Friday, April 13, 2012

More Room For Junque In My Trunk!

As Princess T does the "Vanna White Thing" *winks*... I'm delighted to show you my new Truck!  Yes, now there's more room for Junque in my Trunk!  *LOL*  I'm certain that The Man was growing increasingly weary of me asking to borrow his Beloved Truck to haul my Found Treasures and stock my Booth... and so he surprised me this week by taking me to preview Dream Trucks and buy me one!!!  *Insert Happy Dance!* 

You see, the ole' PT Cruiser was about ready to give up the Ghost and couldn't accommodate every Treasure I needed to haul... and before raising the two G-Kids I always preferred to own & drove a Truck and so I couldn't wait 'til we were finally thru with 'Round 2' of Baby Carseats & Strollers to once again have one of my own!  *Whew!*

I fell in Love with this Nissan Frontier and it had all the bells & buzzers I had on my checklist & the deal we negotiated was excellent... I adore everything about it & Salesman Joseph of Avondale Nissan made the experience enjoyable and expedient... no easy feat since Vehicle Shopping is certainly not one of my favorite activities.   And so away I drove in my long awaited Dream Truck... over a Decade of waiting in fact as G-Kids grew big enough to load into an extended cab!!!  *LOL ~ Insert Heavens parting and Angelic Voices Singing...*

Of coarse my Euphoria was quickly interrupted & I was slammed back to my Reality after the Young Prince managed to break the rear Cup Holders only HOURS after the purchase... Nope, didn't even last 24 Hours intact with this Crew!!! *Gasp & insert me clutching my chest!*  I had to wait & reach a place of Calm before going into my Controlled Speech that wasn't coming from a place of anger & confronting the G-Kid Force about being MORE careful in Gramma's New Truck!!!  {Not that we hadn't already had a previous Speech with the Bohemian Valhalla Clan about this, but obviously it needed further clarification! Smiles}  I had my meltdown & fit in Private in front of The Man... he can handle it & since he had borrowed it that Morning to take them to School when said accident occurred he deserved a good rant in his direction don't you think?!  *Smiles*  And I learned a valuable Lesson... a $72 Lesson in fact since Cup Holders apparently are not covered under the extended Warranty & are as pricy as pure Gold!  *Le Sigh*  Do not lend New Truck to anyone... not even The Man... so that I can closely monitor G-Kid Force personally when transporting the Dynamic Duo!   New Cup Holders have henceforth been installed by Dealership & everything is now Zen in Paradise.  I offered to have Nissan hire the G-Kid Force to Test Product Durability & potential Design flaws in all subsequent New Vehicles.  *LOL*  

And so now I can go Junquing and Desert Treasure Hunting to my Heart's content to fill Booth #44 at THE BRASS ARMADILLO WEST.   And since this Weekend is our Garden Show at both locations we're all foofing and re-stocking our Booths with Found Treasures and Garden Style for Spring.  I'll be profiling some of my fav Booth Garden Style Transformations in a Future Post.

I've been working extra hours and so I didn't attempt a complete Booth Transformation to Garden Style since I simply didn't have time or energy to... but I did bring in some new Planters, Found Treasures and Create some new Booth Signs with Salvaged Lumber from the Bohemian Valhalla Residence & hammer on some Brass Numbers.  Oddly and Ironically, for someone who typically has an aversion to the Number 4 I'm not having any problem with having Booth #44.  *LOL*  I like it in fact... perhaps this is good Therapy for getting over my aversion of poor #4 and embracing the Number?!  *Winks*

The Garden Show will run from Friday through Sunday... and I'll just let you browse my Booth for a bit before I Reveal what fabulousness you can Enter to Win during this Event!  And don't cheat and scroll down right away...

Don't... don't you do it... *Winks*

I'm still watching... and keeping you in Suspense... and Honest... *Smiles*

And if you're peeing yourselves with excitement and anticipation... well, I've still got one Vintage Potty Chair left... *LOL*

No... not yet... you've gotta help me take the Easter Props down first okay?  *Winks*

And you didn't wanna miss this great Globe I found... The G-Kid Force was tempted to plead me to keep this Found Treasure... but Gramma had a Vision of it going the way of the original back seat Cup Holders!? *LOL*

And even though I have dozens of them I always have a difficult time parting with Vintage English Tins... always Love their Graphics and Styling.

And we took care of the Margarita for you so that you could have this nifty Planter made from a Vintage Macayo's Margarita Mug.  *Winks*

Usually you can find him with his Mate, the Lovely Senorita... but she was AWOL during this Junquing 'score'... she must have left him... or someone else 'scored' her & took her Home with them... poor Guy... I always have a fondness for Orphaned pieces that used to be a pair & Rescue them.

Okay... we're almost done foofing... I know you must be getting impatient... *Smiles*

But first I HAD to show you this Sweet Mini Romantic Mug... precious...

And now that the Vignette making is complete...

And the newly Found Vintage Plates have been lined up... we're DONE...

So... are you ready now to see what you can Enter to Win my Friends? {Of coarse you are... you've BEEN Ready for ages haven't you?!!?!  LOL}

Ta-Da... a fab four piece Garden Room Patio Set!!!  Isn't it Lovely!?!  And you can Win it... so stop on by... and Enter to Win!  You're feeling Lucky aren't you?  Even though it's Friday the 13th!  *LOL*

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I'm very, very sad that I can't drop in and register for that wicker garden set! How fortunate someone is going to be....

    I also am enticed by your English tins (thought they are not in "my" color - blue). This is one of my most favorite collections.

  2. DARN!!! now i wish i lived next door to you!! oh me oh my ... speechless, in awe, jaw dropping ... the tins are wicked! well, almost as wicked as your shiny new truck! what a man you have :) i drive a truck too , a Mitsubishi Triton. mind you not very many gals in KL (where i live) drive a truck so yea ... i get stares and double takes, but who cares ... at least i dun get bullied too much on the road now. it's a defence vehicle :) but .. unlike you, i'm still contending with strollers and carseats ...
    well.. good luck to the lucky person who's gonna win that beauty and have a great adventure with #44 ;)

  3. That is one fine looking truck Dawn!!! Imagine all the loot you will be able to pack into it. :) As for Ms. T. awe!!! She's too cute to care about the cup holders. :))) My, you come across lots of treasures.
    Happy Spring to you too!
    Hugs Rosemary...xo

  4. Wow..fabulous treasures...everything is so so so beautiful! I loved it all ..but i love that little necklace with the peacock feather..stunning and magical!it caught my eye! ooh..and those dazzling vintage plates..i love them! Very pretty!
    Lovely to visit with you again Dawn..and thankyou for your super kind words and visit!
    Wishing you a sparkling day

  5. Dawn, wow I love your new truck and yes, you can really load up on treasures now!! I wish I lived nearby!

    I am having a $100 Gift Card Giveaway from Soft Surroundings If you would like to enter.

    Art by Karen

  6. Nice truck!! Make sure you stock it with some tie downs and blankets to haul your finds! Oh yes, bungie cords too :-) I love our truck, and it is the perfect companion to take along to those sales. Your booth looks awesome. I have to get back down to BA soon. Hope I see you there!

  7. Your shiny new ruby truck is gorgeous. I could not be happier for you! Great post.


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