Monday, June 27, 2011

Chic In The Heat...

This is that time of year that gets crazy Hot here in the Desert.  I'm talkin' Surface Of The Sun heat my Friends, with temps now averaging 112 to 116 degrees daily!

So remaining Chic in the Heat can be somewhat challenging, but it can be accomplished.  Or at least give the illusion of coolness with the use of frosty colors and  lovely Romantic decor that can get your mind off the unrelenting Heat outside!

At NOT TOO SHABBY there is a wealth of the Romantic and the White Snowy Shabbiness that can transform your interior into the inviting cool retreat from the Sun.  If you can't be outdoors the next best thing is to make indoors your personal Valhalla... a welcome Sanctuary to retreat to when the temps get too fierce on the outside and yet you don't want to feel anchored in.

Here in the Desert we tend to have the opposite problem to those climates where the Winter fierceness can force folks indoors, sequestered until the Snow melts and the Blizzards cease.  I Love the Sun and I'm out in it a lot, but when you can fry eggs on the sidewalk it can dehydrate... and drain the energy levels considerably... so even the hardiest Souls might have to retreat inside for a Siesta or to wait out the Noonday Sun.  So surrounding yourself with am ambiance that refreshes, restores and cools one off is very, very inviting and appreciated.  There is something about White that gives an illusion of temperature reduction and walking into a space filled with White Loveliness cools and soothes the tired and overheated.  Because though here in the Desert we have miles and miles of Beach... there is no Ocean... *winks* So we must adapt and improvise...

Dawn... The Bohemian  

*All beautiful images were photographed at NOT TOO SHABBY in Phoenix, Arizona*


  1. How pretty is all these! Love the vanity stool and that rose painting!

  2. Absolutely Delicious! Now IGotta Go! I'm too INSPIRED to write anymore, gotta do some furniture painting.hmmmmmm....ideas are just pouring into my memory warehouse!


  3. I know I've said it before Dawn, but you have the best darn shops in your neck of the country!! Even if it is FREAKIN' HOT!! White is the perfect antidote for excessive cool and refreshing! Vanna


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