Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Mannequin Twins Move In

The Son now has a Room-Mate in my Studio Cottage, so since there are now two young Men living there I decided it was time to move the Mannequin Twins, Yazmin & Yashyme, into the Main House Guest Room.  Otherwise there is the risk that the Guys might start messing with the Gals and dressing them up prank-style during a Beerfest... well, you know how Twentysomething Bachelors are when they're amusing themselves or showing off for their Female Guests. *Winks*  I'm not so certain I'd be equally amused so to avoid un-necessary drama and to free up more room for the Guys I felt it was a wise move on behalf of the Gals and the Sanity of Yours Truly. *Smiles* Hey, ONLY I get to play Dress-Up with my Mannequin Twins!!!  The Moment they moved in I was adorning them with various Rosaries and Accessories... Mannequins are like Big Gal Barbies!!! *Winks*  So them moving into the Main House is no problemo really... Gramma will be playing Big Gal Barbies all the more now! *Smiles*

I know, I know, remember how I THOUGHT The Son was moving in with an old Girlfriend and OUT of my Studio... well, NOT going to happen anytime soon I'm thinking. Which is okay since Mom wasn't thinking that was such a good idea anyway... Love both of 'em, they're great Young Adults... but there was often trouble in Paradise the last time they shared space... just sayin'... and perhaps for once they listened to Mom's sage advice???!! *Winks*   They're grown and can do whatever they want to, but if they ask my advice... they realize I am in Mom Mode and will speak Truth about any given situation. And after the Burglary The Son and his childhood Friend were concerned for the G-Kids and I being here alone while The Man is gone so much of the year doing Seasonal Work anyway, I didn't have much of a Peace about it either. And honestly, strong studmuffin Young Men can be a wealth of Slave Labor... ummm, I mean present Help and Protection *winks* around a large secluded Old property that needs a lot of work.  I am most definitely working things out in Trade for the Guys taking over my beloved Studio Space! *LOL* Did I mention that the Son's Room-Mate and his Uncle are Plumbers... HANDY!!!  If you have ever lived in a Historic Home you recognize how the Trades of Plumber, Electrician, Contractor can be either Music to your ears if you know one willing to hook you up... or give you a feeling of dread if you don't! *Winks*  All I have to do is keep the Bar-B-Ques and Beverages flowing and remind Son & Friend what a good Landlord they have! *LOL* The Friend is like a Surrogate Son to me anyway since I've known him all his life, he calls me Mom and I call him to do anything I'd have The Bio Son do that needs doing... *Winks*  Hey, after you've been Parenting kids in the house for over three consecutive decades you work it... I ain't getting any younger peeps and I've got over another decade of Parenting still to go 'til the G-Kids are raised! *Le Sigh*  So the bigger ones, if they move back... I own 'em... they know they're in my Servitude! *LOL*

So, the Guest Room is beginning to look more and more like my Studio... and my Studio Cottage is looking more and more like... well, you don't wanna know... no, really, you don't!!! *Winks*

Dawn... The Bohemian

PS: Blessing Report... we have a Sponsor that is sending the G-Son to Church Summer Camp up in the Pines of Prescott and he leaves this weekend for a week... his very first time of being able to go to Camp and so he's Jazzed!!!  I don't know whose more excited... him or ME!!???!?!?! *Smiles*  Thank You to our Dear Sponsor... you know who you are... and our Family appreciates each and every Caseworker at the Agency that has been such a Blessing to us and to the G-Son in particular!!! You Guys ROCK and show how much you care about your precious wee clients every day, God Bless you richly!!!


  1. Boy, I enjoyed reading all thats happening around there.It's true that I always slept better when my kids were young adults still at home when hubby worked night shift,so I know how that feels.Your life is full -enjoy.

  2. I'm so glad your GS will get to attend summer camp! I have so many fond memories from my years at camp. I learned how to make smores...probably better I hadn't LOL!
    I also think it was a good idea to move the gals *winks* It has to feel good though to have some nice strong young men around the house for safety. I know they'd make me feel better, so maybe it's a good trade off? Vanna

  3. LOL.....yes, bring the girls inside....I think it would be good to have the guest room become your studio, we all need our own space to "just be".

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving the insightful comment. I have pretty much resigned
    myself to the fact that they might be tourist pieces. Which would be OK at tourist piece price.:) I did not detect any malevoently from them when I was handling them , and I did handle them for a bit as we discussed them and I took pictures. But at this time I think I will just use them as inspiration for making my own piece of art and then I will know what intent, feelings, materials etc went into the creation of them. (I am working with the ivory as we "speak")

    Hope GS has a good time at GS will be here next week to spend time with us, I am looking forward to it!

  4. He will love summer camp, I remember my experience and still smile.
    Nice to have some man power with your house, I know the trials and tribulations with an old house that's for sure! Only my husband doesn't work well with electrical tools. Actually at Christmas he gets the cookbooks and I get the sawzall
    Have a great weekend

  5. Hello Dawn....sounds like you operate on the premise "the more the merrier." Good for you, I say. good thing about the mannequins
    .....they don't eat much. LOL LOL
    Stay well,


  6. Another beauty from a," Beauty"! Richard from My Old Historic House

  7. I saw this on The Polka Dot Closet's Dress Form Party blog link party! How wonderful to discover your gorgeous dress form here! Glad you shared!! I'll see you next week at Sweet Salvage? Hope so!!! Hugs!!


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