Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Creating... A Joy For Me Too

I just LOVE seeing the expression on someone's face when I'm presenting a piece I created for them for the first time!  My Friend Carol looked lovely wearing her new bag and I was delighted that she was so happy with it...

I'm always a little nervous about how a piece will be received... if the vision they had for it lined up with the vision I had for it?!?  We discuss it prior to creating it... but with Fabric Art I'm not one who can whip up a sketch of how a piece will ultimately look... I really don't know and can't say... and so I appreciate the level of Trust someone placing an order has with me.

Carol's creation has a Vintage Needlepoint piece that belonged to her and we wanted to bring to Life in another form.  It really was a charming old piece and I often wonder about the Story behind each Vintage piece that was never quite finished or made into something?  All that work and labor of Love, but the process stopped before it's proper ending... and so it is a Joy to finally have it become a completed work of Art and pay homage to the original Artist that created that portion of the new creation... whoever they might have been... usually an anonymous creative and talented Soul who may even be departed now?

I must say Carol looked far more stunning Modeling the bag than Mannequin Yashyme had...
And she will be Blinging it out with Antique Brooches from her private collection to give the bag various looks... which will be fun... 

Though my Mannequin Twins do the best they can at Modeling pieces for me so I can get an idea of how they might look on a real person... *Smiles*

When you're an Artist there are so many things about the creative process that is a Joy... whether you're Singing, Dancing, Painting, Drawing, Sculpting, Acting, Sewing, Writing or whatever Art Form you enjoy doing... and is a benefit to and for others as well... it is still a Gift and Joy that you also do for YOURSELF!

It is true... creating Art and Beauty is a Joy for me too and not just for those who might be the recipients of whatever I'm creating...

So it is one of those things that really doesn't have a down side...

And perhaps that is why it has always been something I've LOVED to do from as far back as I can remember...

Yes... the Art has taken many forms over the years as I've experimented with and learned new methods and types of Artistic expression and tried my hand at them...

But the JOY of creating and seeing the expression on someone's face when they behold a creation and connect to it is still the biggest Rush ever... truly Priceless... and that is why being creative and an Artist is something I shall do for as long as I can... there's no Retiring from something that is a True Love and brings such Joy...

Dawn... The Bohemian 


  1. Your bags are lovely Dawn, and from the look on Carols face I think you fulfilled her expectations and then some!! It's amazing to me that you do it all by hand.

  2. Hi Dawn:) LOVE that purse!!!!!!How special to have used something of hers when creating it. I believe that we all have an 'art'. Yours is awesome, my friend:)
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  3. Hi Dawn, what a beautiufl bag.... Carol looks very happy with it... you did good girl!!!
    Hugs~~~ Daphne

  4. You are such a busy lady, I can not keep up with you. Another beauty. Richard from My Old Historic House

  5. Oh my Dawn.....I had no idea you could create such lovely bags. Well done dear lady.



  6. Oh dear Dawn another so attractive bag, how not be happy with these beautiful materials?!
    To answer your last kindness I have already made three, published on my other blog, but I would redo with pleasure new photos for "Fantaisies Crazy".

    Beautiful day, Hugs


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