Monday, June 13, 2011

Too Cute Things ... Dreambook Of Images

Source: Looking For Rainbows In The Moonlight

Source: Blessed Wild Apple Girl

Source: Mary Quite Contrary Santa Fe

Source: Photography by Tolis

Source: Ananas a'


Source: New Ivy Style

Source: Hearst Retreat, California

Source: Nathalie Graafland

Source: Indian Summer

Source: Sweet Willow Tree

Source: Sharyn Bromley

One of my favorite things about this delightful Land Of Blog is connecting with Kindred Spirits... I've noticed that when your Blog is visited, quite often you will find much in common with the visitor.  It is how I have often discovered other amazing Blogs of the visitors that have connected to me via my site and allowed me the opportunity to now discover theirs... and realize how very similar we are in so many ways no matter where in the World we come from!!!

Such was the case recently when a Visitor became a Supporter and then through that connection I was able to discover her Beautiful Blog TOO CUTE THINGS where she stores her Dreambook Of  Images gleened via the wonder of the Internet Search Engines.  I intended to visit a short time so as not to while the entire afternoon away, but found myself so equally captivated by the Images she was drawn to, it was as if her appreciative eyes mirrored mine!  And so I began saving one, then another... and another... and another... to my favorites... and then decided that I simply must just do a Post and share them with you too my Friends! *Winks*  I have Sourced some of the Images whose incriptions identified a Source to give credit where due to the magnificent photography we are enchanted by.  If you recognize any of the others as being yours please let me know so we can give you credit and go view more of your Photographic Magic! 

Thank you for visiting from Holland my new Friend... your Dreambook Of Images mirror mine so very closely that we could have been long lost Sisters separated at Birth *Winks*...  It is always such a Joy to connect to yet another Bohemian Spirit... your lovely Blog delighted my eyes and Spirit for hours that afternoon...  And for all the visitors of today's Post, go over to TOO CUTE THINGS and say Hi... and behold a wealth of eye candy that will put you in a visual trance of pure enchantment...

Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. WOW, WOW, WOW...amazing photos!!! Thanks for your sweet comment about my junky porch too :) Chat soon, Laurel

  2. These environs are amazing!!! Love the ornate windows on the log cabin and the charming chandeliers. Thanks for the eye candy.

  3. How could anyone even begin to pick a fav...........but If I MUST...........the chandelier in what I guess to be an old truck.

    I am liking that!!!!!!!

  4. Wow, those pictures are amazing! I can't decide if I want to live in the green room or the purple one. :) HEading over to Too Cute Things right now! xoStephanie

  5. Beautiful. The blue blue building the the pretty pretty white windows really got to me. Thanks so much for recommending a great blog!


  6. Hay,

    What a beautiful blog.
    Your blog is ful of live and colors.
    And I love those pictures...

    Thank you for give such lovey comment on my blog.


  7. Such beautiful images, love the blue house! Hope you have a great week, T

  8. Too delicious things!!! OOhhhhhh AAhhhhhh!! Can you imagine walking around and looking for the perfect dilapidated old van or bus to hang up a beautiful chandelier?....And saying to your friend "Naw this one isn't crappy enough" Lol! What a fabulous idea!! The contrast of the decayed and the grand = LOVE IT!!

    I also love your saying "throw more water on the beans" Lol! Cuz I'll be doing a lot of that lately. I went on a shopping bender...yes again! *winks* Beans are going to be my best friend for awhile...good thing I love em huh?
    I also totally understand why you bought those Moroccan glasses. From the sound of them they HAD to be yours!
    And girlfriend I'll trade you some of that sun for some of my rain and cold weather. I think it should average out to around a nice 80 *winks* Vanna

  9. Hi Dawn,

    these pics are amazing....thanks for sharing!

    Thanks so much for your lovely words on my blog and my work. I also do the bags by hand and by the way...i´m very slowly too. But it´s´s just a hobby....mostly i create them for friends and for my own.

    Your bags are wonderful them.

    Have a great week, lovely greetings from Berlin,


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