Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Booth #44 ~ Tarnished Silver Phase

Now that I have a Booth it is becoming more obvious and apparent when I'm going through a particular Phase of what I'm attracted to at a specific moment in time!  *LOL*

Or perhaps what is being attracted to me in my Junquing forrays?!?  *Winks*  I'm not sure if I'm gravitating TO IT or if it's coming TO ME moreso than ever... but I'm most definitely in a Tarnished Silver Phase right now!!!   Now you would think that with Easter and Spring upon us I'd be gravitating more to Pastels... but no... it's been Silver for some strange mysterious reason!?!

Sure, I'm finding Treasures of all sorts that I also Love... but Silver and Silverplate right now is an attraction I'm finding very hard to resist & I'm discovering it everywhere I go lately.  I've always Loved it... and prefer it Tarnished to Polished... though there seems to be a definite split on those of us who prefer the Patina of Natural Tarnish to those who prefer it Shined up and Gleaming.

It is definitely Beautiful both ways and since I'm no domestic goddess it's probably a good thing I prefer my Silver and Silverplate in a Tarnished Patina.  I'd sway between being too lazy and/or OCD about trying to keep it Polished and Gleaming anyway.  *LOL*

There's something about all of the precious and semi-precious Metals that has always appealed to me and so those Vintage Items I can 'score' in any of these Metals is a good Junquing day.

And offering most of my finds in my Booth means that right now there is an abundance of Tarnished Silver Inventory along with the other mixture of Found Treasures I'm stocking it with.  Sorry about the Tape... sadly I have discovered that though it's not aesthetically ideal, some items that come in two pieces or parts will get separated without it & sometimes drift off to perhaps that place where socks go when you're doing Laundry?!?  *LOL* 

Some Inventory I will risk not taping... and others, well, deal with the Tape because it's easier than me losing my mind trying to track down the missing piece or realize someone actually bought just a part of what should have been a set or pair of some kind!?!  *Yeah, I know, I don't get it either since I mark 1 of 2 and 2 of 2 etc... on the tags.*

But bit by bit I'm slowly learning the ropes and quirks of Retail Junquing and I sure am having Fun with it and Prospering, so it's all good.

And now it means when I come across a piece I think is way Cool or Interesting but I don't need, particularly Jones' to own or have room to display at this Old House... well, now I have the perfect place to bring it, right?  *Smiles*

Or perhaps its something I admire & know others will too, but is not particularly my Style or wouldn't go with my Decor... no problemo now... it gets foofed at the Booth & finds a new Home with some other Happy Junquer and Incurable Collector or Obsessive Stylist!  *Smiles... yes, I'm probably talking about YOU!*

Like this Sweet Shabby Mosaic mini Table... I Love Mosaics made of Vintage China... but I've never had the Heart or Guts to bust up some of mine to try my hand at this Artistic Venture.  So I'll leave the Craft to those who have no qualms about taking a hammer to China with great graphics and making a new Treasure and fab Creation from it!  *Winks*

Mine would have to be Happy Accidents and certainly I do have some China bits I've saved over the years just in case I ever get the urge to Create something from those cherished pieces that accidentally ended up in smitherines somehow.

But I AM quite proud of Self for forging ahead with the "Letting Go" process of many of my Found Treasures from my own personal Collections and stashes at Home... about half of my Booth Inventory is from the Great Edit & Purge of 2012... which is still in full swing.  *Patting Self on back.*

I really expected for it to be much more difficult than this but it has not been... and even those items I can't seem to part with immediately... given time I often have managed to "Let Go" and cart them off to Booth #44 at THE BRASS ARMADILLO WEST.   And I suppose seeing the wonderful reception my Treasures are getting from Kindred Spirits stopping by... and being whisked off to new Homes... makes the process virtually painless for me now... which is a great relief given I'm a Hoarder of Beautiful Things who is attempting to Simplify & Minimize in my old age and head down a different path to see where it leads me?!  *LOL*

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. You and me both, I'm a tarnished silver kinda gal too. It never goes out of style and will go with anything. Thanks for sharing pictures of all your treasures in your new booth.

  2. Sooooo many lovely treasure finds! I too have a fondness for silver and gold, especially china with gold edges... yummy!
    Have a great day!
    Always, Queenie

  3. Tarnished silver RULES!! Tarnished silverware, pitchers, platters, it all!! I am so happy that you are loving having a space to play with. I knew you would :-)


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