Monday, April 11, 2011

Subliminal Messages???

The Man leaves for Alaska this Morning and I swear all weekend long I had those subliminal messages bombarding me subconsciously everywhere I turned.  You know the ones that just seem to indicate something significant that just happens to be going on in your Life and seem to suddenly show up everywhere you look and really catch your attention moreso than usual?!?  In my Antiquercizing this weekend I was seeing Vintage Doors and Door Handles... Vintage Suitcases and Vintage methods of correspondence EVERYWHERE I turned!!!  

Doors and Door Handles = Leaving ...  Suitcases = Packing for a Trip... Methods of Correspondence = Long Distance Communications... yep, very prophetic in what was transpiring in our lives right about now and so those items seemed to jump out at me visually in every vignette I saw... whether here at the ole' Homestead or while we were out Antiquercizing!!!   Even the Booth that The Man gravitated to at the Antique Mall seemed very classical Alaskan Wilderness to me... I dunno, maybe it was just my imagination in hyperdrive seeing everything pointing to the inevitable... that very, very soon he'd have to go... and in some ways we were all dreading it and yet reconciling ourselves to it. 

And at the very tail end of the weekend... a certain Little Princess fell asleep in his arms... unable to fall asleep in her own bed she came wandering out with her little blankie in tow and crawled up onto his lap and into his arms and curled up beside him... and drifted off to sleep almost immediately... wanting to be ever so close right now because we know it will be quite a long time before we can be ever so close again... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. How I love old suitcases.......and that last adorable....
    Fine new sunny week

  2. I just love visiting your blog. That typewriter you have a picture is exactly like the one I learn on in the 70s. Wished I still had it. HA! HA!

  3. That is such a sweet picture of the little one asleep in his arms.

    I hope he has a safe trip and will be home soon.

    I learned to type on a big old school type writer.

    The suitcases are all so interesting. I like them for displaying and storage, but have to admit I like the modern cases with wheels so much better for going places.

  4. First off, I love the old trunks and suitcases!! I've got several of each, and just bought two new (to me) trunks in the last couple of weeks!
    Also, I know Exactly what you mean about relevant messages bombarding you everywhere! I don't know if we are just noticing these types of things because they are at the front of our minds, or what... Whatever the reason, happens to me all the time! I learned from my mom to call it "quivering."

  5. Oh Dawn I hope that time flies by in the best possible way. It is funny how we start to see those "signs" all around us sometimes...Or were they always there and we just selectively viewed them differently? Whatever the case (pun intended) those are some wonderful shots. But most especially the one with Princess T and her Grandpa....How sweet is that!
    Also have to say that is one fab carpet bag!! Vanna


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