Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Vintage Typewriter Key Custom Jewelry

The Function Key Bracelet I bought from Artist Gail Selby.  It would take a lot of Vintage Typewriter Key collecting to come up with this many Function Keys so I was delighted to find a Bracelet with nothing but Function Keys!

"Writer Bracelet" made by the same Artist, Gail Selby, as my Function Key Bracelet... with rare colored Keys... I HAD to get this one too!  Great colors and I love to write.

Rare Red Self Starter Key... bought this one from the same Artist, Gail Selby, that made my Bracelets because I loved what the Key says... and I will modify it slightly with some filigree and Rhinestone Bling. 

A Necklace by another Artist, Mary Seger, that was custom made for me... I was delighted to pick out my fav rare Vintage Key "Floating Shift" and have an attachment on the bottom for where I will add a dangling Vintage Rhinestone Disco Ball Bead. Mary was super fast at filling a custom order... it has convicted me to spend more time filling my backorders. *winks*

It arrived today so I added my photos of it to the Post!

As Ordered from Artist Mary Seger

With the addition of my Vintage Rhinestone Disco Ball Bead 

Mary makes the back as lovely as the front... that kind of detailing impresses me.


I have had an attraction for Vintage Typewriter Key Jewelry, but I just don't have the time to make my own and I also didn't have the Heart to purchase a Vintage Typewriter and take it apart for the use of the keys.  If I do get one I shall probably leave it "As Is" and use it for vignettes and display... so unless I happen upon just the keys for sale I will more than likely just enjoy the Artistic Jewelry creations of other talented Artists that make this type of re-purposed Jewelry.  I discovered two such Artists recently and procured fabulous pieces from each of them.  If you're also Jonesin' for this Style of Jewelry you should check out the creations of these two talented Artists who are also the nicest and sweetest Gals to do business with... tell them Bohemian Dawn sent you! *smiles*

I wanted a Bracelet made entirely of Vintage Function Keys and Artist Gail Selby of THE MAGIC CLOSET in Wisconsin was able to oblige... I just love it and especially since it's so colorful and unique.  I immediately became a repeat customer after receiving my first Bracelet, it is quite a conversation piece... so I ordered another Bracelet and a Necklace... I'm thinking of adding some Earrings to the collection very soon.  As well as having an Etsy Shop, Gail sells her beautiful Typewriter Key Jewelry on E-Bay under the Seller Name smselby. Many of her Bracelets have such cute sayings... here's a sampling of some she recently had at Auction:

Fan Tab Ulous Bracelet by Artist Gail Selby

Luv 2 Shop Bracelet by Artist Gail Selby *I know... I shouldda got this one too huh? LOL* 

Wonderful Bracelet by Artist Gail Selby *this one was already spoken for*

I also wanted a custom Necklace with a specific rarer Vintage Function Key called "Floating Shift"... I discovered Artist Mary Seger of Michigan who has an Etsy Shop called yellowtrailer and I really loved her Style of Pendant Art using the Typewriter Keys.  So I asked her if she had such a Key she could design me a Pendant from?  My good fortune was that she did and with amazing speed and creativity she made me the perfect Pendant and obliged me with an attachment for a Vintage Rhinestone Disco Ball that I want to attach to the bottom of it from my stash of Vintage Jewelry parts!   After exchanging e-mails for the Pendant order I felt as though I had known Mary a long time, we definitely are Kindred Spirits and had several Life experience parallels. Mary also makes Custom Silverware Art Jewelry... take a gander at these from her Etsy Shop... one of these is definitely on my Wish List now! *swoon*

Fabulous Custom Silverware Bracelets by Artist Mary Seger... Photo cribbed from Etsy

Bracelets by Artist Mary Seger... Photo cribbed from Etsy

Bracelets by Artist Mary Seger... Photo cribbed from Etsy

Bracelets by Artist Mary Seger... Photo cribbed from Etsy

Again, if you want some of your own Beautiful and creative Vintage Typewriter Key Jewelry, check out the work of these two talented Artists, I have linked with their sites to make it easy for you to find them so just click on the links...  Dawn... The Bohemian

*Original Auction Photos with Gray backgrounds cribbed from E-Bay... all others of the piece I purchased taken by me at Home as I have fun playing with my new Treasure... Winks... When my other pieces arrive I shall be sharing even more photos of them! Winks*


  1. Oh wow! I absolutely love the first bunch who looks like typewriting! Thank you for sharing. Hope you are doing well over there


  2. Super cool! I love them all! Very original and very fun!

  3. Ms. B. I need the "self starter" one, well i need that inspiration. And if we could find one that says,"out of function", I should have it put on my forehead. These are so very clever. Thanks as usual for sharing. Richard and Sissy from My Old Historic House

  4. If you are looking for an artist that has really taken typewriter key jewelry to the top, visit a website called "The Key of A". Just the name tells you about this long time artisan and designer of vintage inspired jewelry and accessories. She also has two Etsy shops she operates. She is truly the best when it comes to typewriter key jewelry. All authentic, creatively designed, quality made, and very fashion forward. It's quite a jump from most typewriter key jewelry you see out there today. Check her out at either www.thekeyofa.com or her Etsy store at www.ajsoftail.etsy.com

  5. It's sad that so many irreplaceable and beautiful antique typewriters are destroyed for their keys and for this fashion trend. Please be conscious about this and try to buy key jewelry only from artists that make their own reproduction keys.


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