Tuesday, July 30, 2013

This Is For Keeps...

Okay, so I already Showed Off some of the Found Treasures during recent Hunts that is Showroom Bound and I Suspect you might be Wondering what I decided to Keep, right?  Well, you did want me to Show Off the 'Keepers' didn't you?   I'm dying to show you anyway so here it is... this is for Keeps!  I Let Go of some of the Vintage and Antique Religious 'Scores', but I Confess, Spiritual Collections are my absolute Favorites and Oldest Collections and so I tend to add to them when I Discover a piece that is a definite 'Keeper'!  This Antique Spiritual Shadowbox is such a piece!!! *Swooning*
Literally my Heart skipped a beat and I was incredulous when I saw it was left behind!  You see, I was at a Crazed 'Pick' that I was competing with many other
 much-more-zealous-than I Pickers, and so I'd hung back from the Mad Pickin' Frenzy and decided to see what had been uncovered and left behind when the Swarm left that table?  Just about everything you will see in this Post is the unbelievable answer!!!  Seriously, you wouldn't Believe what other Pickers often leave behind because it's not on their Mission Statement or they don't have an Eye for the Good Stuff or go more for the Park-N-Swap items because apparently that's what their Customers want.  You do have to know your Customer after all... and I Love that their Customers are often far different than mine so we're not even lookin' for the same Treasures!  And the fact it hadn't gotten damaged during the Mad Frenzy is nothing short of Miraculous too!  Alas, some Real Treasures get jacked up by the overzealous who are like Bulls in a China Shop!  
And right by the Shadowbox was this 3-D backlit Infant Of Prague that was equally Impressive even though it had some Condition Issues... but since I knew it was a 'Keeper' I didn't care, I prefer Imperfections and Character... remember, I'm the Derelict Decorating and Decrepid Style Enthusiast!  *Winks*  And besides, when a piece has some Condition Issues I'm less torn about whether to Sell or Keep because I prefer to offer my Customers the Found Treasures that have few, if any, Condition Issues... since for most folks Condition is Everything.

The Son is a Glazier by Trade so he can usually fix this type of thing for me if I needed him to... but I'm not certain the 3-D Image isn't a part of this cracked Glass Issue so I'm leaving it alone just in case, it doesn't bother me.

In fact, Antique and Vintage Ornate and Imported Frames abounded at this Pick and everyone was Pickin' around them so I had Exclusive Rights to them all and took full Advantage of that Luxury!  Since at this particular Pick everything is Sold by the Pound and so it cost a pittance to 'Score' all of it because what it is has absolutely no bearing on the Price... you could 'Pick' crap and pay the same amount per Pound as the Good Stuff and I Love that aspect... especially when I'm Pickin' Smalls which weigh nothing so they're virtually Free!  *LOL*    Often other Pickers avoid the heavy Good Stuff because they Assume it will be too Expensive... I can practically gauge the weight and price of an Item once I have it in my hands and I knew the Value before I even went for it!  *Winks*
And a couple of Antique Frames that I popped the Oil Paintings out of because I'll Sell the Oils unframed, which many of my Customers seem to prefer anyway, and Keep the Frames for my own Decorating Projects at Home.  Sorry, this is the best pix I could get of them and the Vintage Violin Case with Lovely Emerald Velvet lining that I also 'Scored'.  This Computer Room is in the cavernous interior of this Old House and has no Windows, which keeps it really Cool for the Computer even in Desert Summers, but the Ambiant Lighting doesn't always make for the best Photography but I'm not setting it all up again somewhere else after spending hours sorting Inventory into Sell and Keep piles!  *LOL*
A couple more Ornate Wooden Frames from Italy and an Antique Zither.  I've been rather a Zither Magnet in recent years and have Sold a few, but decided to Keep this one, at least for a while, for Decorating Vignettes during Halloween this Year.  I think they have a very Addams Family Vibe and this particular one, though it didn't have the Case like many I've Sold, has a load of Gold Leaf Graphics on it that I just Love.  Prince R always Loves it when I 'Score' Instruments since he's the most Musically Inclined Member of the Family and wants to learn to play every Instrument he sees.  I'm still waiting to 'Score' a Harp and then we will really feel Addams-Family-ish when he's playing that for us!  *Winks*
A couple of the Lighter Hued Frames that I fell in Love with and decided to Keep... I J'Adore Frames made with Recycled Old Chipping Peeling layers of Paint on Wood so the Frame at the back made my Heart flutter!  Especially since it still had it's Sixty Dollar Retail Price Sticker and I got it for about Sixty-Nine Cents!  *Winks*   The Shell-Chic Frame is New, but I don't care, I Love Shells and Shell Art... this one is also encrusted with Beach Sand and I've seen these in Decorating Stores for a pricy amount, so the Sixty-Nine Cent 'Score' couldn't be beat!
And lastly, but certainly not least, though I did Let Go of some of the Antique Beveled Glass Mirrors I'd 'Scored', I kept the large heavy one with Egg N Dart Carved Frame... and a Doily that will become Wearable Art since I Love wearing Upcycled Doily Clothing, it's just my Style.  Yes, I know I kept a lot, but can you Blame me?  I thought not.  *Winks*
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Monday, July 29, 2013

The Thrill Of The Hunt

I Confess that I'm absolutely Addicted to The Thrill Of The Hunt and not knowing what Found Treasures will be uncovered and Discovered during each Junquing Adventure.  Even if I don't find anything I still Enjoy the Process thoroughly and never consider it a waste of time because I have such Joy in the doing of it.   Time flies by when I'm on the Hunt and it's never any real Effort for me or the G-Kid Force, we can do it for Hours on end and totally lose track of Time and how long we've been at it!   

However, when we do 'Score' a Bounty of Found Treasures that will also mean a lot of Processing Work... piles and boxes stacked everywhere with no place to 'Be' yet... and disorganization until we can get it sorted into 'Keep' or 'Sell' ... and then Inventory what will only temporarily be in the house and on it's way to the Showrooms... that part seems to take so much Time and Effort!  Not that it really does take more Time or Effort theoretically than the actual 'Pickin' and Hunting did... it just SEEMS to!   We probably spend an equal amount of actual Time doing each... but the Processing Part feels like it takes an inordinate amount of Time to accomplish and we tire out quicker doing THAT!  *Smiles*
Everyone is all Smiles and Adrenalin during the Thrill Of The Hunt... not so much once we get down to the Processing of our Haul.  *LOL*   The only one that seems to relish the Pricing and Inventory Part is Princess T... because she could be a Professional Organizer already.  And it's by her Prompting and Dedication to that Process that I actually get so much done and don't Procrastinate as long as I might otherwise. So she really did DESERVE that recent Raise she Negotiated.  *Winks*  As you can see by Prince R's countenance, he's usually involved Under Protest when it comes to the Detail Work... he's great out the Gate, but Fades Fast on the Stretch and isn't in the Race at all about an Hour into it as he loses Interest and gets Distracted by something Cool he'd rather Play with than continue to Work.  *Smiles*

And I'm getting better at Letting Go of some really Cool Pieces that previously I would have been more Tempted to Keep... at least for a while.  I make a conscious Effort now to have much smaller 'Keep' piles than 'Sell' piles... and Maintain the Five to One Rule... if I Keep One Thing that I just 'Scored', then I must Let Go of Five Things out of my Personal Collections in Exchange.  So, this Awesome 3-D Vintage Chalkware Plaque of Jesus was reluctantly put into the 'Sell' pile and will be on His way to the Showroom Tomorrow.

You can Clearly see how much Fun Princess T has when we're Pricing Inventory, she'd sort, organize and Price Inventory all day long if I could hang that long... which I can't... if only because if I sit that long you'd never get me back up off the floor without Medical Assistance!  *Winks*  We usually put 1920-1940's Music from 'Pandora' on her Nook and Gel Out as we get to it until I begin to atrophy and need a break to unkink my stiff joints... which the G-Kids always think is hilarious!  Wait til they're my Age, they won't be laughing so much anymore when they're walking like Walter Brennan sometimes too!  *Winks*  Okay, so maybe it IS just a little Funny, I admit!!!  *LOL*

And they usually have me laughing at myself as I try to get up and get moving again after a long sitting spell doing Inventory of our Found Treasures!  I just Hope I never end up on U-Tube or something... because it would be sure to go Viral!  *Winks*   And why is it that I'm never crippled up like that when I'm on The Thrill Of The Hunt I Wonder???!!!  Perhaps because during a 'Pick' we're in perpetual Motion... and it's only when I Stop that it happens... because a Body in Motion tends to stay in Motion and a Body at Rest... at this Season of Life... Seizes Up!!!  *Smiles*

Now I'm not the only one Tempted to have a 'Keep' pile... there are always those Found Treasures that The Force falls in Love with and doesn't want to Sell off.  During Tonight's lengthy Inventory Process, which Princess T hung long at... it was this Brandy Barbie with luxuriously long Cornrow Braids that someone in a Third World Toy Factory must have Seized Up braiding!?!  She HAD to have her... and since she'd Worked so long and tirelessly she Negotiated it as a portion of her Payment.  *LOL*  Each of them always get a small pile of Treasures as Payment for each 'Pick' and/or the Processing of it and sometimes a Pizza Party... this was her Bonus Payment for doing more than her Brother, AGAIN!

My Fav unexpected 'Score' was this Nishijin Pachinko Game... and it's as heavy as a boat anchor so I just about dropped my ovaries out on the floor schlepping it let me tell you, but no way was I leaving it behind!!!  *LOL*

I Love Vintage recreational Arcade Games... I have a lot of fond Memories of going to Arcades and playing Pinball and the original Video Games that first came out... I could handle and figure those out!  *Winks*  Now I have to ask the G-Kid Force how to turn on most of the new enhanced versions of recreational Video Games and Electronic Devices!!!  I had to have the seven year old turn the Nook on to 'Pandora' and bookmark our favs that played Tonight, that's how Tech Challenged I am!  But I can kick ass on an old Pinball Machine!  *Winks*


I was Jazzed to Discover a Bounty of Old mini Dolls from various Countries during the most recent Hunt... I even 'Scored' an Old Jack-In-The-Box from Germany.

This new Old Stock tiered Serving Tray that was unassembled in the Original Box Sold right away.  Anytime I find new Old Stock of anything it is snapped right up... and it's always a Rush to find something that never Sold from so long ago and is Mint in the Original Packaging!  On this recent Hunt I 'Scored' a new Old Stock Candy Thermometer Set in it's Original Shipping Box. Since it almost looks like Laboratorie Equipment it was Tempting to put into the 'Keep' pile, but I Resisted and it will go to the Retro Kitchen area of Showroom #114.
Well... we're FINALLY done for Tonight and have a wealth of New Inventory to add to the Showrooms this Week and I can hardly wait to have The Thrill Of The Hunt again and see what else finds us??!??!??
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Objective Viewpoints Give Me A Different Perspective... And I Like It!

Blog Therapy has helped me through numerous low periods I might have been moving through and has been an unexpected Bonus to the Total Blog Experience.   Writing it down and putting it out there, releasing it into the Universe and vast Cyberspace with Vulnerability and Transparency in some Posts was frightening and a bit nerve-wracking at first, since I had always been a very Private Person regarding my Personal Life and especially the not-so-pleasant or Ideal parts of it.  I wasn't sure how it would be Received or if the Topics would be too much or met with Judgment or harsh Criticism... or worse, Pity, since who wants to Appear Pathetic or Weak and not Coping adequately with Life and Circumstances?!?!!! 

There was the Temptation to want to make everything Appear Idyllic here in the Land of Blog, to give the Illusion and Create the Fantasycape we Envision our Lives to mirror or at least mimic... even though Logically that's not Real or Keeping It Real by any measure and is a mere facade of Real Life for any of us.  But Stuff Of Dreams can be a Welcome Escape to Retreat to and the Land Of Blog gave me such Respite that way... and I didn't want to Ruin it by tossing in those darn 'Real Posts'... those Rants and Tearful Moments Exposing the Harsh Realities in the midst of the Fluff, Positive Moments and Fun Posts!  

You see, I often Feel quite Inadequate to Deal with some of the Life Challenges I find myself  faced with.  Having to take the Lead in and handle some things that I can't Change or Control and certainly lack sufficient Skills to handle Effectively all of the time... and I struggle with often, so I'm already my own worst Critic.  I hesitated to Share those Imperfections, Insecurities, Sorrows and Life Dramas that were playing out within the Sanctity of Home and make them so Public.  It was like opening the front door and Exposing everything to the World that can make us feel Ashamed or Guilty about, bruise the Heart, stretch Sanity to breaking points and wound our Spirits deeply... not to mention the Ego Thing, since Publicly we typically try to be our Best Selves and usually it's only our Inner Circle that see the Fragile or Darker Side of Us. 
 Not that we don't know that everyone has those sides to the layers of their Personalities, but sometimes it is hard to face the Person in the Mirror and be as Kind, Gentle and Merciful as we would be towards others having those same Characteristics, Reactions and Traits during Trials of Life.  I always Expect more of myself and so obtaining Objective Viewpoints here in the Land of Blog in Response to those particular Posts has given me a different Perspective... and I Like it... because I've cut myself some Breaks seeing myself and these Issues through the Eyes of those looking in. 

Source: PINTEREST... Photographer and Original Source Unknown
I realized how harsh I had been on myself and that in spite of Best Intentions, Failing at times in something we are ill equipped for shouldn't be all that Surprising or a source of Shame, Guilt or Embarrassment.  I am slowly learning to Accept the Bad Days for what they are, a Challenge and Test that sometimes I don't Ace... or Rise to at the Level which I Think or Feel that I should, but that's Okay too.  It just more Clearly Reveals and Reflects my Humanity and Frailty back at me... my Reliance upon the Lord and Need for His Partnership as I run my Race and allow Him to Receive the Glory that the Situations Reveal as Living Testimonies for His Divine Purpose, even if it is often beyond my feeble Understanding. 

And are a constant Reminder that I cannot Control, Manipulate, Fix or Make Right everything that I Perceive to be Wrong.  Which us Control Freaks have a habit of Attempting because we Imagine that Our Way would be Best after all and we always have a Grandoise Plan so that we 'Feel' in Control!  *Winks*  I like to Think that I have some Good Answers to many of the Difficult Questions... and have gained enough Wisdom to Deal with Life no matter what it holds... and fix those things that I see as Broken.  Creating my Perfect Little World... the Reality Check is often a Wake-Up Call for Yours Truly and shakes me to my Core at times.  Because this is God's World and Universe ... and when I have a World or Universe only then can I Run it as I see fit!  And since I'm realizing how often I mess up handling and running Daily Stuff in my own Life, I've decided I don't even want a World or Universe of my own and have to Run it for everyone else too!  *Whew and an Amen!*

And so I'm trying to Perfect the Art of stepping back on those Bad Days and not allowing it to rob me of my Peace and my Zen or be so Reactive and Feel so Defeated.  Like Today... when I actually Accomplished that Mission Statement rather than doing what I would usually do when I Try to do the Right Thing and it all goes Left and so very Wrong anyway, in spite of my Best Intentions.  We wake up ready for Church... initially the G-Kid Force want to go with me but then Prince R changes his mind and decides to stay Home with Grandpa... which was Okay... they could Supervise each other while I get Spiritually Refreshed, Renewed and Fed.  *Winks*  Now there's that Vacant Seat in the Truck so Princess T asks if she can bring a Friend to Church, which we often do so I gladly Oblige and she Gleefully rushes out the door to Invite her Friend.  Bringing Friends to Church that want to go with you is a Wonderful Thing after all and Obedient to The Great Commission.  So we're doing God's Work and there can be that Illusion that thus, nothing can go Wrong, right?  *Smiles*  You can Clearly see where this is going... I'm having an Illusionary Senior Moment.

So there I am heading to Church, all Illusionary {or Delusional} with this Seven and Six Year Old in Tow... and when we Arrive they tell me they're not having Children's Church today so we can take them into Adult Services with us... uh, oh!!!  Princess T often attends Adult Services with me Solo without Incident and I allow her that Choice since she can be Timid and doesn't like to attend anything without a Sidekick, but I always bring something to keep her Amused and Calm, like a Bible Coloring Book or Journal.  But today she had Purposefully brought a Sidekick to attend Children's Church with, remember... and so I was unprepared for a Backup Plan!  And though the Sidekick was a total Joy and Jazzed to be there, regardless of which Service... Malcontent and Petulance had now set in with the Beast Princess and she was Struggling all through Services... boy was she Struggling!  She was NOT in the Fruit of the Spirit and I toyed with the Idea of just leaving since that was Stressful... but I'm Perfecting the Art of stepping back on Downward Spiral Days and not trying to Fix it in the Flesh.
Source: PINTEREST... Photographer and Original Source Unknown 
And there was that Promise, after any Service, of a Wonderful Meal Out on the way Home... since we Travel far to an Inner City Church Ministry that my Pastor Friends Lead and so it's going to be quite a Full Day and I typically Try to make it also a Fun Day as well as Spiritual Guidance for us all.  So there's this Fab Restaurant LO-LO'S CHICKEN AND WAFFLES just down the Street from the Church and I Plan to take the Girls there after Services.  I'm Excited because it's great food and I'm really hungry and looking forward to it, knowing the Kids LOVE Waffles so they'll be Content with the Menu.  But, remember, we've got the now totally Malcontent and extremely Difficult and Moody Beast Princess and she wasn't having any of it and was totally Resistant to having a Good Time or being compliant.
If you have never dealt with a Person with Mood Disorder you might Think there would be a Solution and Reasoning that could take place when they're being Unlovely and Manic... you would be Wrong.  And if you don't Believe me and are Confident in your Methods, I'll lend you a couple of G-Kids for a Weekend so you can Work your Magic and then School me on how it's done, because it would be a Blessing if there was a way that Works that I and their Medical Teams don't know about!?!   So... knowing the Outcome is Typical, we just leave the Restaurant to save Face and Sanity, and for the benefit of all those other Patrons having a Good Day and a Good Meal.  Since obviously she's not going to come around or eat anything there and is winding up for a total Meltdown and Dramatic Scene as she gets closer to the Edge and going over it.

And I can see she's Struggling, but I also have a Six Year Old Friend who has Earned a Reward by being so Good and was Promised a Meal Out after Church.  Normally I might reach a level of Frustration and just Give Up or not Risk Escalation by playing it Safe and avoid going to Battle since I can't always do it in a Calm and Dignified manner that doesn't even Appear like Battle.   But Today was different... I'm Determined to Maintain my Zen and since it's a LONG drive Home anyway... try to see if we can have a Cooling Off Period for her and the Prospect that if she can't get a Grip, we might not have a Meal Out at all and that would be Unfair to her Guest, who isn't Struggling to Behave...
And we're all Hungry, so it would be Nice if we could actually EAT and Salvage having an Enjoyable Day!?  I'm Good at Salvaging and Using what is Left after all... and so we spent the next forty minutes driving Home in Quiet Reflection of how we can all Manage this?  Blissfully she falls asleep... which is usually a Good Sign after she's had a full blown Episode... because when she awakes she's typically a totally different Person with a different outlook and Mood and obviously her Episodes are as Exhausting for her as they are for everyone dealing with her. 

And my Back-Up Meal Salvage Plan is this tiny little Mexican Restaurant near Home that has Cheap Weekend Kid's Meal Specials that the Kiddos Love and Great Chile Rellenos that I Enjoy... and most folks use the Drive-Thru so we don't have as big an Audience in case she cannot Maintain.  It's not to say the Meal wasn't without hiccups and a bit of Drama since she was in Unreasonable Mode and therefore will find Fault in anything and everything until the Phase passes... but at least we got nourished and her Little Guest thoroughly Enjoyed the whole day.  Kids can be more Resilient and Resistant towards other Kid Drama and Princess E acted as though Princess T was being totally Normal and didn't let it Phase her own Zen or rub off on her Mood... I took Notes on how that was done for Future Reference!  *Winks*
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Friday, July 26, 2013

Why Am I Getting So Excited?

Well, because in less than ten days School resumes my Friends!  *Happy Dance!*  And I REALLY need a break in some of my days from the Intensity that is The G-Kid Force!  All Grandparents Adore their Grandchildren and I'm no exception, but when you have to deal with them twenty-four-seven... a little bit of them can go a very long way.  And the 'Good Faerie Spirit' in us all wanes...

And often turns into the 'Bad Faerie Spirit' as everyone becomes Aggravated and Intolerant with everyone else, it's Hot, Monsoon Muggy and Irritants run High because the Crew here don't always get along and play well with others since Mood Disorders abound!  If I lived Alone I'd have a very Zen Existance because Serenity, Calm and Peace is the Atmosphere I function best in and feel most Centered and Restored when surrounded by.   I'd Love for my Home to be a Zen Oasis free from Chaos, Stress, Strife, Negative Energies and Raw Emotions.   I Attempt to make it so... even though Clearly I don't live Alone...
Apparently the rest of the Family aren't as Intent on having that kind of a Positive Energy and Vibe... so it seems their Mission in Life is to wind each other up, torment, fuss and fight about trifles with each other... to the point that it works my last Nerve and I Lose my Calm after all Attempts to Referee ongoing running battles between them all fails miserably!   Now that The Man has the Onset of Dementia, or whatever Mood Altering Medical Condition it is, he's sometimes as bad as the Children when it comes to this unlovely, antagonistic and unreasonable behavior they seem to have going on between them all! 
It seems we've almost always got at least one Malcontent Individual in the Group of them at any one time, even if the other two are having a 'Good Day'.  It varies as to which 'One' that is... but it's almost always a Given that Whoever it is that day, well, it's their Obsession and Job to make certain and ensure that eventually everyone else ends up as Miserable as they are Feeling... after all, Misery Loves Company, right?!  They all seem to have a Special Gift for Accomplishing this in fact.
So usually I try to keep as many of them Separated as possible and choose my battles Wisely.  Because Individually, they're usually Sweet, Charming and Lovely so I can stand them... in a Group Setting... not so much now.   You see, Seven can be a very Egocentric Age and one where many Little Girls become Tearful and Drama Queens about just anything and everything at the drop of a hat... so the Beast Princess is often in the throes of those roller-coaster Emotions. 

And the Young Prince has Mood Disorder, Puberty AND Teen Angst going on all at once... so he can be a right Royal Pain in the Arse most days now and Absolute Misery Personified... thinking he's a Man already... and one who is terribly Misunderstood and Persecuted... it's all about him all of the time on 'Planet Prince R'!  *Winks*
And with this Age Related Medical Condition and Deterioration that The Man is Battling, he's not been quite himself and the Transition to who he is now can be confusing to The G-Kid Force.  They want their 'Old Grandpa' back... and they're not liking 'New Grandpa' very much, so they don't want to be around him so much anymore.  Because they don't quite understand why he's Changed and harder to get along with now... and sometimes even acting like an unlovely Big Kid who can't always get along and play well with others any more than they can? 

  I Understand, the Changes are Difficult for us all and my Explanations are feeble at best and as an Adult my Coping Skills with it are better, not Perfect, but better.  They're kids after all, so they don't really care Why... and kids don't cut you much slack regardless of the Whys anyway... they'll be kid Reactive and Act Out.  And I can't 'Make' them all Get Along, I can only Suggest that they all 'Try' to or just stay away from each other if they can't Manage that... in spite of Medical and Mental Health Conditions and Phases they all are moving through. 

But in spite of there being many rooms and places they could Individually just 'Be' with a Measure of Serenity, Calm and Peace so that we could avoid Trouble in Paradise and have a Zen Existance at Bohemian Valhalla... I find that they feel compelled to gravitate to each other in spite of these Suggestions anyway, like Moths to a Flame.  Like speeding Locamotives heading towards each other for that Epic Train Wreck you see coming and probably can't stop without risking collateral damage and being part of the carnage that ensues.  You might have been on the Path to your own Zen Day... but that will certainly derail you... unless you've reached such a State of Enlightenment it can't... but I'm not THERE YET!  *Le Sigh*
And so for me, School Resuming is something to get Excited about... because it will mean some Midweek Peace and Serenity.  Some Truce from the constant Battles on what has become a Battlefield at Home between difficult Family Members taking their turns at, well, being DIFFICULT.  And not getting along with each other so often that it's making me Feel Crazy trying to Mitigate and Diffuse potential situations and deal with all the incessant Moodiness!   Can't we all just get along?!?!  Yeah, I was having a Rodney King Reaction to the Madness!

And just how Mad can it get you might Wonder?  Well... fer instance... this Morning I Awoke to the sounds of an Intense Battle going on in the Livingroom as Princess T and Grandpa were Arguing over whose Ponytail Holder it was!!!  He's grown his hair long enough to wear a Ponytail now {don't ask}... and he was sure she'd taken one of HIS!!!   Yes, that's what I said... WTH!?!???!   You can get fifty of them for a buck at the Dollar Store so one would Think it would be no Big Deal, right?  Apparently NOT!  These two were going at it like their Lives depended upon it... each certain this Special One was THEIRS... even tho' there were Ponytail Holders strewn all over the Livingroom!  And then the antagonistic Tween decided to add his Sarcastic two cents worth of Pre-pubescent Attitude to the mix and just Amp up the situation to Critical Mass... to Amuse himself I suppose, since Clearly he didn't really Care whose it was.  Yeah, it was like a Twilight Zone Episode... and I could almost hear Rod Serling's Voice saying... "There's a Signpost Up Ahead... next stop, The Twilight Zone!"
Yeah, this would be the Turning Point for Gramma on this particular day... as my feet hit the Floor from a sound Slumber and this would Start and Set the Tone for our day... hell, it can't go much downhill from there now can it anyway!?!   So... with Menopausal Hormones Trumping everyone else's Hormones, Moods or whatever they're Operating from a Place of in such Madness... I put an end to the whole Drama and everyone scatters like Mice that just woke up the Cat and realize they could be Lunch!  *Winks*

I take Possession of The Special Ponytail Holder as my Personal Trophy and for the Effect... and ask WHO wants me to now do their hair?!?  Yeah, I would have Pity The Fool who Volunteered for that one... everyone decided they'd be better off sans Ponytails that day on second thoughts!   *LOL*  "Oh, so we won't be needing this then?", I say as I completely destroy it!  Hey, I could have gone completely over the edge, but at least The Coveted Special, plain Black band of an old stretched out Ponytail Holder was the only Casualty of the ridiculous Battle's Conclusion!  *Smiles*

And so... the first Week in August is a Date I'm Eagerly looking forward to my Friends... as each Child will be Separated by their Grade Levels onto different Campuses of the Grade School they Attend... Hopefully never even laying Eyes upon each other during the School Day?!?  *Winks*
And I will finally have the Freedom to do what needs to be done without an Entourage in Tow... and The Man can Relax and Nap at Bohemian Valhalla because there will be nobody he can fuss or fight with and nobody intentionally or unintentionally winding him up.  So a Measure of Zen Existance will prevail between the Hours of Eight AM and Two Forty-Five PM  four days a week... and a little shorter on Wednesdays since they get out of School earlier on that hump day... probably so that the Teachers can Enjoy a Measure of Zen Existance earlier at least one day a week, I dunno?  *Winks*
And sure... a few days into the first week of School there will ultimately be those first calls coming in from Teachers and Administration... because, well... The G-Kid Force is the G-Kid Force and a little bit of them goes a very long way.  And if I could Change that I would have already... so they'll just have to Learn to Deal With It too and be Thankful and Eternally Grateful it's Temporary for them since they're only Educating them for a mere School Season and not Raising them!  We'll do the IEP's and all that 'Special' Stuff for these 'Special' Children and go thru the Motions that it might Help... and I'll remain Guardedly Optomistic about that Fantasy.  And just Excited and Happy to be getting a brief Respite from some of the Caregiving... so don't even ask me AGAIN this Year why I don't Consider Home Schooling them?  *Bwahahaha*  Yeah, that Suggestion is made EVERY Year, and surely you Jest?!!
And this Year will be 'Special' in that Grandpa will also be going back to School and Entering Classes at the VA Hospital some days.  Designed to be Adult Day Care Respite for Caregivers and Assist him with his Condition to Hopefully re-build Skills that he's been robbed of by this disease and arrest or slow down further deterioration of function.  Some will be Family Classes that I can take with him and to offer Encouragement and Support, so I'm looking forward to that so that we can do some Creative and Fun things Together that he can Manage and be Unified in this other Battle we're up against and Fighting Together.
And in the midst of it all look for and be Encouraged by those tiny little Signs that prove to be Amazing Testimonies provided by Nature for Resilience and Survival.  Like the wee White Pumpkin that grew in our Pumpkin Patch completely out of Season and during our One Hundred and Nineteen degree plus Heat Spell. Surviving and even Thriving against the Odds, while others around it withered and died or exploded.  But due to it's Adaptation of being a Mutated Pumpkin it didn't get so hot that it burst or shriveled when the intense Heat of it's Environment was on Full Blast... it Endured and stayed Cool and Determined enough to Mature to a point that it could be plucked off the Vine and brought inside as a Living Testimony of Resilience and Adaptation to difficult and extreme Circumstance.  And I can Relate to that...
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian
A life touched by God always ends in touching others. - Erwin McManus

I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness for it shows me the stars. - Og Mandino (1923-1996)

For creativity to flourish one should try to look at everything as though it were being seen for the first or the last time. - Quote from "A Thousand Paths To Creativity" by David Baird

Is what I'm about to say an improvement on silence? ~ Galen Pearl