Thursday, June 30, 2011

Teaching An Old Dog New Tricks

I freely admit that I can be quite Tech Challenged and am slow to embrace Technology that I either don't understand or can't figure out without a Mentor.  Thankfully the G-Kids don't mind Mentoring Gramma and because they're Children, the way in which they Teach is basic and patient... I can roll with that! *Winks*

I have been enamored with the fabulous Photo Effects that I witness daily in the Land Of Blog and wanted to learn more about how to tweak my humble amateur Photos into visual delights such as those.  Photo Textures in particular were drawing me in... and yet, I couldn't locate free sites that offered this type of effect that I could play with and learn... until today that is.  I discovered a site called LUNAPIC  that offered a wide variety of Photo Editing that was very user friendly for the Tech Disadvantaged such as myself *winks* and offered Texturing! *excited squeal*

So today I played... and am showing off some of my results that I was quite pleased with... the original Photo will be the one below all the edited versions... what FUN!!!

It is confirmed... you CAN teach an old dog new tricks *Smiles*... just be basic and patient...
We may no longer learn at warp speed all of the new Technology the  younger generation cut their teeth upon and seem to absorb so effortlessly... and don't be surprised if we still enjoy doing some things 'Old School' Style and hold onto the old ways with heavy doses of nostalgia and tenacity *LOL*...

 But learning new things can be a Lifelong enjoyable experience...
It is for me anyway... and it's always nice to hear the G-Kids exclaim, "Good job Gramma..." *Winks*

I've learned that you can never really make mistakes when you are expressing yourself Artistically...

Beautiful 'Accidents' often happen when you're experimenting... and perfecting technique & skills...
Learning... however long it takes... and whatever Method works for YOU...

And the layering of Beauty upon Beauty... Subtly as with this Sandstone Texture that they offered...

Or boldly, as with this Persian Rug Texture I created once I learned what a Clipboard was and how to utilize it to design my own Textures *Winks*...  Well, you KNOW that MY OWN created Textures would not be subtle now didn't you? *LOL*  I don't think I've ever been accused of being subtle as a matter of fact... *Smiles*

And Beauty upon Beauty is something that delights the senses... because my Mantra has always been...
More is never enough... *Winks*

After all, you're never too old to Play and have Fun now are you? *Smiles*
So go ahead, learn something new and have Fun while you're at it my Friends...
Don't be timid... you're only limited by your Imagination you know...
And I've found that to be a truly endless Source... 

Dawn... The Bohemian

*Several of the original Images were Photographed while I was visiting NOT TOO SHABBY*


  1. Beautiful post as always! Gorgeous!! It's a pleasure to visit your space..always!
    Hope to see you on my blog:)
    Have a great week!

  2. Look at you!!!! I am so impressed that you have learned to do this. I,too, consider myself a technoslug.......and have been wanting to learn this for ages. I will hop on over to that site and see what I can accomplish.

    Thanks for this,


  3. Hello! Thank you for the comment on our blog! We hope that you will come and visit us often. I was so excited because I have always wanted to visit the deserts of Arizona! I love your blog and admire your lifestyle(I too consider myself a bohemian or my husband might say, more of a gypsy! I will be following!


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