Monday, June 6, 2011

Images That Take My Breath Away

Source: Moon To Moon - Tumblr

Okay, so I beheld this Image over at MOON TO MOON Blog and it absolutely took my breath away... I want to sell all my worldly possession and move in HERE!!!  *Winks*  OMG, with Architecture like this you would require little else to feel positively like Royalty!!!  If ever there was a "If I Win The Lottery" Dream Home... this would be IT for moi!

Source: Moon To Moon-Tumblr

And I'm imagining this could be the Window Seat to go with THAT House?  Again... invite me over and I'd never want to leave... *Smiles*

Source: Golestan Palace, Tehran

And for the Chandie Lovers, check this Magnificent Chandie out... Lord have Mercy, I'd be gazing at that 'til my retinas burnt out! *Smiles*  Of coarse with walls and a ceiling that ornately magnificent you couldn't hang your ordinary Chandie now could you?

Source: Azem Palace, Damascus, Syria

Could you imagine having a Courtyard such as this?!? *Swooning* I'd be eating every meal outside... I'd even have a Nap Nook! *contented sigh*  So this is the exterior Dream Courtyard to accompany my interior Dream Home pictured above... when I win the Lottery of coarse! *Winks*

Source: Morocco Interior

I'm a huge fan of fabulous Tile Work and this Courtyard in Morocco is exquisitely breathtaking!  I love everything about this Space... the Fountain... the Chandie... the exotic Architecture and of coarse the Tiles and Artistic Mastery of the use of them!

Source: Morocco Interior

This Image took my breath away because of the relaxing serenity and simplicity of the Space and the amazing patina of the walls... not to mention the Color Turquoise has always drawn me in...

Source: Moroccan Lights

Source: Baglioni, Marrakech

Normally I'm not a fan of round Lighting, but these Magnificent Moroccan Lights are enchanting... look at how the design radiates around the room in a spectacular display of light play!  Love it... Almost like an Ancient version of the Disco Ball!!! *LOL*

Source: Moroccan Riad
Home of Fashion Designer Liza Bruce
& Husband Artist Nicholas Alvis Vega
Elle Decor

I Love bringing the Outside In... and blurring the lines and distinction between Interior and Exterior Spaces... I think that this Space accomplishes that beautifully and gives the Patio a Tropical atmosphere that I adore and would want to hang out in.  What also intrigued me was that many of the plants are drought resistant Desert varieties... so I could easily accomplish this faux Tropical look in our Arizona Desert climate.

Source: Elle Decor
Home of Liza Bruce & Nicholas Alvis Vega

I'm adoring the vibrant bold use of Colors of this Kitchen, the Latilla Ceiling and the fab Tilework... as well as that live Tree growing in the midst of the room!

Source: Elle Decor
Home of Liza Bruce & Nicholas Alvis Vega

The entire Home of this couple profiled in a feature of ELLE DECOR  at this link is breathtaking... there is a slideshow in the link... check it out for a swoonfest of epic proportions!  I mean this Lagoon Pool and surrounding Lounge area is sheer perfection!!!

Source: Elle Decor
Home of Liza Bruce & Nicholas Alvis Vega

Look at that Chandie... and the Arched Vintage Doors... and the Earthy Colors of this Patio... makes me want to gatecrash and invite myself to Lunch! *Winks*

Well... though I would Love to continue this virtual Tour of the images that take my breath away... I do believe the G-Babies are killing each other in the next room, so I shall don my Referee Shirt and Whistle and go see what's going on at Smack Down 2011 at This Ole' House... *Winks*  So we must take a break from Dreaming and get back to harsh Reality *Le Sigh*... C'est la Vie...

Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Those are some breath taking images!

  2. A real garden of Eaden!!!!RC and S,

  3. Isn't the architecture found around the world so spectacular in comparision to what we see here? I love that first photo, I was surprised to see that it wasn't in Morocco.

  4. These are gorgeous!!! I would love to sit by that pool and those Moroccan lights are beautiful!! I don't think that I would want to leave either. :)

  5. Hello,

    This looks just perfect!



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