Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Persian Paradise Fantasy & A Birthday

Every so often I indulge myself in a Persian Paradise Fantasy... one of those "if money were no object" imaginary shopping sprees.  You know the ones... where you could buy the most exquisite of whatever it is that you are strongly attracted to and would build a collection of that thing, YOUR 'thing'... which would rival any Gallery on Earth. *Winks*

For some Women it is Diamonds... for me it would be amazing Antique Persian Carpets & Rugs of the highest calibre, fabulous designs & colors. I'd have them all over the place... the floors... the walls.  Layered incomparable Beauty saturating the senses.  It might not be everyone's 'thing' but it certainly is MY 'thing'.  Well, ONE of them anyway. *Smiles*

When I think of the skill, training and time an Artisan must have to create such Masterpieces it truly blows my mind.  In our mass produced society, to own hand-made works of Art of any kind is indeed a privilege and a Joy.  To own Antique Masterpieces created by Artists that are no longer on this side of Time and Eternity and yet they live on through their Art... pieces that that can be cherished, appreciated and preserved for future generations is an honor.  

I love to look at the myriad of Designs & Colors that the Art of Rug & Carpet making offer... almost like Snowflakes in that each is so unique... to Regions... and to each skillful Artist that imparted a piece of their personality and character into their creations. I can browse a Persian Rug Gallery for as long as I could wander around an Art Gallery... because to me each is a fabulous work of Art. I've always been drawn to Textiles of all sorts, there's something very organic about it to me.

Would I be spoiled for choice if I could afford any that I desired... naturally.
Would I be insatiable... probably... okay, most definitely!!! *LOL*
It would more than likely become a lifelong obsession...
So perhaps its just as well that I'm only doing it on the canvas of my imagination. *Smiles*
But oh, it's SO much fun to pretend and indulge myself in the occassional Persian Paradise Fantasy...
Of epic proportions...
Can you only imagine what my Fantasy Mansion would look like my Friends?! *swoon worthy* 

And since it is The Son's Birthday today... he and I will be out shopping for the perfect electric guitar... HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY SON!!!  Rock on...

Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Oh boy I loves me a beautiful rug too Dawn! For me it's all about aubusson, but the grip on my heart is the same *winks*
    Happy Birthday to your son! I bet he's thrilled to pieces to get his new guitar! Vanna

  2. Oh have such a handsome have reason to be proud.

    As far as fantasy shopping sweet husband...would say THAT is the best kind. LOL LOL



  3. A big happy birthday to your son. How fun for the two of you to be able to go out shopping for a guitar.
    Now what could be on your wish list? A beautiful Persian rug? Thank you for sharing these beauties.

  4. Happy Birthday to your son! I'm so in love with these wonderful Persian carpets! I would want to have an amazing Persian carpet in my living room! thanks for sharing these beauties!


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