Sunday, April 29, 2012

Melrose Crawl ~ Rust & Roses Part I

As we continue to Crawl Melrose I'm taking you now to my favorite Shop along the Melrose Circuit... RUST & ROSES.   Now to be sure there are numerous Shops along 7th Avenue that I thoroughly enjoy shopping at, but though I can admire all of the Inventory, I don't always want ALL the Inventory... well, until I walk through the doors of RUST & ROSES that is!  *LOL* 

Have you ever had one of those Shops that just reflects your own Style, way of Decorating, Sensibilities and Junquing Aesthetic so spot on that everything there you find hard to resist?  You'd Love to own it ALL and certainly you could bust the budget each time you walk in because you just know there will be an overload of things you desire to take Home!!!   This is THAT Shop for me.

My Passion for Derelict Decorating and Decrepid Style mean that I will certainly make a connection with many of the Inventory Sourced by the Gals of R&R.   That FABULOUS European Chair Deconstructed by Time is to die for!!!  *Swooning*   Now, if I didn't have a Family that would have me committed if I proudly dragged Home a Treasure like that and left it pretty much "As Is" with the exception of throwing in an overstuffed Down filled Antique Needlepoint & Velvet Cushion to curl up on... it would be on the Truck!  *Winks*   Alas, they don't 'get' my obsession with such things for Decorating and actually using daily... and I suppose many wouldn't unless they too are drawn to such things & have a preference for them in that condition... and so I must resist many of the Killer items that I long to Decorate with... well, until all the Kids grow up and finally move out and The Man gets too Old to care that is.  *LOL*

And that Coffee Table with the Floral Art... *Insert me sighing heavily*... I just don't know that it would hold up to the G-Kid Force eating Breakfast at it as they watch Cartoons and spill their Cheerio's and Milk upon it?   Which is why I've also resisted the one with the Persian Carpeted Top... *Insert an even bigger sigh*   Would I Love to have either... or both...  you betcha... but it wasn't just the large pieces that were swoon worthy and I desperately lusted after.  But at least I got some Visitation Time with The Bohemian Goose.  *Winks*   Love that Goose!

There was an abundance of smalls that I had to resist as well... like those Painted Tiles with the Gypsy Women... and the Cloche & Metal Stand with the Vintage Alarm Clock  & Greenery under it.  And a couple of the Camel Saddles... Sap Buckets with Tole Flowers... and numerous pieces of Architectural Salvage.   Yes, I was getting as much attitude as the House Kitty Crookshank... knowing that I couldn't 'score' the Ideal Treasures that were right there just within my grasp... and yet... I'd have to pass on this day.  *Darn & a big scowl!  Smiles... Check out Crooky's disdainful scowl and total Indifference as he reluctantly posed for his Photo Ops... now that's a Fur Baby with Attitude!  LOL*

Now... today I only showcased the Sage & Sepia, the Natural Tones of Decor at the Shop... be sure to come back tomorrow for Part II as we add some Color...

And now time for a Banner Change...  so out with the Old... and in with the New...

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian 


  1. Rust and Roses is my favorite shop in Phoenix also. I was there last week and feel the same as you..I would love to own everything in the store! She has reasonable prices as well! Have a great day!

  2. Eye candy galore! Oh my goodness, I'd never get out of there without filling up the back of my truck. Love the chair with the springs popping out. The architectural pieces are my favorite, the tin tiles too. Thanks for the inspiration and taking us shopping with you.


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