Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Weekend 'Scores'

Along with the memorable Traditional Easter Celebrations this Weekend and an awesome Breakfast & Egg Hunt Hosted by our Church before Services, I also enjoyed some untraditional good times this Easter Weekend with Friends... Junquing for Booth Inventory & a few Treasures to keep for ourselves.  *Winks*  In fact, Thrift & Goodwill Hunting was awesome this Holiday Weekend and THE BRASS ARMADILLO WEST was also packed with those enjoying the Thrill Of The Hunt... and we were among them! 

Though I found some awesome Found Treasures for Booth #44... I also came away with some awesome Found Treasures to keep... like this Beautiful Natural History Curiousity under Glass.

The only thing I Love more than Cloches is having a exquisite mounted Butterfly Collectible in a Cloche Display!  And this Specimen is enormous & the Colors so vibrant, irridescent & bold!

I've said it before and I'll say it again, everything looks more important and interesting under glass!

I only lament that they didn't mount it with real dried Florals rather than Silks... but it was Lovely nonetheless and it was such a bargain I couldn't resist 'scoring' it for myself.  Yes, this Vibe would have been perfect for the Booth too... but I was falling in Love with it more & more so it never made it to the Booth.  *LOL*    After all, I'm still madly Lusting after that Living History Museum Vintage Butterfly Collection & so I've got Butterflies on the brain right now!  *Smiles* 

But I did have an 'Agenda List' of things I was seeking as well... not only for the Booth, but for Home.  Princess T is bringing Home lots of tiny Booklets from School as she learns to read and they desperately needed organization so they didn't end up piled everywhere around the House or misplaced & lost.  And this great Vintage Chippy Shabby Wooden Commercial Box was sheer perfection for the Purpose!!!

Not only were the aging Graphics awesome and well preserved... and the Patina of the Wood & weathered Paint gorgeous...

But the Colors were Divine... layers of Aqua, Robin Egg Blue, White & Cornflower Blue... LOVE IT!!!

And the size was perfect too, it's lightweight and easy to carry... even for the Princess... and it will be a storage container I don't mind having sitting in any room of the House.  I was ecstatic when I saw it in one of the favorite New Dealer's Booth!!!

And us Gals joked about how the Menfolk don't always "Get It" when we drag some Prized battered & weathered Old Piece Home like this that is Junk to them but Junque to us.  *LOL*   The Man just doesn't even say anything anymore about it 'cause if Mama's Happy, then Everybody's Happy, right?  *Winks*  Lord knows he's Scouted enough pieces for me over the years... he knows what I like and Collect even if it's still a Mystery to him as to Why???!!!  *Smiles*

And my Booth Neighbors Suzie & Kendra had this Sweet Green Hand-Painted Wooden Egg duo in their Booth that I fell in Love with.  {Pictured beside some of Princess T's Church Egg Hunt 'Scores'.}

The G-Kids and I shall be boiling up some Eggs to dye and paint in a similar Style so these will be our Inspiration Eggs.  And I've got some faux Eggs that I plan to decorate with Mendhi & Mandala Style Art as well.   Now that the post-Holiday days will be calmer we've decided it would be the ideal time to decorate & dye our Eggs since Easter rushed up on us too quickly this year. 

And Yes... I even 'scored' Princess T's Sweet new Easter Dress at the last possible minute Saturday Night at another great Booth that Creates custom Children's Clothing out of Vintage Upcycled Retro Kitchen Fabrics.  She Loved it as much as I had & I was relieved that she didn't think it was too 'Little House On The Prairie' or comment that the Apron looked like Gramma's Vintage Tea Towels & Table Runners!!!  *LOL*

It was bright & Boho enough for my Princess... but I must say the selection was making it difficult to choose which one to get for her.  My Blog & Junquing Pal Pamela also 'scored' one for her younger Daughter as well... in a future Post I will reveal some more of this Dealer's Creations and I Hope it may have Inspired some of you Talented Seamstresses to repurpose & Upcycle some of your Vintage Kitchen Fabrics into wearable Art?

Another necessary Storage 'Score' was this old Cigar Box with swoon worthy Graphics.  I just fell in Love with this Exotic Scene, which is repeated on the interior of the box lid as well... I could see myself sitting on the Porch of a Plantation in an Exotic Locale like this, couldn't you?

I have a weakness for Cigar Box Storage that has great Graphics... so Beautiful AND useful for stashing small Treasures and Sewing Supplies.

And at another Thrift I 'Scored' this Exotic Bohemian King Sized Bedspread.

I adore the Styling, Colors and intricacy of the Weaving... and it was a steal for under $15.

It's a Hunting Scene and so I figured The Man would totally dig it... *rolling eyes*... I'm not a Hunter of Critters... just of Found Treasures *LOL*... but a good compromise in the Boudoir is necessary and this fits the bill for both of our Passions and sensibilities.  *Winks*

Overall our Junquing Forray this Holiday Weekend was a great success for all of us and if you stop by the Booth you shall discover those Treasures I was able to part with... *Smiles*

You say you want/need a small peek?  Well... Okay...

If you insist... *LOL*  Actually I'm excited to show you this piece... LOVE IT!!!

A Vintage Planter's Clock... those Graphics are eyecatching and so Cool...

And if you're an avid Gardener like myself then something like this would come in handy too... how Cool & Unique is this!?!???!!!!!

It was the 1st one I'd ever seen anyway so I was totally digging it... and hard to resist keeping... but Yes... I'm offering it at the Booth...

Yes... I AM getting better at the Letting Go Process... and so I'm making progress my Friends and even The Man is now sorting through his stash of Treasures & Mantiques to discern which he's keeping and which he shall let me Sell off...

And perhaps one day we shall attain the desired Goal of Minimizing, Downsizing and Simplifying to the extent that we will have achieved that which we have set out to do & begin in the Great Edit & Purge of 2012!?!   Because certainly more is now going Out than coming In... and our discernment of only keeping that which we need or have a serious Love Affair with is improving day by day...

I Hope you had a Blessed and Memorable Easter my Friends?

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian 


  1. Hi Dawn - hope ya had a blessed Easter! That dress looks so cute on "T", glad she liked it. Mine LOVEd her dress and wore it yesterday!

    You have a good eye for FAB stuff! You found some great treasures at the Brass - love that chippy roast beef box! Hanging around the Brass is gonna get expensive, even if it's just stopping by to add merchandise to the booth... ha ha! xo

    -pamela ;)

  2. Your Easter sounds amazing! And what beautiful finds! I do love your box...the colour is amazing. Such a sweet little dress as well. I wish I lived closer so I could pop into your booth! Happy week to you.

  3. The balance of keeping and letting go is a process for sure.
    Your butterfly is beautiful, amazing!
    Miss T's Easter frock is lovely, can't wait to see more pic.s from this vendor. What a wonderful idea for upcycling.
    Have a blessed Easter season!!!
    Always, Queenie


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