Thursday, June 2, 2011

Romance & Romantic Notions ... Not Too Shabby

WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE... (Paraphrasing Matthew 19:26)

As we continue through the Romantic Styled Rooms at NOT TOO SHABBY during my Grief Therapy Tour you might be thinking, "Dawn... did you photography EVERYTHING in the Shop!?" *Smiles*  No, I could spend all week and not capture it ALL... Katie and Kim have combed the corners of the Earth it seems to bring us what they offer and I don't know how they part with much of it?!?!? I'd be tempted to want to keep too much! *LOL*  Perhaps that's why they do what they do and I do what I do huh?  But I did tell Kim my vision of eventually taking my show on the road in the future and do Gypsy Row with the Gals if The Man scores me my Gypsy Caravan.  As the wanderlust takes hold I'm fairly certain more Lovelies would be transported here and there from this ole' House to new found Homes across the Country... it would fuel creative energy for designing new pieces of wearable Art and it would inspire me to "part with" much... in order to enjoy the Freedom of Travel and making do with "less" during the Journey.

Believe it or not it has been probably less than a Decade that I've been a self-professed Maximalist... yep, it's twue... oddly enough for the majority of my Life I had very little and was quite content with less because I was traveling and moving all of the time... and it just made sense to travel light and have less to care for. 

 So I could easily swing in the other direction again once I hit the road for a spell and got my Gypsy Spirit into high gear once again.   I have too many obligations to be totally footloose and fancy free... but... there is a certain allure, a longing and Romantic Notion in fact... especially in this complex World we live in... with the stresses, uncertainties and hardships... to be Free of much of it.  I see it intensifying in society in fact... getting back to basics and prioritizing differently... following their Bliss whatever that may be and wherever than may lead... shucking conformity and standards and just stepping out in Faith to Live the Life they feel Purposed to lead... the Life they Dreamed about and their Soul calls out for... rather than chasing after the best income generating career move and stifling their Spirit and Destiny in order to be 'safe' and 'secure'.  Feeling that in doing so they will have few if no regrets... no unfulfilled Dreams or longings and thus lived a full Life and reached a level of Contentment that is great gain.

 Yes, fulfilling deeper Purpose and following suppressed Dreams while still holding it all down is possible... because we can balance both... we don't have to be extreme in one direction or the other... even the most responsible and tame Spirits can fulfill their Dreams and not have to stifle them.  And those of us who have had to tame our Wilder Free Spirits can loosen the reins a bit as we reach Seasons of Life that allow more Freedom and choices. It might take more Work to keep our feet on the ground while allowing our Romantic Visions to take form and manifest in our Lives... but it is possible... with God ALL things are possible... 

And today I joined BLUE CREEK HOME'S Blog Party for the 1st time for TREASURE HUNT THURSDAY... and showed off the 'Treasure' that I scored... this lovely Vintage Needlepoint Pillow... now honestly, did you think I was only gonna come Home with lovely Photos on the Grief Therapy Tour?! *Winks*  But, I did use AMAZING restraint, shopping mostly for Images to share...

Dawn... The Bohemian 

Source: Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic Blog

P.S.:  And speaking of Romance... I was over the Moon to find out that the Queen of all things Romantic, Rachel Ashwell, is coming out with another new Book!!!  Just look at that cover shot, OMG... the excess of Lilac Blossoms is simply Divine... well, being the Queen of Excess you knew I'd say and think that didn't ya!?! *LOL*  I can hardly wait to see what other visual delights lie within the covers of her latest Book, I have and Love all the others... and will most certainly be adding this to my Library Collection as soon as it is released!!!


  1. Love that rose tapesty and o i can just smell that lavender and rose mix from here. Beautiful post as always xxxxx Gabi

  2. Ahhhhh.. I do need to make a pit stop in AZ soon don't I?

  3. Hi Dawn....I do think you have pretty much taken pics of all the stuff in Not to Shabby....I love seeing it...because I know pretty much exactly which part of the store you are in. I was just there over a week ago and bought a metal storage cabinet and a few other little things. Sounds like you are feeling a little better...glad to see that.

    Hang in there,


  4. I see lots of things in your photos I would love...guess I'll have to get away from the Oregon rain and head to the Arizona sun to get any of them! So glad to have you as my newest blog follower!


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