Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Springtime In Our Garden Means...

Prince R always seems to be in School when we're doing these Photo Sessions so at his request I'm including a photo of him taken during a previous Spring Shoot. *Smiles*

Hummingbird Photo cribbed from Bing since our Hummingbirds that visit the Garden daily are so fast and photo shy that I have plenty of empty air space photos of where they USED TO BE just a milisecond before the Photo was taken! *Smiles and le sigh* But I'm still trying to get them to cooperate and make their Bohemian Valhalla Photo Debut in the Land Of Blog! *winks*


Springtime in our Garden means:

Moving the Studio outside to do all of our Art and most of our Photography and Playtime.

Long leisurely meals dining Alfresco, having Picnics and Bar-B-Quing.

Lots of cut Flowers for the House... though I must say if you don't watch them closely the wee ones would strip the Gardens bare of Flowers to bring them ALL inside for Bouquets! *winks*

Running outside each Morning and Evening to see which plants are in full Bloom now and which Veggies, Fruits and Herbs are ready for Harvesting and serving?!?

Lots of time spent Gardening and alternately playing in the Water.

Catching and releasing Lizards and Geckos... though the trio of critters Princess T is modeling are the pretend variety... holding a real Lizard or Gecko for a Photo Op is not the easiest feat... they protest strongly and tend to shed a Tail in the process! *LOL*  Hence, we have many Tail-less Lizards roaming the Grounds! *smiles*

Breaking out the Sun Hats, sweet smelling Lotions and Spring Wardrobe. 

Soaking up the Sunshine... listening to the chorus of Birds... the buzzing of Bees and Hummingbird Wings... and beholding Nature's magnificent splendor and unveiling of new Life.

Does it get any better than that?  I think not.

What does Springtime in YOUR Garden mean my Friends?

Dawn... The Bohemian... and our Spring Garden Model for today Princess T

I'm linking up with FADED CHARM for White Wednesday because it's one of my fav Blog Parties... even though the only thing remotely passable as White that I photographed and Posted for Wednesday are some of my Garden's Cactus Blossoms today... well, the centers are White! *winks*  Hopefully I'm not disqualified for entering a Pinkish-White Bloom as my best attempt at White?!? *LOL*   Anyway, at least now you know to head on over to FADED CHARM and see all the lovely legitimate Whites Posted for today! *Smiles*


  1. Oh I want to dine with y'all! YUM!!! Your grandchildren are beautiful! We love to catch lizards and anything else that can't outrun the boys. :) I will be planting some annuals, late this year, but we have pineapple, lemon and avocado plants growing. Thank you for sharing all of this beauty with us!!

  2. Hi Dawn Sweetie...
    What beautiful shares today. Your gardens have some of the same blooms that mine do as well. I love living here in the desert. This time of year is my favorite, before all of our heat hits, and allowing us to enjoy a little beauty.

    Your grand daughter is so precious. Love her little face and those expressions are TO much. Is she not a little princess?

    Everything looks so beautiful. I would love to sit and share an afternoon with you one day.

    My hummers are pretty darn fast as well. They are talkers though, love to click.

    Have a glorious Wednesday sweet friend. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  3. What a lovely post. I so enjoyed the visit. The children, the flowers, the lovely and did i say I enjoyed the photo's of the children? Life is good!!!
    Much happiness....Shirley

  4. What a beautiful collection of pictures. All those bright flowers! Your grandchildren are quite the blossoms too! Thank you for following our blog and for sharing us with your followers. You're charming! I will be working in AZ in May; part of my other job. I work in Yuma and Window Rock.



  5. Cheesecake and hummingbirds..............two of my favorite things!! Beautiful photos!

    (Thanks for letting me know about that shrine, I will definately put it on the list for next time.)


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