Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I "Heart" A Fantastic Flea Market

Don't you just Love a good Flea Market?  We do... and this weekend we discovered a new one that is held bi-annually at ANTIQUE GATHERINGS Antique Mall's Parking Lot in East Phoenix during one Sunday in April and November...

This Vendor had an amazing selection of Vintage Clothing and Slips...  I loved the Chocolate Brown one, not a usual color to find them in...

This Vendor "Miss Charlotte's Antiques" had an impressive selection of Bohemian Bling... including custom 14 and 18 Karat Gold Bracelets made out of Antique Fob Parts... *Sorry I didn't get a pix of those though... I wish I had, they were magnificent and so unique!*

I loved these Vintage French Enamelware Canisters, alas, the Vendor and I couldn't reach a mutually agreeable price... condition was rough and they were reduced but not enough that I could take them Home with moi. *le sigh*
There was even a matching Salt Box being sold separately...

Yes, even a beautiful perfectly restored Vintage Travel Trailer was for Sale for $6,000 ... the BFF fell in love with this one, it was ready for immediate occupancy and set to roll...

The Vendors were all so sweet and friendly and the prices and quality of merchandise were impressive, many Vendors were willing to haggle and who doesn't love the Art of the Deal and being given a discounted price... so we'll certainly be coming back in the Fall...


And what did I "Score" at this Fantastic Flea you might ask?

A little clue... Rings on her fingers... *winks*

Okay I won't torment you anymore... my greatest 'Score' was this huge silky soft lovely Golden colored HUGE Bohemian Floor Pillow for FREE!!!  Yep, since the BFF and I had come at the tail end of the day, when some of the Vendors we'd been talking with were ready to load up and didn't want to schlep some of the items Home... they offered us to take any items we liked Gratis!!!  OMG, I was all over this Pillow (with handle) in the blink of an eye!!! LOVE IT and we use this type of thing all the time so I'll be just adding some Silk Looped Fringe and Vintage Metallic Trim... 

 The BFF came away with several items of Commercial grade Baking displays and Bakeware for FREE!!!

Speaking of Vintage Metallic Trim check out the large amount of it I got on a Vintage piece of fabric for only $1 ... yep, just a buck for yards of it!!!  This is going to look great on a Bohemian Treasures Creation!!!

And the Beautiful Large 10" Vintage Fishscale design Mixing Bowl in Turquoise and Pink exterior with White interior... a mere $2... yep only two bucks!!! *Be still my beating Heart*

The lovely filigree Adding Machine Key Rings were made by a local Artist... $10 each.

The Unusual Pin/Necklace was $8 ... I'll be creating something interesting with it... I liked that the lower section dangled...

I just loved the Butterscotch colored Key this Ring has.

The large Vintage Amber Stone Brooch with matching clip Earrings... only $6 for the Set!  Yep, only six bucks for the Set!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Vendor told me all the pieces belonged to her Mother who had Alzheimers and so broke a lot of the old Jewelry pulling it off of herself... so she wasn't certain she could sell the broken pieces or know what to ask for them and thus didn't bring them... are you kidding me... I told her that local Artists love broken Vintage Jewelry to repurpose into new creations... so bring it on at the next Flea Market... you know I'll be lookin' for her!!!  We'll gladly make new Treasures of all these old beloved Treasures!!!

Vintage Spools... I pick them up whenever I can find them at a good price because they come in handy when you're a Fabric Artist... lovely and useful... I got all of these for between only $2 to $4.50 each... the Vendor was kind enough to give me a 40% discount on the "bundling" purchase since I almost bought them all... I really appreciated that gesture...

Another type of item I like to discover and repurpose into Jewelry... old Hardware... this Vendor had boxes of them!!! *whoo hoo*  And gave me a discount...

This very large ornate piece was $5...

And this piece was $4...

Yes... it was a glorious day weather-wise... all the storms and cold, rainy, windy weather gave way to a bright sunny day for the Flea... and we had a Grand time... and we'll see them all again in November... fo' sure...  Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Hi Dawn....I'm so sorry I missed this one. I'll try to find out more about the one in November. You found some fabulous things...my friend.


  2. ahh,, where did that sunshine come from? I was just driving in rain there the other day!!!! Vintage spools.....Cat has tons!
    I envy you!!

  3. Is your Granddaughter getting even cuter that she was in the last post?!!!I love your treasures. What a fun flea market that must have been. Great rings and pillow:)
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  4. I agree there is nothing better than a good fleamarket!!! XO, Christie

  5. What a great haul Dawn!! And you just can't beat FREE!! That would be a not to be missed market! Vanna

  6. Yay Dawn!!! Woweee...what a super fabulous post...beautiful beautiful treasures..enjoy!! How I would have enjoyed myself at such a place...awesom! thanks for sharing another magical advnture!


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