Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Because this is SO our Mantra... I had to buy this Card for myself...
Yes... this is definitely me to a tee... especially during my Favorite Holidays where it's Magnified all the more!  *LOL*

So... it's Halloween... and the last minute prepping has all been squared away... FINALLY!

Yes, I went back and worked out a Deal with my Friends Kathye and Ken for the Tim Burton Inspired Creation, which is a Signed piece by the Artist and I Love everything about it.

From the Whimsical hand painted Expression, to the hand made Outfit...

And down to the tiniest details like the Cat in the Trick-Or-Treat Bag... how Cute is that?!

We kept tweaking our Vignettes right down to the wire... and adding to them... which is our Custom.  *Winks*

But the Outdoor Porch Vignette we waited until Halloween Eve to construct this year, since last year we had some Pumpkin Vandals by putting stuff out too early.

So this year I waited to buy my Heirloom Pumpkins at the last minute Halloween Eve.   I so LOVE Heirloom Pumpkins and their crazy Shapes, Warts and varied Coloration.  They were very popular this year so pickin's were slim but I got two that I really liked a lot... this one...

And this one... we'll toast, season and eat some of the Seeds and plant the rest in our Veggie Garden... and of coarse save the Stems for Velvet Pumpkin Creations.

The Kiddos always decorate their Pumpkins twice... the early decorations are Artsy add-ons to keep them fresh longer, until they will eventually be carved out as Jack-O-Lanterns later for Halloween Night...

Princess T really got into this part of the Decorating and went all out...

Prince R just wasn't that into this part of the Decorating so he went at it half-heartedly and Simplisticly before he was satisfied and done.

The Bohemian Cat Boys and Yul Love to be the Kiddos captive Audience as they're busy Creating... Curiosity and the Cat you know, they HAVE to see What's Up?  Even the Shy and usually Elusive Rusty watches attentively, hopefully where the G-Force won't notice him, taking a back seat... he barely tolerates Adults nevermind annoying Children! *LOL*

Old Morris will usually take a front row seat... maybe because he's getting so Old now he needs to be up that close to even see what's going on?  *LOL*

And Yul, well, he'll even Participate... since he's convinced he's more Human than Cat so he'll be right in the midst of whatever the G-Kid Force is busy doing.  *Smiles*

Since I didn't have Time to bake this year I was fortunate that ALL Pies were on Sale for less than three bucks each... for that low Price why bake?!!  *Whoo Hoo!*

So a choice of Pumpkin Pie and Apple Cider...

Or Caramel Apple Pie... your choice.

Another inexpensive 'Score' was this Mercury Glass Skully for only Four Bucks!

But my Prize 'Score' was a Fabu Gift from The Man that I've been Jonesin' for to Organize my Vintage Spools of Trims... a European Bottle Rack!  We stopped by my Friend Shelly's Shop RUST AND ROSES on our way Home from an Appointment at the VA Hospital... what a Great Surprise to have him get this for me!  Mwahhh... Love you Honey!

With many Retail Shops marking their Halloween Decor down to half price or seventy percent off already I also snagged a couple of inexpensive faux Mercury Glass Bottles with Cute Halloween Labels.

And Halloween Eve also meant carving out those Pumpkins into Jack-O-Lanterns so the G-Kid Force got busy with that...

Prince R doesn't mind the feel of the snotty Pumpkin Guts... and yes, his Toenails as well as Fingernails have Black Nail Polish... he's a very Goth Kid you know... *Smiles*

But Princess T, the very Girly-Girl, was another story... she thought they looked and felt like Pumpkin Boogers and she didn't like it one bit, though she did have some Fun pretending a Pumpkin Booger was hanging out of her own nose!  *LOL*
And being very OCD and a Clean Freak she used up half a roll of Viva Towels wiping her Pumpkin and herself every few minutes to get the Pumpkin Booger Guts off of them both!  *LOL*  Needless to say she took three HOURS longer, with this compulsive Cleaning Ritual in process, than her Brother did to get hers carved!  *Le Sigh*

Now, her Brother isn't without his own obsessive compulsions mind you... he's quite the Over-Achiever when it comes to anything Artistic... so he spent quite a bit of time pouring over Pumpkin Decorating and Carving Books for Inspiration...

And set about carving not one...

Not two...

But THREE different Jack-O-Lantern Faces on his Pumpkin!   Grandpa said he was going for Four but was reminded that the poor Pumpkin might just collapse and cave in with that much detailing?!?  After all, this isn't 'Halloween Wars' so its not as if you're gonna Win Ten Thousand Dollars Kid!  *LOL*

Not to be Outdone, Princess T insisted that we carve at least two Jack-O-Lantern Faces on hers... she's Meticulous when it comes to her Detailing so two was all I could stand being her Assistant for, since an Eight year old needs a lot of help and Supervision with sharp carving objects, especially when an Annoying Big Brother is Micro-Managing us all!   Didn't want him to end up with a Pumpkin Carving Weapon Assault by the Beast Princess! *LOL*

And THREE HOURS later, yes, we were finally done with hers.  {Wiping sweat off my brow!}  Prince R had finished his in less than Forty Minutes and sped off to his next Social Engagement... so at least I didn't have to worry about Halloween Smack Down 2013 between he and his Sister.  *Winks*
Happy Halloween from our Home to yours my Friends!

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Tiny Dancer With A Big Attitude

Okay, so every time this year, because Princess T loves to Dance and is growing like a weed, we always have to look for a new Halloween Dance Ensemble along with whatever other Costume will be a secondary choice for Trick-Or-Treating should the weather be too chilly Halloween Night for Belly Dance Costumes.  *LOL*  This year I 'Scored' BIG... check out this Awesome Princess Jasmine Harem Style Ensemble that I got for under Ten Bucks at a 'Pick'!  *Cha-Ching and a Happy Dance of my own!*

So the Tiny Dancer with a Big Attitude was suitably Impressed with her new Dance Ensemble and got her 'Sassy On' the moment she suited up in it!  *Winks*

She Adores Fine Fabrics as much as Gramma Dawn so we were both Loving the Shimmering Hue of the Satins and the Exotic Trims, which included tiny Coins and lotsa Golden Glam!
Some of her Dolls were strategically placed around the Halloween Vignettes to watch the Fashion Show and Dance Routine she'd be Performing in the New Outfit, Princess T LOVES an Audience, every Diva does. *Smiles*
This tiny Treasure was actually one of Princess T's Freebie Finds... I've always taught the Kiddos to remember to look ahead and down when they're out and about, you'd be surprised what gets Lost and dropped, thus Orphaned on sidewalks and streets... this was such a 'Find'!

"Ahem... Gramma!"  Oh, but I digress, back to the Main Attraction who simply MUST be the Center of Attention and in fact the Center of the Universe at ALL TIMES!   *Winks*

She was really Working It and I was trying to get her to Smile since she's recently lost three baby teeth and I think the gap tooth grins of a Grade Schooler with missing teeth is so stinkin' Cute!

"Come on... BIG missing teeth SMILE for Gramma... PLEASE!"

We tried different locations to loosen her up to Smile bigger and let down her Guard...
With a different Doll Audience... but Vanity prevailed... and held her Ground... Darn that Diva Pride!

"REALLY Gramma, did you honestly think I'd Cave and NOT look Fabulous for a second!?!"

Okay so you've made a valid point... not gonna happen in this Lifetime... so we'll just continue the Shoot with your Serious Diva Face...

But I did get a Near Full Smile {she was Desperately holding it in} when I asked for some Booty Shots... and my best Outkast 'Hey Ya' Andre' 3000 Impersonation... "Shake it, shake it like a Polaroid Picture" lyrics! *LOL*  They Love it when Gramma gets Silly, so long as its not in Public. *Winks*

Apparently she wanted a Classy Shoot so we were gonna hafta just Roll with that.

Even Bribes didn't work... Cranberry Orange Scones and Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes from Trader Joe's!  I called out ALL the Shots... to no avail...

But we did have a Big Time and she was Satisfied with the results, Critiquing every Shot like Hugh Hefner... if it wasn't Approved she Insisted it be Deleted.  *Insert me shaking head and LOL*

And the Young Prince, not to be outdone, is Sporting his faux scars every day now... he's gone thru virtually ALL of my Eyeliner... and today I HAD to not laugh hysterically at the positioning of the facial scars, which just reminded me of a Baseball Stitching!  *Bwahahaha!*  I'm not sure he was going for that Look of a Baseball Head so I had to try not to express my Opinion.  *SO hard!* 

Teen Angst and even Constructive Criticism = Major Drama and Emotional Meltdown... and he was already SO SERIOUS!!!  Good Lord... that enough was hard not to start fits of laughter from bubbling over and out of my mouth!!!

Lucky for me, unlike his Sister, he's not that into being Photographed so a few Shots sufficed for him before he was off and out the door... yes... like this... that's how he's been Rolling for Weeks now so everybody he knows is used to it... and to him marching by the beat of his own Drummer twenty-four-seven with no Inhibitions!

And when I get to the Kitchen, look who drops by to raid the Candy Dishes... The Son!  Caught in the Act!

Actually he'd come by to show off the New Ride that he and Girlfriend had Negotiated... well, his Girl had anyway, she's the best Negotiator of the two... which is why she's Perfect for this Family!  *Smiles*  It's a Sweet Ride and they got a Killer Deal... and it's got Tan Real Leather Interior and all the buzzers and bells in Technology.  I'm Delighted for them and that they now have a vehicle again.

And this Shot for the Post is Appropriate for Halloween because you never know when 'Spirit' is gonna show up at this Ole' House... or WHERE.  So while all the Kiddos were being Silly an Orb shows up in the Shot... and The Son would be Mortified to see WHERE Spirit showed up!   *LMAO!!! Nasty Orb... Nasty Crotch hovering Orb!*   No, I didn't show him this one, he'd be TOTALLY FREAKED OUT!  And it's such a good one too, but I will respect some of his Dignity and not zoom in on it so that you can see the details of the Orb.  *LOL*  Anyway, he allegedly NEVER reads Mom's Silly Designer Blog... and isn't it our Job as Parents to Embarrass our kids any way we can for as long as we can?   I take that Job Seriously, obviously!   *Winks*

And I'm not nearly as bad as The Man, who saw that Shot and said, "I Wonder, does this Qualify us as the Most Haunted Place in Arizona now?  Where Haunted Crotch Shots show that you get molested by the Spirits when you come for a visit?"   *Bwahahaha!*  I know we're Bad... Bad Grandpa... Bad Gramma... Johnny Knoxville and 'Jackass' didn't do it first folks, we should get Royalties!  *Winks*
And at Bohemian Valhalla even the Bohemian Cat Boys and Yul get into the Halloween Spirit and bring Mama Dawn some Halloween Props... like this Dragonfly they brought and laid at my feet... just Perfect for my Entomology Theme don'tcha think?  Thanks Fur Baby Boys!
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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