Friday, April 6, 2012

Good Friday ~ Sowing The Victory Garden

On this Good Friday Princess T will be Sowing The Victory Garden she spent her Easter Money upon...

She was eager to begin growing the Bounty of her own Crops here in the Garden.

From the Kid's Gardening Book she had purchased at THE BRASS ARMADILLO WEST on the G-Kids Easter Shopping Spree.

I was very proud of the Good Stewardship she displayed while choosing what she would spend her Easter Gift Money from her Aunt, Uncle & Cousins upon.

Most kids might only choose Toys... but she had heard on the News that a new Mandate might be passed forbidding the growing of one's own food... and she wasn't having it... she was determined to be The Resistance and Rebel!  *Winks*  So she began with sowing Carrots... Easter and Bunnies being on her mind and all... *LOL*

And we decided to document this monumental Event on film and in the Land Of Blog... *Smiles*

She was very meticulous with her sowing and planting... and after the tiny little Carrot Seeds were planted we moved on to something a wee bit bigger and easier to handle...


But even though Radishes could be done more expediently due to seed size... she still slowly and meticulously sowed and planted each one in her windowbox planters... taking great care.

And much Joy in the experience of sowing seed in preparation for a Harvest.

Because she knows from Sunday School that you reap whatever you sow... good or bad... and she was determined to sow Good Seed... in preparation for a Bountiful Harvest from her efforts.

And sowing literal Seed is a good Lesson during this most Holy Season... after all, you wouldn't sow Carrots and Radishes and expect to Harvest Corn and Peas... but often in Life we sow certain things and then seem surprised at what we reap from the Seed sown... even though it's all very Simple and evident that what is sown will be reaped in kind.

So it is very important to choose the Seed of what we Sow wisely and generously... being sure to sow Good Seed... Seeds of Kindness, Love, Hope, Charity, Generosity, Faith, Honesty, Diligence, Loyalty and the like... so that when we reap it will be a Good Harvest... it will be in kind to these Fruits of the Spirit.

And it is our Hope for this Easter that Seeds of Relationship with The Savior will also be sown, nurtured and nourished daily... because when it comes to abundant Harvest, you cannot outgive God!

And when we put Him First... He is Faithful to add Blessings and Provision for us.

And when we sow any Seed the Planting of it in good soil is only just the beginning... if we want it to grow well and strong we must tend it... weeding out those things that threaten our Good Harvest in any way... spending Time cultivating it and seeing it to fruition.

Whatever Harvest you are expecting my Friends, tend it well as it grows to maturity so that it will thrive... don't neglect it or forget about it.  You can be sure we'll be tending to all our sown Seed and doing what we can to ensure a Good & abundant Harvest in due time.

And where was the Young Prince you might ask?  Just getting Home from Band and Martial Arts Classes where he's sowing a different type of Good Seed in those things he want to reap a Harvest upon.  So he missed out on all our Garden Sowing Fun... but only for this day... we've still got...

Sugar Peas to sow...

And Cherry Tomatoes...

And Everlasting Flower Mix of Statice & Strawflower...

Have a Happy Spring...

A Joyous & Blessed Easter...

And abundant Harvests in your Future my Friends...

Blessings on this Good Friday from the Bohemian Valhalla Clan


  1. Kudos to The Princess! What a fine choice & activity! Keep us abreast of the growth of her Victory Garden, please.

    And a blessed Good Friday & Resurrection Day to YOU, Dawn.


  2. The princess know what she wants. She is amazing to choose as she did.

    Happy Good Friday and Happy Easter.


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