-Worry-Be-Happy' Style. *winks*  Most of the time they would like me to pick up the pace in whatever I'm doing... but I resist... my pace works for me you see. *LOL*  I'm very spontaneous and not so very organized... I get distracted easily and often... and so a work in progress can be a work in progress for a very long time.  Unless it has a deadline... I have met every deadline I've ever agreed to... but it takes supreme effort on my part... and a discipline I don't normally activate in that area of my personality that is reliable, but not always inclined to speed.  So, another deadline has been met in plenty of time and I feel good about that and will be anxious to see the reaction to it...

 I can only give you a Glimpse ... until after it is presented...  Didn't Mannequin Yashyme look lovely sporting some of Gramma's Bohemian Bling and Lace?  Oh... and Princess T's Vintage Straw French Sun Hat! *smiles*  I love dressing up the Mannequin Twins... so much more fits them well than is presently fitting me. *Le Sigh*  But that's another Project I'm working on... with no deadline... a more slender version of Moi! *winks*

 It was so enjoyable working in the Studio Garden... with the Birds singing and the Spring Flowers in bloom... we finally got some Daffodils... but I don't know that the Tulips will bloom before the intense heat makes it unlikely?

And while Yashyme was modeling... Princess T decided to get in on the act... in her favorite European Velvet Dress... which met with an unfortunate demise on the Playground later that day... so alterations will be in order. *LOL*  Ah well, more lovely Vintage Velvet hemline material to add to a Bohemian Treasures Bag at some later date from the hem of Princess T's once-much-longer favorite Dress! *winks* But I must say, she's always the best dressed Lil Diva swinging from the Playground Equipment like a Monkey going to a Party! *Smiles*

Or just maybe an Easter Bunny going to a Party??? *LOL*

Because this is the ONLY way this Princess will roll... in Style... and I like that about her...

Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Oh, what a sweet Princess.........she looks so lovely.....i´m shure, she likes all your wonderful treasures!!!! A great weekend, to you and your family,

    Hugs Jade

  2. What an absolute vision! She is gorgeous and your other creations...three words...Fab U Lous!

  3. Oh my goodness Dawn...your creation is stunning!And have I told you lately how darn cute your G-kids are...her little velvet dress is just divine - I am sure you will have it looking like new in next to no time.

  4. Love all those rich colors and textures- just a yummy post!


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