Friday, January 31, 2014

Now I'm Fresh Out Of The Hospital Myself... More Issues Of The Heart

** Disclaimer... a Difficult Read... a difficult Post to even decide to Write...**

Well my Friends, time to come totally Clean... this Afternoon I am fresh out of the Hospital myself after a nerve-wracking intense three day stay that I had been trying to avoid for some time now.  You see, there is more to the Significance of my Rusty Heart Tree Story and Issues of the Heart than I had confided in anyone... not to Family, not even to my closest Friends.   I had kept it totally to myself, because I didn't really want anyone to know or even suspect... and perhaps I was even trying to avoid facing it myself, though I knew, even before formal diagnosis, that I was not Well.

You see, my Family, on both my Mom and Dad's Side, have always had a 'Knowing' about things, to an uncanny degree of accuracy that is rather unsettling to most people, because it can't really be logically explained.   I can't even tell you how or why I know things well in advance of them being said or happening in Real Time, but I've always just been able to and so to me it's not so unusual.  But some things Revealed in the 'Knowing' aren't necessarily good things... in fact, it can be very bad... and so no matter how long you're used to the premonition process, when a particularly bad 'Knowing' comes and it isn't one of the unavoidable ones... it's 'Heavy' to 'know' and wait for in Real Time to either happen or be finally disclosed and Revealed beyond being merely a premonition.

I have been very fortunate into my Senior Years to enjoy exceptional Health and be on absolutely no medications.  I also distrust Western Medicine and prefer mostly to rely upon Eastern and Tribal Medicine when at all possible even though naturally Insurance will not cover those alternative forms of Medicine, however effective and time tested thru the Centuries.  That said, I do know that during a Medical Emergency, a trip to the ER will become necessary, including Western Treatment that will be covered, so I'm not completely opposed to that alternative either... though I will attempt to avoid it if I can.   But some time ago I had the 'Knowing' that I was no longer Well in my body and that significant Health Challenges lay before me, even before I experienced even the first symptom.

I even had a 'Knowing' of what I would eventually be told... only I didn't want to hear it because it could mean I might not be Well Enough to take care of my Family or even be around for them as long as I need to be... and that's some scary stuff when I'm all they have right now.  I know nobody can or will look after them with the fierce determination and unconditional Love that I will and I'm nervous about where they could end up and with whom... and how they would fare?  That terrifies me more than you could ever know or I could ever fully express in mere words.

I also didn't want to end up in the Hospital trying to sort out the mess that I already 'Knew' was coming to my Health Status... switching from exceptionally Healthy to all of a sudden being a really Hot Mess and extremely alarming and significant... because that would also mean emergency placement for three Loved Ones I'm Caregiver for who have significant Medical Needs of their own.  But I 'knew' it WAS coming, I've known it for some time actually... and it's been a heavy weight to bear because I knew it was going to be very bad... and our situation already isn't very good, even when I was exceptionally Healthy and used to Being Well.

My Dad had always told me that I would be just like him... he had a 'Knowing' too... and had also Enjoyed a very long Life of Exceptional Wellness into Old Age... until his time came for the Sickness, which he knew would take him out exactly when it did, he predicted his departure date... and he was spot on... to the day actually, I was never Surprised, I 'Knew' too and we'd discussed it at great length Privately, so that I could be the one to prepare the extended Family.   But unlike Dad, I didn't have anyone to tell... actually, nobody I wanted to tell because I knew it would totally creep them out and create great Anxiety and Fear.   I don't have a problem about 'Knowing' my outcome... even in advance... but I do worry about my Loved Ones who would be left behind should an unexpected premature departure play out... the vulnerable ones who still very much need me to stick around.

And so I have been having some very long Heartfelt conversations for some time now with the Closest Relationship I have, with my Creator.   He 'Knows' and for whatever reason He Endowed me with a 'Knowing' about things in Advance... and thus we can talk about them sometimes well in Advance of Real Time.  I can't see where having a 'Knowing' makes any sense otherwise in the grand scheme of things, unless perhaps there can be a benefit to it somehow?  So there are times when I Hope He will intercede on my behalf in some kind of way, when the things are not preventable and will have to be faced and dealt with... I want Favor in those instances... I knew this would be one of those instances. 

And I knew the Time had come for Real Time to finally Reveal what I've had a very hard time Wrestling with 'Knowing' well in Advance and would no longer just be a premonition I'd chosen to Secretly keep to myself and try to hide, because I didn't even want to say it out loud to another living Soul... on Wednesday Morning, at Three A.M. to be exact.  Now I also knew why the Timing of The Man being Hospitalized again was so very important, so that I need only find Placement for two when everything would go Left... as I already knew it was.
So at Three A.M. on Wednesday Morning I woke up the G-Kid Force and prepared them for what would play out... since they already know of Gramma's 'Knowings'  and the Accuracy of them, they take me seriously when I give them Instructions of things that haven't happened or been told and Revealed yet in Real Time.  They know I'm Serious and it's important to Listen Carefully and pay close attention.  Thankfully The Son also heeds, it helps that he has a 'Knowing' too of things and has come to terms with his 'Gift', like we all had to Learn to, because it doesn't go away if you don't want it.  Different things to be sure... not every 'Knowing' of a particular thing is Revealed in Advance to us all, we each get our own for whatever reason.   And most of the time you don't always 'Know' in Full... only in 'Part', but Important Parts... which is rather a Blessing really.

I often think the full magnitude of  having a 'Knowing' of something really bad that's GOING to happen, and you cannot prevent or control, in great Fullness would just be too much to have to wait upon and bear.  'Knowing' in Part, even if you know it's going to be bad, is just easier... at least for me it has always been anyway, though sometimes the details are more than I want to 'Know' even in Part.  This was unfortunately one of those times.

And so hearing the Doctors and slew of Specialists that each came in for their Specialized Field to tell me what I already knew without being told is still something difficult.  Just because you know something is coming, doesn't mean you Roll any more easily with the devestation of it... it's still devestating, for whatever reasons you find it to be so.   In this case they were Alarmed and startled that I was even STILL alive and acting 'Normal' because I shouldn't be... there should be more carnage apparently within my body and I shouldn't even still be able to function at all.  They kept asking me was I certain I didn't feel Worse than I looked on the exterior and acted?   Heart was in Crisis... Lungs were in Crisis... severe Sleep Apnea is present... blood sugars were almost to 500 and exceptional Wellness had come to a close.
Which is unfortunate because I still NEED exceptional Wellness.  So now we had to deal with Health turned on a dime.   And we've spent the past three days dealing with that in the Hospital so that Dawn wouldn't shut down.  And probably they would have liked to have kept me longer since some things could not be stabilized in spite of Modern Medicine... but we may as well deal with all this on an Outpatient basis and in tandem with me also seeking Eastern and Tribal Advice and Treatment, which is a Given.  Should I choose that exclusively will depend... if Western Medicine doesn't leave me with a Peace about their Methods, I will reject them as surely as my Dad did.  Because for me it isn't really so much about whether the outcome is Life or Death, that is in God's Hands regardless of the Methods on this side of Time and Eternity we choose to attempt to remain Well in a body that was  meant to Transition at some Point in Time from Time to Eternity.

I'm going thru my Process right now... and actually felt in my Spirit that God had been Listening to our Conversations and my Desire to be allowed to stay longer, not because I Fear Death at all and wouldn't go willingly to be with Him right now.  But because I definitely need more Time to make sure I have a Peace about Leaving and what will happen to those left behind first, those whose Care was Entrusted to me.  I don't like leaving any Job left unfinished, I'm really anal like that.  So I will be tenacious about keeping my Family together in spite of no longer Enjoying Exceptional Wellness, which I never took for granted for even a moment that I had it.   Whether Well or not... I will continue to do what I do, until I can't anymore.

 And Chronicle that Journey here in my online Journal in the Land of Blog, which has been probably the easiest place I've ever found to be totally Transparent in. Which is kinda weird and out of Character for me since I'm a very Private and Guarded Person and usually prefer to keep much to myself.

   But it has felt right to go on this Journey here... and let down my Guard... and Share my Heart... even to complete Strangers... and not Care that it's out there... which means to me that it must be Serving some Greater Purpose than I could know or have predicted.  Which is funny to me since I can usually predict so much... which such accuracy... that an unknown compulsion with no predicted outcome is rare in my World.

And I'm Glad for every Soul that has wandered in for a Blog Visit since the very first Post, because you must have been meant to be here, if even only once... and for those who have Connected, there must have been even Greater Purpose... even in the randomness of it all when you think about it, given the scope of Cyberspace and all!
And one would think that the Coming Clean part of FINALLY being able to Reveal something you had carried Secretly for so long would be a Welcome Relief?   But its not really... in fact, because there was so much lead time you always had the dilemma of who you will tell and how... especially when you knew it would be very bad.  The things I don't have a 'Knowing' about that have been bad sometimes are easier because you don't have to agonize over whether to reveal prematurely or just hold your Peace. 
 I've already had to Reveal to The Son and to The Man in detail... even tho' The Man isn't even out of the Hospital yet.  Now that Real Time is here and things can't be covered up, masked or dismissed and regarded as mere premonition that perhaps I'm mistaken on this time.   I just don't look forward to how it will be received by the G-Kid Force, since those Precious little ones have already been thru so much and lost so much... since birth... and that seems so callous that they should have had to... and should have even more heaped upon them at such tender ages.   And therein lies the true extent of the depth of my Sadness, because I cannot Promise them the Security they so desperately need, not even for a single day.  Or that Gramma is as Strong in body as they've Believed me to always be for them.  But I can Promise to remain Strong in Spirit and in Faith... and that will have to be enough as the Lord stands in Strength for me in the areas of my Weakness... even my Rusty Heart.

There are after all, more ways to be Strong of Heart... Dawn... The Bohemian

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Heartbreak... Rusty Valentine Heart Tree Set Up Just In Time


Issues of the Heart... so very Complex and so very difficult to have total Transparency lest you become more Vulnerable than you care to be and cannot shield yourself from Heartbreak.   The depth of your Pain is measured by the depth of your Love... if you didn't Love deeply, there would be little, if any Pain associated with any Relationship.   Watching a Loved One Tormented and Suffering is very, very difficult and losing them in layers is Agony.  No matter how much 'Life Experience' you've had Enduring that situation and Trusting God for the outcome.

The Man had a huge setback and Medical Emergency and is back in the VA Hospital for an undetermined length of stay.  They almost couldn't take him in today, he was borderline functional for the Care the Hospital can and will provide, regardless of extent of Medical Crisis, and on account of his Traumatic Brain Injury limitations that still exist.  He has come a long way forward, so having significant setbacks is disheartening to say the least and especially when you didn't predict this outcome because you'd merely gone for an Appointment and expected to come Home with your Loved One... until things went totally Left and you came home Alone and shaken.

It had already been a hectic week because the Grade School the G-Kid Force attend had an outbreak of Scabies... only we didn't get formally notified until almost a week after Princess T contracted them.  And in the initial ER Visit I voiced  my Suspicions this is what I thought it was even before formal School notification. But the Doctors disagreed and said it was nothing contagious and nothing to worry about... just a Generic Rash from an unknown Allergy and source. Giving me a Treatment that didn't work because that isn't what it was at all... so things got progressively worse fast!
 I've seen this before, many years ago... when The Son caught it at School and it didn't get properly diagnosed then either until half the household was infested, I didn't want a repeat performance!  It resembles so many other things that it can be a tough diagnosis, especially if Medical Staff are unfamiliar with it... but in my gut I just knew and therefore got a second opinion, especially after receiving the School Newsletter sent Home days later to back me up on exposure to the mites.   You can't get Treatment except via a Prescription ordered by a Doctor... and I didn't want to wait 'til it spread like wildfire thru the House or have her going to School with a misdiagnosis of something infectious and further spread an epidemic.  Thankfully it got correctly diagnosed in the second ER visit at a different Hospital... since the Pediatricians Office was so swamped with Flu Cases they couldn't arrange an appointment for 2-3 weeks!  I just Hope every other infected Child gets Treatment to eradicate the outbreak!?!

So after over Twelve grueling Hours at different Hospitals and Emergency Rooms in one day, having The Man Admitted and in bad shape... having a contagious Child housebound for at least five days as she receives Treatment... not to mention Prince R and I both feeling like we could be coming down with something even tho' we had our Flu and Pneumonia Shots... I feel very discombobulated.  So the Rusty Valentine Heart Tree was set up just in Time... watching it twinkle and having the Soothing Romantic Ambiance of a Tree full of Hearts... representative of Love even with the imperfections and tattered state of Being that Life can throw at you... well, it has kept me Centered and not cast adrift or shipwrecked in the prevailing Storms. 

It is a Lovely and Healthy Reminder of why I cannot, dare not, give up... even on days when I desperately want to.  Surrender is not an option so it must come off the table as one and not even be contemplated.   And it helps me to Encourage The Man not to give up either and to Value himself just as he is.  Because there's no do-overs and things are as they now are, we have to move forward by Grace and Embracing the differences and Challenges... Medically, Financially and Emotionally... rather than longing for how things used to be and abhoring and being constantly upset and stressed about how they are... even if it truly Sucks right now. 

I'm Hopeful they can Help him come to terms with the results of Catastrophic Injury, Chronic Illness and profound Disability.  I'm Hopeful that the Lord continue to Strengthen and Heal me too, so that we can keep our Family together and I can be what I need to be and do what I need to do, whether sufficient Help comes or is offered or not.  Even tho' right now I don't have hardly any of the answers... I just know that alternate placement isn't even probable or possible for a variety of reasons for this trio, all of them quite grim... and I prefer to Care for my own until I no longer can anyway.   Can I Succeed, will I Succeed?  I can't say... or for how long... but I know that in our Family we leave no-one behind.  I've had Friends and Family, with the best of Intentions, ask me what if I damage myself or die trying?  I've thought about that... deeply in fact... because it's a valid question to consider...
And my answer is simply that there are some things worth Sacrificing Self or even dying for, you just have to have a Peace within yourself as to where that line is for you?  Ask any Soldier... if the prospect of dying for Country and what was Sacred to them made them shun the Duty of Serving and just leaving it to some other guy or gal?  Even if they were Scared half to death... and who wouldn't be!?   My Husband Served Honorably for Thirty-Nine Years and Sacrificed so much for God and Country in numerous Wars... and he certainly wouldn't do any less for his own Family... nor would I.  That's our Truth.  This is just another battle and we must continue to Fight the Good Fight, regardless of the outcome... win, lose or draw... I've already now settled that in my Heart and Spirit.  Either you're all in or you're not.

My choice may not be everyone's choice... I wouldn't judge nor do I want to be judged... each has to do what they feel is Right and they can Live with... or die trying.  I don't want to intentionally lose anyone I Love... so I have to know I did all I could... and more... so that if the outcome isn't answer to Prayer, and even if I don't remain up by Faith and get taken out of the Game before it's over... there are absolutely no regrets... no second-guessing if I wouldda, couldda, shouldda... you know the drill.  I need to know I can lay my head on my pillow each Night with clean hands and a clear conscience about every important decision regarding those I Love and who cannot make those decisions on their own for themselves.  I have to be Settled that I did what was best and explored every possible Option or fought for Options not typically available without a fierce fight and Pit Bull tenacity to get the best for those I Love and for myself.   The best is sadly not available to all and most Options must be bought and are prohibitive, so if you don't have deep pockets, you better just be an excellent Fighter and Advocate. 

I had wanted my Rusty Hearts Posts to be Happy, Uplifting, Creative and Zen... I had wanted my Blog to return to my version of Bohemian Valhalla even if it meant leaving out a whole lot of the unpleasantness and hardships of Life.  The stuff that I don't even want to have to think about or reveal really because its so Raw.  That wouldn't have been authentic at all... and even tho' I don't like Venting or being Morose... sometimes it is necessary... and this is the best and only format to do it actually that I have available right now. 
I've never really been that wrapped up in who or how many Support my little slice of Cyberspace Retreat because it doesn't matter, I'm Delighted if it does Minister to anyone else and not just me.   I Love your Visits and for the most part the Land of Blog has been one of the best Communities of folks I've encountered, you really are!  I never know what Responses I'll receive... but I'm Okay with whatever opinions are out there... it's difficult to Offend me since you have to 'Take' an Offense and I've usually chosen not to.  All are Welcome... but I must Post the Disclaimer that it's not all Rainbows and Unicorn Farts around here every Post in the Topic matter... tho' I will always attempt to saturate it with Beauty in the Images and give fair Warning of when it will be a difficult Read.

It is very Important to me to Honor my Vows to my Dear Husband... for better or worse... richer or poorer... 'til Death do us part... tho' really I have the Belief that Love never dies, it is Eternal if it is Real.  Right now things are worse and definitely poorer and could get more amplified in that direction... so I have to reconcile myself to either outcome... Victory or Defeat... and what each will mean and what is the worst that could possibly happen... and how will I rebound if that is our Destiny?  It's a heavy subject...

But Family have always held the Key to my Heart... and made Life worth Living... Dawn... The Bohemian

Monday, January 27, 2014

Rusty Hearts Valentine Tree ~ Part I

Even tho' Bohemian Valhalla is still quite a bit out of Order, I made a New Year's Resolution that I would set aside Time for Creativity and Artistic Expression as often as possible, to Feed my Soul doing something I have always Loved.   We also decided that since I have a hefty Laundry List of Housekeeping and Caregiving duties that must be done, we'd keep the Champagne Pencil Tree up and just Re-Decorate it with Seasonal Ornaments for a while.  Since it looks so Pretty as a Livingroom Focal Point and I don't really have Time or the inclination to take everything down and put all of it away.

So I had this bucket of Rusty Metal Hearts just begging for a Valentine's Day Project... and decided they would make Awesome Altered Art Valentine Tree Decorations!   All I had to do was take anything Christmasy off of the Tree and replace them with Valentine's Day Inspired and Romantic objects.   I had a couple dozen of these Wonderful Rusty Hearts, each with a great Patina... so I spent a couple of days punching holes in them... Dying Seam Binding and Velvet... attaching Findings, Embellishing with bits and bobs... and Haute Sari Fibers...
In fact, Haute Sari Fibers could be one of my newest Favorite Finds this Month!   I'm a Fiber Fanatic so when I Discovered these Wonderful Dreadlocks of Yarn and Threads at Hobby Lobby I HAD to get one of each.   Such Eye Candy just as it is in the packaging... a Color Explosion and the little Dreads of it was an Interesting Concept for Creating Unique Fibers too.

So many Possibilities to use it and when you untwist the braided Skein of them there is a lot so well worth the eight bucks a Skein... LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this Product!  So Relaxing and Fun to delve into this Creative Vision I had... and took my Mind off of Heavy Issues.  So the next few days Posts will Showcase the Results of the Rusty Hearts Valentine Tree now Gracing Bohemian Valhalla.

I have such a Penchant for Collecting Ephemera, Fibers, bits and bobs that it is always a Delight to Create Art Projects with my Tiny Treasures so they can be Displayed or Gifted and Enjoyed properly.   Just wading thru my Stashes of them to choose what I want to use is such a Joy.

The nice thing about Collecting Small Treasures is that they don't take up a lot of space and so you can have an impressive Hoard of them and keep them organized in other Found Storage Treasures such as Old Canning Jars, Cigar Boxes and Vintage Tins. 

Princess T was really Loving the End Result of keeping the Tree up and Re-Decorating it for the upcoming Holidays... the Ambiance of the Twinkling Lights is very Soothing and Lovely.

I wanted to keep the Rusty Heart Valentine Ornaments Simple and Organic... so I used some of my Stash of Tim Holtz Findings, mini Message Plaques and Clasps that would Compliment the Rusty and Crustiness rather than detract from it.

I didn't want to hide too much of the Wonderful Patina on each Heart or have it too busy.   And it really was a Stress Reliever to punch holes into each one with a nail and sledgehammer lemme tell you!   The Man was like, do you want me to help you do that Honey?  And I'm like, are you kidding me, I NEED this Hole Punching Therapy to take out Frustration and Relieve Stress!!!  *LOL*

Not to mention I'm not certain his motor skills are sufficiently healed enough yet to be weilding any tools that could potentially send us to the ER with an injury!  *Yikes!*   But it looked like a somewhat Destructive Project going on and you KNOW how Men Love to weild sledgehammers doing ANYTHING to make a hole in SOMETHING... so he hovered thru the whole Process... until I got to Dying Seam Binding... then he totally lost interest and wandered off to watch some more Football!  *LOL*

The Kiddos only got interested when I broke out the Gorilla Glue... and NO, I don't need 'Help' with that Thank You very much... no telling what would have gotten permanently affixed with them weilding a strong adhesive!?!  *Shudder!*
As it was, a few of my Rhinestones turned up Missing... Hey wait a Minute!!!  A certain wee Princess had been clearly Admiring the Shiny Sparkle and Bling and probably picked them off before they were completely dry to attach to her Barbies as Earrings and Rings!?!   So I had to replace some as I noticed they'd disappeared seemingly into thin air!?!  *Smiles*

But by and large they all left me alone to lose myself in my Creative Pursuits and I was Grateful for that since I was in my own Bubble throughout the Process.  And it wasn't about getting done in a hurry anyway or having any looming deadlines to get 'er done... Valentine's Day is still a ways off and they will very likely Grace the Tree for a while after that.

And besides, when you're awash in your Tiny Treasures, Rusty Crusty Fabulousness and freshly Dyed Seam Binding, Time stands still anyway, doesn't it?   It was a Time Warp in fact and I only came out the other side when I ran out of Rusty Hearts to Embellish!  *Winks*

So... since I was in The Zone Creatively... when I ran out of Rusty Hearts... I switched over to...

Embellishing some Altered Art Tags that were semi-pre-made, which saved some Time, and only needed me to put my own Spin and Stamp on how I wanted them to look for my Project.  You don't have to start from Scratch if you don't want to, I'm always on the lookout for semi-pre-made items I like the look of and can further Embellish in my own Style to use and yet not spend quite so much Precious Time upon.

These particular Tags already had some Tea Staining, Dyed Seam Binding and Vintage Millinery Accents... so all I had to do was add some Haute Sari Fibers, Scrapbook Stamping and any other bits and bobs I wanted to like Vintage Buttons, Charms and Rhinestones.

Altered Art Tags are so much Fun and easy to Create, they are a Simple way to Decorate almost anything.  And even if you don't have the Time or inclination to make your own, they are inexpensive to Purchase pre-made or semi-pre-made too.   I pick them up anytime I see some I really like... and either leave them 'As Is' or as a Quickie Art Project to further Embellish... and if I have sufficient Time, to Create from Scratch.


It was nice to throw in some Art Tag Creating with the Rusty Valentine Hearts Creating for added Variety and to fill in the Tree more fully when I ran out of Rusty Hearts to Adorn it with.  Altered Art Tags are great Fillers.

Hey my Friend Pamela... if you're coming for a Blog Visit Today, recognize this Tag from a Valentine's Day Goodie Bag in your Booth?!  *Winks... yeah it was me who bought it... and you TOTALLY set me up to buy Red Seam Binding too you sly Vixen... since I realized that was the one Dye Hue I didn't possess!   And what is Valentine's Day without some Vivid Blood Red, right?!? LOL*

I'm an absolute S-U-C-K-A for Ephemera and Smalls in Goodie Bags... like a Kid at a Party I HAVE TO HAVE one!  *Smiles*   Yes, I LOVE Creating my own Goodie Bags and Junque Jars too... and they are good solid Sellers... so apparently I'm not the only one Afflicted with the Urge to have them?!?  *Smiles*  Goodie Bag and Junque Jars Anonymous Junkies you KNOW who you are and you're in Good Company!  *Smiles*   And what you choose not to keep you can Create your own Bags and Jars to give the next person their 'Fix', so it's All Good.

The Lovely Altered Art Tag with the tiny Rusty Heart was a Creation by the Talented Terry Parvan that I bought at the last 'Sweet Salvage' Event, it goes so well with my Rusty Heart Ornaments don't you think?
And an early Valentine's Day Gift from The Man is this Gorgeous Vintage Salvage Stained Glass Window with Hearts and Roses in a Swag of Textured Glass that I got 65% off!  *Whoop Whoop!*  It now Graces our Boudoir... which is in dire need of dusting and Organization... but I'm in Creative and Decorating Mode right now... so I'd lose my Rhythm and risk not being 'On' Creatively if I switched to Housekeeping at the Moment.  *Bwahahaha!*  I'm glad I have a fairly high thresh-hold for the capacity to live in a mess right now and not have it bother me too much!

Anyway, thick layer of dust settled on everything around it aside, I decided to show it off anyway and just swallow my Pride... and not Stage the Shot 'cause then, Mylanta... I'd have to then clean everything in the whole damn room if I Stage Cleaned a Close-Up Shot wouldn't I?  *Gasp!*  And that ain't gonna happen... *LOL* 

Besides, I was on a Creative Roll and Artistic Binge, having way too much Fun to resort to Household drudgery, lose my Mojo and reign in all the Positive Energy swirling around the house.  I was a Rusty Hearts Valentine Creating Machine by then...

See... see what a busy Gal Dawn was!  *Winks*  So be sure to come back for at least a couple more Posts so I can Show it all Off in Excessive Detail.   Cause tho' I managed to Keep it Simple with the Creations... I've GOTTA go Excessive somewhere for Heaven's Sakes or I'll Implode I tell ya... so might as well be here!   *Smiles*
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

A life touched by God always ends in touching others. - Erwin McManus

I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness for it shows me the stars. - Og Mandino (1923-1996)

For creativity to flourish one should try to look at everything as though it were being seen for the first or the last time. - Quote from "A Thousand Paths To Creativity" by David Baird

Is what I'm about to say an improvement on silence? ~ Galen Pearl