Thursday, April 7, 2011

More Friends Fun Photos From Round Top Show

  Sweet Minnie from 'Sirens & Saints' inside the MP Airstream Dream

And... Siren Minnie ... hey... all us Gals have that Sweet or Sexy Side... right? *winks*  

Mama Love & Divalicious Eco Chic Heidi of  'Paris Montana'

Adorable Tricia of 'Vintage Bliss' with Artist Meg Harper

Lovely Statuesque Leslie of 'Frilly Frocks' with Robin & John

Resident Siren Shelly of 'Rust & Roses' and 'Sirens & Saints'... have you corrupted those Saints GF? *winks... looks like one Rockin' Convent now!!!*

Oh yeah, you Gals were definitely Rockin' it in true AZ-Glam Style!!!  Happy Trails!!!


Even though I'm still somewhat lamenting the fact that some of my Friends and I didn't get to attend the fabulous Round Top Show in Texas... I take comfort in the fact that some Friends did in fact get to go and have allowed us to live vicariously through their fun photos of the Event here in the Land Of Blog and through personal e-mails of their escapades!  I'm glad that it was all that and a bag of chips and exceeded everyone's expectations... I knew it would be and I'm sure everyone is coming Home laden with fabulousness... I know they traveled there and back in fabulousness... take a peek at some of the accommodations...

Inside the 'Sirens & Saints' Gypsy Mini Manse:


There's Tricia's 'Vintage Bliss' Lounge:

And then there's 'Paris Montana's' Blacktop Jewelbox Boudoir:


I'm looking forward to even more shared fun from the Big Texas Show in coming days here in the Land Of Blog... And perhaps when the Fall Show rolls around... who knows... I might actually be able to make it that next time around and cross one more thing off my 'Bucket List'??? *Smiles* ... Dawn... The Bohemian

*Several of the images cribbed from everyone's Blog, Face Book Pages & E-Mails to me.  Some images taken by me of the inside of the traveling Studios.* 


  1. That bus (?) looks amazing! I want one! Imagine touring in something like that. Dont think the guys would agree

  2. Dawn I'm LOVIN' all the eye candy!! What fabulous dream trailers! Or should I say bohemian pleasure palaces? *winks* How much fun would it be to have a trailer to decorate like that?! Awwwwwww the possibilities....Vanna

  3. Ms. B. It looks like everything is bigger and better in Texas. What fun they must have had. I wish my life could have a little adventure in it right now. I think the little cans on wheels are special. I might have to end up living in one. Do you think Sissy and I could have a 5 foot chnadelier too. Thanks for sharing. Richard

  4. Hi Dawn.....what fabulous pics you have shared with us. We are finally back home and look forward to catching up. I've never been to the BIG Texas shows...but I, too, would love to go someday.



  5. I have just discovered your blog and added to my subscriptions! Those pictures are Amazing! I have a long standing love affair with trailers and am thinking about having one again. Those photos are definitely inspiring me!!


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