Saturday, June 11, 2011

Junquing Haitus = Torture!!!

Source: Cottage Garden 2 Blog - Meilan installing new creative Display

Source: Cottage Garden 2 Blog - Results of new Bed Frame Display... Fabulous!

It's a good thing I had a delivery to make with Carol's bag at the
 COTTAGE GARDENS 1 & 2 Shops because I've been on a self-imposed Junquing Haitus due to recent medical expenses and emergency repairs here at the old Homestead... and let me tell you my Friends, that a Junquing Haitus = Torture to moi!!! *Winks*

Granted, the Plumbing is getting replaced at this ole House and the Doc says I'll remain vertical because thankfully I'm in better shape than I thought or felt *Whew - LOL*, but I can't wait to be able to get back to the Thrill Of The Hunt.  I confess, I'm a Junquing Addict and that's my 'fix'.  Even if I buy nothing, just the Thrill of Hunting for even great Photo Ops for Junquing Blog Fodder is a Rush!  Of coarse there is ALWAYS the risk of finding that amazing 'score' and being tempted to purchase it, so when the budget is tied up in the necessities and trials of Life, it's just best to go on a self-imposed haitus for a while. *Le Sigh*

But while delivering Carol's bag that I had created for her I was able to be in my element at her two delightful Shops COTTAGE GARDEN 1 and COTTAGE GARDEN 2  for most of the Morning *contented sigh* and visit with Carol, Meilan and Connie, which is always a Joy.  The Shop Gals had done some amazing transformations of both Shops and so I was in Photo Op overload capturing the images to share here in the Land Of Blog so that both of us wouldn't go into withdrawal... me and whoever enjoys the regular visit to Bohemian Valhalla. *Winks*  See, I'm lookin' out for YOU too my Friends, us Junquers must have each other's backs!!! *Smiles*

The front Porch at the Historic Cottage of COTTAGE GARDEN 1 was sheer perfection, so inviting and cozy I just wanted to curl up and spend the entire day there languishing!  Just look at that fabulous shade of Green!  They just don't make Cottages and Porches like that anymore... but I think they should take a cue from these types of idyllic settings that are charmingly simple, rustic and carefree... transporting us back in time when things moved at a more relaxed pace and there was a wholesome way of Life that cannot be compared. *Hard to snap me out of Nostalgic Mode at this point! Winks*

Carol had brought back some lovely Treasures for the Cottage Shops... I loved the Vintage Silverware Jewelry and CreativeCo-Op Frames which have a similar charm to my beloved Laura Van creations.  And who doesn't love Artist inspired Bird Houses?  Your Birdies can live in luxurious splendor with these sprinkled about the Garden!  And Carol is expanding the Clothing Line at the COTTAGE GARDEN 2 Shop, which is gorgeous and I just Love... Meilan was hard at work installing the new creative Bed Frame Display to showcase more of the new Clothing Line... Fabulous!!!

So, though a Junquing Haitus is torturous to yours truly, I am finding delightful ways to soldier through it. *Winks*  So come along on the Journey down another lovely Path... until we're back to Junquing...

Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Hey...........glad to know you have our back!!!

    You will have to let me know what you think of that book when you get it. It looks interesting.

  2. I love that Vintage Silverware Jewelry where is old fork.
    I totally understand that you are smiling my sweating in +30 degrees:) It is like I'm smiling in winter time when you get 1 cm snow and you close the schools and airports and we have like half meter snow and everything goes on like normal. I think I would die for sweating there. It is funny I'm not sweating at all in sauna and there is +65 but outside I'm sweating like a big, it is interesting...
    Have a nice weekend darling

  3. oooooh so many treasures to take in! i'm feelin the pearls and lace, and now that warm weather is here the hunt is on for me! today it was all about the antique books--love em!!! some will be used for art, some will be devoured, and some will be re-sold.

    thanks for your kind words!



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