Sunday, April 3, 2011

True Love Is...

I know The Man truly Loves me, even after all these years... you know how... he'll agree to do things with me that I know are absolutely torturous to him and even act like he's enjoying it! *winks*  Yes, True Love is taking a backseat to Self sometimes and doing what the significant other Loves.  Today after the last G-Baby was dropped off for the weekend with Relatives, The Man went Shopping with me to several of my favorite haunts.  Yes, all those types of Shops that I adore and he really could care less about.  Knowing full well that I can window shop until I drop... ooowwwing and ahhing, photographing all the lovely vignettes and Treasures for Blog Fodder to share... and not just that, but visiting with many of my Friends there.  Yep, getting together with the Gals and endlessly talking Art, Jewelry, Fashion, Antiques, Shows, Creations, Found Treasures, and whatever is going on that we are all enraptured about... and for those who have never witnessed these get togethers I really enjoy my Friends and socializing... and well, I'm a TALKER and he knows it, so when I say endlessly talking, I mean endlessly!!! *LOL*  And his eyes are probably glazing over only minutes into two Gals getting together and sharing all our stories and interests *smiles*... and its not as if I'm just going to run into ONE Friend, so he's going to go through this several times throughout the Shopathon... and he's well aware of that too.  His only saving Grace today was that a great many of my Gal Pals are at the Show in Texas... but of coarse he had to hear the rest of us lamenting how we'd love to be there too and are Jonesin' to go next time and how we were pouring over everyone's Blogs to get sneak peeks at all the fun we were missing! *winks*  And this is a peek at WHAT we're missing! *Sob*

He'll listen attentively to our endless stories and Girl Talk and show interest in every thing I'm showing him and gushing over... even though it's not "his thing" and he's certainly not as excited about it as I get nor as interested in what makes us Gals swoon.  And I'm almost positive he's sweating bullets hoping I won't Love it so much that I think I have to have it?!? *winks* Case in point today was that fab Italian Tole Chandie with the Pink Porcelain Roses... though Lord knows where I'd put yet another Chandie?!?  So, I reluctantly left it behind and only took a slew of photos of it from every conceivable angle! *smiles*  He's reminding me that we have one that looks just like it in one of the Kitchens... I know... but ours has Yellow Roses... this one has Pink Roses!!!  So... it's the same... only DIFFERENT! *winks*  And yes, after Antiquercising I wanted to go Clothes Shopping too...  and though I had swooned over fav Designer Creations that I'd LIKE to have... he knew that also meant I wanted to hit the Discount and Thrifts to find something equally fabulous, but at the deepest discount possible. *winks*  And that would mean a LOT of seeking and looking... with him as my Scout, since I'd pointed out the Designer STYLES that I liked and now wanted to replicate as close as possible in a Thrift/Discount Store Score!!!  And he didn't groan... not even once... and he did good because he knew if he was an able Scout that we'd get outta there quicker and Mama would be Happy... and when Mama's Happy, everybody's Happy, right? *LOL*  And look at how well "we" did as a Team:

Lace Vest LOVE...

In Taupe

And one in White

My Staple... anything Velvety and if trimmed with Lace... perfecto!

I love Slip Dresses/Tops... I may dye and further embellish this one... I haven't decided yet.

It is quite nice "As Is" really, so I may just leave it be...

All Lace... Love it!!!  Can go under... or over...

And of coarse one of my other staples... a Gypsy Skirt.

So yes, The Man truly Loves me even after all these years... and numerous outings like this... *winks* and he's probably relieved that I have so many Gal Pals that I can do these kinds of things with... more frequently than dragging him along and so I don't torture him too often with a request to go Shopping with me and I will also solo Shop *LOL*... but when I ask him to indulge me, I must say he's a mighty good Sport about it... and that's one of the many things I Love about him too. So yeah, I'm not at the Show in Texas again this Spring, but I'm Home with my Man for the last couple of weeks before he leaves for the Wilderness of Alaska for the Season, and we're hanging out together taking turns doing the things I Love and the things he Loves... and that is PRICELESS!!! 
Dawn... The Bohemian

*Photos shared today from Shops were taken at RUST & ROSES, SIRENS & SAINTS and FRILLY FROCKS ... photo of the Gals at Round Top JUNK GYPSY Prom Night cribbed from SIRENS & SAINTS Blog* 


  1. Hey Dawn..I just got done posting about all the great shops you sent me to. That was a GOOD bunch of stores, easy to find, and will now be a part of every Phoenix trip!! Thanks again!!
    (home the rain.......cold!!)

  2. I have a hubby just like yours (except mine does not leave for Alaska for the season) so I truly love and appreciate your post today. Yes, you are blessed. Loved the pictures and shops you showed us and simply love all the lacy tops. Did you buy them all? Would love to see pics of how you put clothes together. Good luck to your hubby in Alaska. Wow you must miss him so much when he is gone. Blessings

  3. Dawn, You are a talker...THAT IS FOR SURE...if you talk like your write that is. ( snicker)
    You know...I think that is me in the background with those three gals...if that was taken in Texas this week.
    Not sure tho.
    Yes, those heart ceiling tins were darling..a bit too "country" for me..but they were sweet.

    Thanks again for stopping by.


  4. P.S. Dawn, HOW do you put all those icons for the blogs you FOLLOW on your sidebar?
    I am so NOT TECHY..and I am always afraid to do anything like that until sometone tells me EXACTLY how to do it.

    Thank you, Rose


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