Saturday, April 30, 2011

Taking Solace In The Garden

This Morning's Harvest from the Garden...

I've been dealing with some significant health crisis within the immediate Family, including my own health taking a downturn, so it has been a challenging time and I have been taking Solace in the Garden.  There is just something about a Garden that soothes the Spirit and connects you to the cycle of Life in a very positive and enriching way, even during Life's Storms. I Love sinking my hands in the soil and tending to the Flowers and Veggies... taking in the intoxicating scent of the fresh Herbs... and Harvesting what it all brings forth so generously.

Though I know absolutely nothing about Vegetable Gardening, a couple of years ago I put in a Veggie and Herb Garden, planted a few Citrus Trees and have just seen what happens each Season.  Thankfully, with very little help from me and in spite of an unforgiving and often harsh Desert climate and my ignorance of not knowing what I'm doing or what or when I should be planting or how to properly care for and cultivate the plants... they have cooperated and many have in fact thrived and given a bountiful Harvest.  It's quite a thrill to throw some seeds on the dirt and watch the Magic happen and reap the rewards of the generosity of Mother Nature doing her thing.  There have been some casualties and no-shows, but overall what I've sowed I've reaped in due time.

  I love going out each Morning and picking fresh foods and Herbs to make my Salads with for the day... and enjoying the other non-edible plants that are flowering so abundantly throughout Spring.  I've been surprised to see the wonderful Flowers that many of the Veggies and Herbs bring forth if you allow them to Flower and then set Seed.  I've actually got Lettuce coming up in the strangest of places that I never planted them but that the Wind has obviously carried them to and they've bloomed where they were scattered and planted!!!  Who knew that the delicate Lettuces were so very hardy that even when us humans aren't paying attention they will still show out and grow well enough to Harvest in their quirky locations!  Though my Tomatoes grown from Seed are thriving I'm thoroughly enjoying a new addition this Season, the Porch Tomato in a hanging basket... it's going bananas with Cherry Tomato production!

Yes, taking Solace in the Garden has been a welcome distraction from some of the Trials of Life... which is an added benefit and Blessing that I never quite expected when I decided to enlarge my Horizons and try something new in the Gardening Realm...

May whatever new venture you are stepping out in enrich, benefit and Bless you abundantly in ways you never expected or Dreamed...  Dawn... The Bohemian  


  1. Oh, tomatoes and basil! Sounds like a salad in the making! Yum!!!
    Diane XO

  2. Wow! That is quite a garden harvest!! I'm so glad it's nourishing you, body and soul!
    I went to a garage sale this morning and bought a couple of mirrors that I think you'd flip for! Can't figure out how to show them to you though...

  3. Dawn, how do you do it in the desert? I have a friend who lives in Phoenix who despairs of getting tomatoes to grow, because it's so hot all the time. Your garden looks beautiful.

  4. Beautiful post Dawn..such awe inspiring goodies...gorgeous ans fabulous..enjoy your beautiful bounty!

  5. Hang in there my friend... Give all you hurts and health worries to the earth as you work in your beautiful garden. Earth Ma Ma can handle it.
    Tricia (weird Calif. Cousin)

  6. Hi Dawn....I'm so impressed that you grow vegies as well as flowers. And you actually HAVE a harvest!! LOL

    Stay well sweet lady and I hope your family situation improves.



  7. ooh your basil looks so gorgeous - I wish we could have a vege garden but not so easy in a second floor flat :(

  8. Your garden is positively flourishing, and obviously feeding your soul as well as your stomach...I can almost smell that basil from here! Yum x


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