Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Audrey's... And Jan Jarres Designs

I just LOVE discovering delightful new Shops that have a wealth of Treasures waiting to be claimed!  I want to introduce you to one in East Phoenix called AUDREY'S that is part Boutique and part Antique and Found Treasures.  Proprietor Erin is so sweet and personable that you will feel like an old Friend upon meeting her.  She carries some fab items from local Artists... I fell in Love with the Vintage Doorknob/Hardware Clocks... being an Old Door & Harware addict, you knew I would! *Winks*  Gotta save up for one of those for sure...

And while visiting with Erin she introduced me to another amazingly talented local Artist, Jan Jarres of JAN JARRES CREATIVE DESIGN.  Jan has an amazing sense of Style and looks every bit the Artist... her Jewelry Designs and Vintage Bottles and Cross Creations are off the hook... take a peek at a few Sold items she brought in to Erin's Shop this day...

Yep, it's no wonder her pieces sell immediately... I'm adoring that Candelabra... and the fabulous Turquoise creations Jan was wearing that she had made, take my word for it, they were gorgeous!!!  I know, I know, I shouldda asked her to model it all for me... but we were all having such a grand time visiting and getting to know each other that I almost completely forgot about my Blog Photo Op responsibilities to you all... sorry!  Next time, I promise...  In the meantime I cribbed a pix of one of her AMAZING Turquoise Cuffs from her Etsy Shop... sorry, SOLD... but why wouldn't it be... it is a superb piece!!! 

But if you're in the area of North Cave Creek Road in Phoenix, stop by Erin's Shop AUDREY'S... and click on the links above to take you to both Gals sites... introduce yourselves and tell 'em Dawn sent ya...

Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Hi Dawn,
    I have been so busy with back to back events that I have not been able to visit for awhile. I am now planted on the couch, tea cup in hand enjoying your posts (as always) and all the mad hatter parties I couldn't visit before. So much silly fun!!!
    I am so happy you and the princess Beast (ha ha... loved that post and so glad he is ok) enjoyed my Mad Catter party. Our kitties definitely have a bit of the beast within them as well.
    Hoping you are well and thriving in the desert heat,
    Lots of love and blessings,
    Tricia aka Aunt Thelma of the many kitties...

  2. Ms. B. Your magazine went out in todays, US Mail. Hope you enjoy. Thanks for sharing today. Richard at My Old Historic House

  3. Dawn~ It was MY lucky day the day we met. I truly enjoyed your visit to my store and our fun conversation. So many new things have been added (and sold) since you last were in. That's the fun of having a store like this.
    I had to indulge and buy one of Jan's rings and now I've got her bottles for sale in the shop too.
    Stop back when your travels lead you back my way...


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