Thursday, June 23, 2011

Persian Rug & Kilim Pillow "Scores"

As you know from previous Posts I'm a HUGE Lover of Persian Rugs & Carpets, I grew up with them in every room of the house and was fortunate to inherit a couple that my Parents had owned since the early 1950's, so the affection I have for them runs deep.  The larger one of those has graced my Computer Room and the other small one is in our Guest Room... they practically last forever and their beauty and function is unmatched.

But the cost over the years of a good quality Persian Carpet or Rug has increased and I'm not one to "settle" for less than what I've set my Heart upon, the Diva that I am. *Winks* And so... I've been earnestly seeking a large 8x10 affordable Vintage Wool Persian Carpet for my Livingroom for some time now.  I seemed to always get outbid in the auctions at the last minute, my pockets weren't deep enough to get into bidding wars anyway, so I had to Hope that a listing would perhaps be so obscure nobody else would discover it. *LOL*  Yeah, like that's gonna happen, right?  It seems as though the demand for these fabulous rugs & carpets has always been constant and high... but I'm not one to give up... I'm tenacious... and so I had been relying upon my old standby of believing the Laws of Attraction would eventually work in my favor as I lusted after my perfect Persian Masterpiece!

Each day I would scour the Internet pouring over images of the "Ideal" rug in the size, style and preferred colors that would be my vision for THE rug I'd Love to own.  Asking for and attracting such a rug to come my way at a price I could afford... which I might add, wasn't much... which in fact was a ridiculous price to expect such a piece since my high end outlay had to be under $100... oh, and ideally a Kerman, Hamadan, Heriz, Mashad, Qum Qom or Tabriz at that! *Smiles*   I know, that seems like a total Fantasy, but I always say if you're gonna dream, dream big!  

So fast forward to Wednesday afternoon, I had to pick Princess T up from her Auntie's and there's a Super sized Goodwill nearby a large retirement community there... so I head straight for their rug section... expecting... Hoping against Hope that this might be THE day.  I was encouraged by the fact that on the way to the rug section I 'score' a beautiful large Kilim made into a Pillow for only $2.99!!!  That alone had gotten my adrenalin rushing, hopeful that whoever had donated the Kilim, well, perhaps they had also donated some Persian Rugs?!? And my Heart fairly stood still as I saw a roll of what appeared to be THE REAL DEAL right in front of me!!!  From the backside it looked like a handmade Wool Persian Carpet and it was large... but dare I look for the coveted import tags that would validate it's authenticity?!?!?!?!?  A Lady standing nearby me is skeptical... it CAN'T be real for that price she scoffs *under $50 my Friends*...  I'm playing it cool lest she become interested and we have to go to the dirt over MY rug if it proves to be what my instincts are fairly certain it is. *LOL*  I'm pretty sure I could have taken her, but I did have the Princess along... and perhaps seeing Gramma having a Persian Rug smackdown match in the middle of Goodwill isn't exactly leading by example. *Winks* Though Princess T was clutching the huge Kilim tightly to her chest obviously not trusting the competition either, hey, the kid is only five but she already knows the 'good stuff' and how wiley some of the fellow Treasure Hunters can be to distract and snatch if a piece is coveted enough. *LOL*  Any of you that hit the Shows, Flea Markets, Thrifts and Estate Sales regularly know what I'm talkin' about... things can get intense if more than one peep is eyeballing the same Treasure, especially if it's a bargain, or they missed it or passed it by and you hone in on it and then they discover they missed a Diamond in the rough!  I scanned the corners and there it was...

 The Tag... from Adib's Persian Rug Company authenticating this to be an 8x10 Hamadan that is around 16+ years old. *Chorus of Angels now singing in my ears! Winks*  The Princess and I roll it out to see the condition and if it has any repairs, it is in pristine condition and says it was last washed in 1993, underfoot it feels like Silk... and perhaps it is Silk rather than Wool, because my other Persians are Wool and they don't feel like this... this is as soft as Duck Down... The Son said he wanted to just lie down and fall asleep on it! *Smiles*  The Style and Region is perfect, the size is EXACT, the colors are IDEAL, I was lusting after Red, Salmon & Turquoise to be in the colors of MY visionary Rug... it has ALL THREE!!! *Hallelujah!!!*  Well, it weighed a ton so I had to recruit two Goodwill Studmuffins to carry it out to the car... these rugs are far heavier than they look.  And I victoriously took my Treasure Home to lay out in the Livingroom.

I had been enduring bare cement floors for so long that I could hardly wait... and I ALMOST had it rolled out when I hear the Princess behind me shreik, "Oh No, GRAMMA!!!"  Yep, you guessed it my Friends, before I even had my coveted Persian Carpet completely unrolled and installed she had managed to spill her entire 32 oz. Soda upon it!!!  *GASP!!! Me clutching chest like an episode of Redd Foxx in Sanford & Sons*  Now, it's not AS IF this is going to be the only thing ever spilled on this Rug my Friends, I'm not naive enough to believe that... but for Heaven's Sakes, can't I at least get it unrolled and installed before the first accident Christen's it to our Home?!? *Le Sigh*  Thankfully I know these Magnificent Rugs are built to withstand the test of time and about any living condition known to Man and endure... and the spill was thankfully on an edge and mostly fell on the cement beside it, so I quickly mopped it up with absorbent paper towels and can't tell it ever happened. *Whew*  The Princess was in tears and then I feel guilty for having a freak out that frightened her, I think she thought I was having "The Big One" and would surely die! *LOL*  I'm certain I LOOKED like I was... because I felt like I MIGHT! *Smiles*  But as you can see from the Photos... all is well... and I'm beyond DELIGHTED that I scored my fab Vintage Hamadan and Kilim for a song...

So, if you're seriously lusting after something... don't discount the Laws Of Attraction my Friends... it works for me every time... because whatever it is that you're desiring it's out there... waiting to connect with you and be yours...

Dawn... The Bohemian

Remember, whatever you focus upon, increases.

Set a goal so big that if you achieved it, it would blow your mind.


  1. Stunning post as always! It's a pleasure to visit your lovely space....again and again!
    Hope to see you on my blog:)
    Have a great week!

  2. wonderful post! I'm also a huge fan of Persian rugs and carpets. Unfortunately, a good quality Persian carpet costs a fortune and I can't afford it...:(

  3. My old eyes will not allow me to read all this "fine" print..but I sure love your rugs too.


  4. I, too, love Persian rugs....and I do believe in the laws of attraction. I found your blog....didn't I dear lady.



  5. My Lady, You done went and done it up good. Congratulations on such a good price, might have been the pull off of the century. I love the colors. I have one simular in my shop for sale and it has a price tag of $600.What do you think about that? I am partial to the red ones, but tis one is a true beauty. Congts.RC

  6. What a score Dawn! I totally believe believe in the law of attraction!...And I'm putting out strong vibes for a French chateaux right now! *winks* Vanna

  7. Its very good post to knew about differ Persian carpets , i always want to know beautiful carpets. It helps to us.


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