Friday, April 8, 2011

Grand Opening Party Of Paris Montana Design Studio & Boutique

Heidi looking very Uptown Glam... just like the Shop!

Tricia and her Mom... CONGRATULATIONS Trish the Grand Opening was obviously a HUGE success!!!  And you both looked absolutely radiant!

Heidi "Paris Montana"... CONGRATULATIONS Heidi!!!  All the hard work you Gals put into the Shop and the Party truly shows... and to think  you both just got back from the Big Show in Texas... how do you all keep looking so stunning between "Paris Montana On The Road" and "Paris Montana In The City"?!?   

Ladies... the Shop looks over-the-top amazing & the creations are fabulous, I want it ALL!!!

Minnie looking very AZ Glam and adorable...

I'm spying something I gotta have...

Pauline & Sandra looking simply Mahvelous...

The Terrific Trio... Minnie, Pauline and Sandra... 

Yours truly...

I'm seeing something else that's calling me like a Siren's Song... hey, wait a minute, she is a Siren of the Sea!!!

Lovely Shelly & her handsome young Son... GF I was lovin' your new MP Skirt from the Texas Trip!!!

All of the Slip Dress Creations were to die for!!!  And Ta-Da, they have Big 'Real' Girl sizes! *whoo hoo!* Tricia, thank you for having me in mind with that beautiful one you showed me covered in Rosettes... it's on my 'Wish List'! *Lord have Mercy that List is getting LONG... winks*

Shelly & Pauline Rockin' it in the fabulous Corset Creations...

For some reason I couldn't get this display shot in focus... and no... it wasn't the Champagne! *winks* I didn't indulge because The Man loaned me his beloved Truck and the drive to Scottsdale is long... so I was a Good Girl... I know, I know, that rarely happens, me behaving myself... so take note of this date! *LOL* 

Pauline & Victor... yep, she got the Sexy Corset... no wonder Vic's smiling so big! *LOL*  My guess is that Dear Pauline is NOT gonna be a Good Girl tonight?! *winks*

Pauline's Zarape Bag... I'm loving it!

For Pauline it was between this Bracelet or the Sexy Corset... the Corset won out!  Though wearing nothing but a gorgeous Bracelet might get equal reviews... lets ask the Men??? *winks*

The Shop's location is superb...

Minnie, Pauline, Sandra and I ... and I thought Black would look more slimming *LOL* I'll blame it on the 'angle' and hide behind a caption bubble then ... or maybe I need one of those custom Corsets, laced REAL tight?!?!! *winks*

My Grand Opening 'scores'... a fabulous Mermaid Cuff Bracelet with plenty of Bling... and a very Boheme' chunky Filigree Gypsy Ring

The Grand Opening Party of PARIS MONTANA DESIGN STUDIO & BOUTIQUE in the Scottsdale Indie Fashion District this Thursday Night was amazing.  There was a Champagne and Truffle Reception... everyone was there, so along with beholding all the fabulous creations, snagging our favs... enjoying the amazing ambiance of the new Shop and trying on all the latest Fashions, we had a good time with all our Friends.  Afterwards I went to Dinner at BABY KAY'S CAJUN KITCHEN and had some Catfish while listening to live Blues... and then the most decadent Bread Pudding EVER... Rum soaked and I'm sure a gazillion calories... but absolutely Divine!!!  After seeing my fat pix in the Group you'd think I'd have been totally convicted and ordered Salad... but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO... *winks*... going down in a ball of Cajun flames I am! *le sigh*
Laissez les bon temps rouler!!!

Photos below cribbed from PARIS MONTANA & VINTAGE BLISS Blog of the Party & Shop:

Yep... that's us...

Truffles sprinkled with Glitter Dust... and the Champagne was flowing too!

Better panoramic view than I could get while the Party was packed with Party-Goers!

Adorable Minnie & Super Adorable Daughter Cora

The Proud Proprietors Tricia & Heidi

Mama Luv just looking LUVELY!!!

More pre-Party panoramic views of the Shop...

Heidi's Mom Sherry & Sister Kim... the entire Family is fun & sweet beyond words!


I started having car trouble this week and was going to cancel my plans to attend... so The Man graciously loaned me his beloved new Truck to make the long trek out to Scottsdale for the Party while he stayed Home and babysat... he's a Saint he is!  But it also meant going from Jammies to AZ Glam in less than 30 minutes to get going on time... nothing like speed primping to get the adrenalin flowing! *winks*  We're on the 3 day countdown before he leaves for Alaska so I'm trying to pack some quality "us" and "me" time into these last days before I'm flying solo 'til October! *whew*  I think I'm several miles past exhaustion now...  and when I wake up from my Bread Pudding induced coma it will be a brand new week *smiles*... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. Ms. B. There is some pretty wonderful, wild, crazy and out of site stuff at this new store. I think it is wild, but I bet lots and lots of women will love it. I hope for there sake. Looks like you had fun. Richard at My Old Historic House

  2. Hey Dawn, Loved reading all your comments. I hope you get to make it to the Fall shows, you'd have a blast. Wait until you see the cute pics of Heidi and Trisha! Happy Friday, T

  3. Looks like this opening was a huge success! I'd like to visit the shop next time I'm in AZ!

  4. Hi Dawn.....I'm in far north Scottsdale....and this shop is right up my alley.

    I met this gal up in Montana at one of the street fairs a few years back.

    I plan on visiting this shop on 5th Avenue next time I'm in the city.


  5. Dawn - I had the absolute PLEASURE of hanging out with Tricia for the WHOLE show here in Texas... I'm green with envy that you got to go to their opening!!! I'm so excited for these two girls - aren't they amazing?

    LOVE it!!!
    ;-D robelyn

  6. WOW! Nice jewellery :)
    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog :)
    Made my day ;)

  7. I just discovered your blog and VOILA! your post is about my hero Paris Montana!! Looking forward to reading more posts!!

  8. Dawn,
    As always, you do a MAGNIFICENT job @ capturing the memeories. What a splendid evening & MUCH success to Heidi and Trish!

    Fellow AZ Glam Squad attendees,
    xo Minnie & Lil Miss Cora


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