Friday, July 31, 2015

A Very Emotional Day

Today was a very Emotional Day, perhaps it just needed to be since I'd kept it together Yesterday during the Burial of Old Morris and the continued clearing out of my Beloved Art Studio Cottage, in almost a Robotic State of Being.  I'm not prone to crying you see... or being unduly Emotional... I didn't grow up that way... my Dad was Old School Native American about being Stoic and not shedding tears, just holding your Mud... so we just didn't and I still don't very often.

But this Morning when I arrived in the Art Studio Cottage to clear out even more I felt quite overwhelmed with intense Emotion... and I cried as I looked around at all the Architectural Features and Atmosphere about it that I'll Miss so very much.   It is a Magical Space and that small Old Carriage House converted into a Cottage has always been my Favorite Space on the entire Property.   I Wish I could just Magically Transport it... though I have no-where to put it... but I'd buy some land nearby the New Home to set it upon if that were even remotely possible... but it is not, that is just Daydreaming of Impossible Possibilities.

Since the Mortgage is a pittance because the property is almost paid off I have also flirted with the Idea of just keeping it and Storing things there that will be for Sale.   But I know that the Equity is needed for other things to make Life easier and Financial Strains lighter... and certainly I don't need to be Maintaining two Properties and trying to keep that one from being laid to waste, neglect or vandalism, it would defeat the point of why we Moved in the first place.    So I know that I won't, but for various reasons I Wish I could and Want to in my Heart of Hearts.   The Connection to it is strong and I'll always Miss so much about it... even tho' I know it was Time to move on to bigger and better things that The Lord had waiting for us.

I am Grateful for the bigger and better things that awaited us, I really am, but it isn't always just so easy to go to the next level, even if chock filled with Blessings and Feel Good Moments.   The New Home offers so much MORE and it still Feels so much like a Dream that I sometimes have to pinch myself when I'm here Experiencing it and knowing it's Ours!    It already has made Life so much easier and more convenient and Peaceful on so many levels.  The Tranquility here cannot be matched and everything is in Order with no looming Projects that are awaiting completion to make it more habitable.   All the Labor and Expense was already done by someone else who lived here previously... and we're reaping the benefits... can't say I've ever had that Luxury before in any Property I've Owned.

It is so Nice not to live in substandard conditions and have plenty of room to properly Showcase what we have and yet still have plenty of room left over!   It's so nice to wake up in the Morning and walk outside and see that Million Dollar View of the Mountains to the West of us... and a Street lined with Luxury Custom Homes well Maintained with Pride of Ownership and inhabited by Friendly Neighborly folks who Share similar Values and preferred Lifestyle to our own.   Each Evening everyone is outside... talking, walking, playing, taking their dogs for a walk, cycling or Gardening... it's how I remember Neighborhoods being Back In The Day.

Since we are so far out in a Rural Pristine Desert Setting on the fringe of the City it just Feels more like a Small Town Atmosphere and I like that.  You're close to everything you need, about a ten minute drive, but not too close.   It's how the Town used to Feel where the Old Property is, before everything Changed... and not always in a Good way as Urban Sprawl brought loads of Troubles with it and the Small Town Atmosphere evaporated like Scotch Mist.   I will Miss being walking distance to so many Services, Restaurants, Churches and Shops like Olde Town in my Old Neighborhood was.   But there is more that I definitely won't Miss and that is Key.

I already like NOT hearing and enduring loud raucous music and parties into the wee hours of the Morning by inconsiderate neighbors who are renting and tearing everything up around them since they have no ties to the Community they are transiently living in.   I don't miss hearing Sirens and Gunshots because you're in the City and that's just how it is now... with way too much violence and disrespect for Law or Order.    I don't miss the Criminal Element being so close that you're always having to keep a close eye on your property and possessions because they find it easier to rob you than to work for what they want or need.   I don't miss the Street People roaming around, often high as a kite because the Tweakers and Crackheads have invaded the Older Neighborhoods with a vengeance now... looking for what they can boost for their next 'fix'.

I want to raise our Family around what I remember as a Child growing up... a sense of Community and a Safer Environment for them to Grow Up and Play.   The Common Areas here are so Lovely and there are loads of them, going to the Parks isn't taking a Risk... it isn't Sharing with a gazillion other people so that you don't know if you'll find a place to Park or even Sit to watch her Play.  Or to have that moment of panic if she's out of your line of sight for even a second.   There are no 'Characters' to have to Deal with in the Parks Owned by the Subdivision, so I can Peacefully read a book or relax without being confronted or accosted while taking my Grandchild out for Fresh Air and to Play with other Children once the Heat of the day has subsided.  I don't have to watch any Drug Deals going down brazenly in the Public Areas and be on High Alert when Shady Characters show up and begin disturbing the Peace.   Yes, though I like the City, I just don't like Living in it anymore... too much to Deal with that disturbs me.

I'm getting too far along in years to want to Deal with all that anymore... I am Nostalgic for how it used to be... and HERE is like how it used to be, so it's like returning to a better time and place that I felt much more comfortable and comforting around.   It's a Shame really that all of the Lovely Historic Properties are in areas that for the most part have Decayed to a point where you just don't want to Live there anymore.   Our Historic Home was more Rural at first... so it seemed like the best of both Worlds for a Time and a Season.  But that Season is clearly over now and though I'd like to scoop the Home up and place it somewhere else so I didn't have to let go of it... I can't... and so I still shed rivers of tears sometimes when I'm having a very Emotional Day, like Today.

And with the Salty Sweat running down my face and stinging my Eyes and the Salty Tears dripping off my Face I was rather a Hot Mess as I loaded up the Jeep with another Haul of our stuff on this Hot Humid Monsoon Day.  Mostly my Art Studio Contents, which I'm anxious to get set up in the New Studio Space so I can begin Creating again.  It's a bugger hauling it all Upstairs to that Space though, boy am I getting quite the Workout and I do Believe my wide hips are actually shrinking from all the trips up and down those stairs carrying my Studio Stuff!  *Yay!*   Luckily both G-Kids are Minimalists and don't want a lot of stuff in their rooms, they Love their huge Bright mostly Minimalistic Personal Spaces, plenty of room to Imagine, Rest and Play.

So even on the most Emotional of Days it doesn't last too long before I can snap out of it and get a Grip again.  Which is a Good Thing because I don't like the after effects of a Good Cry!  *LOL*  Snotty nose, puffy eyes you can hardly see out of, that little catching of breath thing right after a bout of Hysterical Greeping where you almost cannot stop... NOT a Good Look, is it?   *Smiles*  Mostly I am still Rejoicing in between the Emotional Tearful Moments here and there.   Life is Good... and so much Better and Easier than it was...


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Rambling... and Random Musings

The Move has taken a lot of the wind out of my Sails... so Today I just Feel like Rambling and having a Random Musings Post with Images resurrected from the Photo Archives that never got used... but which are Lovely and just had been Forgotten over Time.   I take so many Photographs that I often don't use even a fraction of them, so can come back later and Discover long Forgotten ones that would still make good Blog Fodder for Random Posts.   *Smiles*   I can Connect to how this Doll looks... Frazzled and definitely having a Bad Hair Day.

And this one... just Laid Out in a Flat Faint, too pooped to pop or get back up!  I've been run ragged... juggling Full Time Caregiving with what else needs doing... watched a Beloved Pet slowly dying and finally burying him... had an impromptu ER Run with Princess T since she got stung by a Scorpion at the New House, not unusual in New Build Areas unfortunately... she's Fine and Thankfully not Allergic to the Neurotoxins of Scorpion Stings, which can be Fatal if you are.  *Whew*  Still emptying out the Old House, dragging things over in Jeep loads for now by myself... wading thru what won't come over and I shall be Selling Off from the Old House.  Shuttling the Young Prince to Band Camp from 3pm-9pm all this week.  Dealing with various Caseworkers, the Adoption and all those requirements... you know, the usual stuff.

So much isn't getting done that I really want to do... like Painting the Juliet Balcony Room that will be part of the New Studio... and the Niches so I can begin to hang Taxidermy and get it off the floors.  I've got Paint and Supplies sitting at the ready... but who knows when I'll be able to get around to it?  The G-Kid Force want to Help with the Painting Projects, I don't want them to Help... becoz I don't want a Mess, even though they have the best of Intentions.   "But we Helped with your Showrooms when you Painted them!" they wail, well yeah, but I didn't Care if you made a Hot Mess of my Showrooms, I don't Own nor Live with and in those Spaces!  *LOL*

Some things I want to just do in Peace and to be left alone and uninterrupted to actually get done... so that it doesn't take forever-and-a-day... which almost never happens when you're Caregiving.   They always NEED you... or NEED something... Right Now if you don't mind... no matter how many balls you've got up in the air during your juggling act!   What!?!  You can't just drop everything for my every whim, my every beck and call!?!   They all seem to be bewildered and aggravated by that Reality!   Seriously... do you NOT see everything I'm trying to do, have already done, need to do, can't get to, get distracted in the middle of incessantly... and won't get done if I don't do it??!?!  Apparently not, selective seeing and hearing I suppose is their main Affliction right now, because each of them, the three of them, thinks it's all about them all of the time!  *Le Sigh*

And if it's NOT... ohhhh the Drama... the wailing and knashing of teeth and wringing of hands that goes on... the tantrums and exaggerated comments and behaviors... Mood Regulation is clearly not the strong suit of those with Brain Damage, Mood Disorder or Mental Illness.   I know this, I expect this, but it never makes it any easier to Deal with twenty-four seven and three-hundred-sixty-five.  I still become very annoyed after a time, since Patience does not happen to be one of my strongest Virtues and so The Lord seems to be Exercising it to build my Strength in that area apparently!!!?! What, do I have to be Strong at everything?   I don't wanna be... and besides, even operating from a position of Strength you still need your periods of Rest, Recuperation and Relaxation!

And then there's those Non-Family Members that make me more than a little bit Crazy with their incessant requests.   Wait says the Adoption Home Study Caseworker Today when she calls, I messed up and Forgot to ask you a slew of Questions...  {during the two days and four hours of Interview we already had}!!!    What!??!   Two days and Four grueling hours of Interrogation isn't enough already?   Holy Mother Of God, if I was a Criminal I wouldn't get this much unrelenting Interrogation and Intense Scrutiny... but for Adoption, of Kinfolk you've already been Raising damned near Fifteen years, without a Care in the World or the giving a Rat's Ass by The System, well apparently it's suddenly so necessary and Urgent!   WTF?!?

But slowly and surely I'm digging myself out from under the Mountain of required paperwork and Red Tape so that Hopefully within the next three Months we'll have the Adoption of the G-Kid Force completed.    And perhaps by then I'll also have the Move completed and have the Old Homestead ready for Sale as well?   Hopefully I'll continue to unpack, Decorate and Style the New Home into the Dream Home I Envision for it to Transform into in my Mind's Eye once we're completely Moved In?

The Young Prince has already made Sabre and Rifle Team at his New School... and I got them enrolled after withdrawing them from the Old Schools.   It's just about one more week before School resumes... Wow, that was a short Summer Break inbetween Summer School and School Resuming!   And though I didn't have to shell out a couple hundred as usual for her School Uniforms because the New School doesn't require them, her Supplies still set me back Eighty Four Dollars... and that was the Short List of absolutely necessary items!   Fourth Grade apparently doesn't come Cheap!  *LOL*  His High School however isn't nearly as Expensive as the last one was for Fees and Enrollment, even though they have a far Superior Curriculum, what a Relief that was!   *Whew*  But I have as yet to get his necessary Supplies, so expect another round of filling up the shopping cart this week.

Of coarse being that the Diva Fashionista felt that her current Wardrobe simply wouldn't cut it with the Dress Code since Hoochie-Mama Style is strictly prohibited *LOL*... and all her shorts are short shorts... and most of her tops have sleeveless or spaghetti straps... and Lord knows she needed to fill up that Fabulous new Walk-In Closet of hers since it was looking sparse... we hadda do The Goodwill Hunting Thing during Half-Price Day and get new Wardrobe for The Princess!  Since we were both ecstatic that we didn't have to go out and buy new School Uniforms I did not protest... the Thirty-Five bucks I spent on gently used Apparel she can wear all the time paled in comparison to buying a week's worth of School Uniforms at Retail Prices!   It would help tho' if the Antique Mall's Sales this pay period weren't so abysimally dismal!

Of coarse I did have to Endure a couple hours worth of Project Runway America's Next Top Model strutting of her in each and every piece once we got Home... she did looked darned Cute in it all tho'!  Ah, to have that Coat Hangar build where anything you put on looks Fabulous... and this one's not conceited, she's convinced!  *LMAO*   Isn't Vanity one of the Seven Deadly Sins?  I'm not sure... and she doesn't Care... *Smiles*   Okay, so perhaps there will be a Class of Fourth Grade Boys who will be slightly distracted this year by a certain You Know Who... they are beginning to Notice you know... that Scares the Hell outta The Man!  *Ha ha ha*

I'm rather looking forward to the Respite the School Day will give me.   I'm rather NOT looking forward to any Problem Child Calls I might get from the new Teachers or Administration, so I'm preparing for the worst whilst hoping for the best.   I didn't hide anything in intake, though I do want this to be a Fresh Start for them both... at least Staff has been forewarned that they could be a handful and need Special handling and IEP accommodations.   I'm Hopeful and Guardedly Optimistic that this School System has a better Special Services Dept. for Special Needs Kiddos, we'll see.

I am taking time to myself to Savor some of the things this new area has to offer... and I'm absolutely Loving it.    I just will be Glad when the Transition is over and we're down to only Maintaining one Home and will have profited from all that Equity in the one being Sold Off.   Because this Move has indeed taken the wind out of my Sails and some days I would like to just be Lazy, but I can't just yet.

I had completely Forgotten how Stressful a Move can actually be... and how much Work... even though it's mostly Good Stress... well, Stress still being Stress and all... it takes a Toll over time.   So I don't want to spend an inordinate amount of time doing it, I want to get the Moving part behind me.   And the Adoption part behind me.   So that I can concentrate on Moving Forward without a lot of excess baggage weighing me down.

'Cause I'm no Spring Chicken... or Spring Duckling... and some days this Rose feels like it's fading fast and running out of gas to cross that Finish Line without needing a push and some towing!  Only there's no tow truck on the Horizon... so I might just have to get out and walk the rest of the way... and some days that seems like a long haul and too much of a Marathon without passing the baton to somebody... anybody... a relay would be so much easier, it really would...


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Good-Bye Old Morris... Beloved Old Alley Cat Fur Baby

Old Morris came to us OLD... that's why we always called him Old Morris.   An Aging battle scarred Alley Cat we're not entirely certain of his origins or if he ever belonged to anybody or not?  And we'll never really know how Old he actually was... only that he came to us Old and Tough as Old Boots and spent many, many years with our Family... making him probably Ancient by exclusively Outdoor Cat standards.  Having lived his Life on the Streets for probably a very long time already, it made him an Ideal Working Cat for our Acreage and so we allowed him to stay and live out his days with us as one of our Beloved "Rescue" Fur Babies, of which there have been many over the years.

Even though he probably never would have been considered "Pet Quality" by most Shelter Standards, he had the most docile Personality and Tolerated Humans exceptionally well, especially Children and other Animals.   He was that 'Get Along With Everyone' Cat that never wanted Drama, though he was certainly robust and big enough to handle himself in a "Need To" Moment, of which there were many, with all the Strays and Feral Cats we had in the Old Neighborhood over the years.  He was the "Protector" of the other Cats less skilled at a Cat Fight... and being a Sage Alley Cat Alpha Male sort, he had that perfect balance of Meekness and Toughness necessary to keep the Peace.

He wasn't all that Photogenic and seemed to know it since he did not like being Photographed one iota but was Docile enough to Tolerate it and stand still for a few, if he had to.  He wasn't a run off and try to hide type when the camera came out... but you could always tell by his expression that it was a "Hurry Up and let's get this over with..." Thing for him!  *LOL*   His expression always had Attitude, but he himself, not a bit, he never once bit or scratched anyone and Tolerated a lot of Torment by our other Fur Babies who were Younger and made Sport of him sometimes since he was so Good Natured they knew he would let them get away with it.

  He could have 'Taken' them if he'd wanted to, being much bigger, stronger and scrappier, but he was always the Gentle, Patient, Laid Back One and Loved all of the many Fur Babies we owned and was the Patriarch of the Bohemian Cat Boy Clan... and Bohemian Cat Girl Clan as well.   He and Rusty were inseparable, he was never quite the same after Rusty Passed unexpectedly and in his Prime.   We often Wondered if Rusty had been Old Morris' Son since Old Morris would NEVER get persuaded into a Pet Carrier or tricked into a Cat Trap for a visit to the Vet or to be Neutered... so he was our only Fur Baby that never was 'Fixed'.  Not knowing his History I Respected his Wishes to not be like the others.

  You could tell the other Cats all Loved Morris too and Respected him... though Tormenting the Elderly is Fun even for Cats I suppose, they liked to Snuggle with him too... he was a big Snuggler with other Fur Babies.  He was the only Fur Baby that NEVER allowed Grooming, Bathing or to be Tidied Up... he was rather like Pigpen and the Boneless Cat from the 'Peanuts' Cartoon... always dusty and crusty the way he liked to be, like an Old Hobo, and going completely limp and almost boneless looking when held... since he didn't really like being held or fussed over too much... but he did enjoy being Talked to and would respond very vocally always.  Wish I could Speak Cat... since he always had a lot to say if you asked him! 

But by the end of his days he had begun to appear very Frail... he still had his big, broad head... but he began to show the signs of advanced Old Age.   It is difficult, given that legally you can hasten an Animal's departure, to just allow Nature to take it's course and let God's Timing transition an ailing Elderly Pet from Time into Eternity.   I suppose had we not already been in the throes of a huge Move with major expenses I might have opted to hasten Old Morris into the Afterlife, but I really didn't want to.

  I really wanted for the Lord to choose the date and time for this Faithful Old Friend and Fur Baby of ours to pass from Time into Eternity.   He held on for a very long time, so scrappy and Tough that he began to look like a Pet Cemetery Cat from a Stephen King Novel!   I felt bad, perhaps I should scrape together the funds and Assist him into his Afterlife I often thought?  But I couldn't bring myself to do it... I was already Dealing with far too much to make another weighty decision like that... especially so soon after putting Beloved Yul to Sleep and spending a small fortune trying to Save him.

And besides, this was different... we absolutely knew without a shadow of a doubt that there was no Saving or Medical Intervention in the World that would erase the ravages of Time and Advanced Old Age... Morris was very Old... and Morris was clearly dying... it was his Time.   So I wrestled long and hard with whether to play God and hasten the inevitable, or allow him to Pass Naturally... I choose the latter... though I didn't absolutely Feel Good about it... it's had to watch someone you Love Dying.   It brought back floods of Old Memories of my Dad in fact... because like Old Morris, my Dad had been Tough as Old Boots and fought long and hard to stay this side of Time and Eternity, beating tremendous odds and Grim Prognosis for much longer than he should have.   I would ask Old Morris if he was suffering and he would Meow and tug at my Heart to allow him to just Exist, for as long as the Lord Decided it to be Time.   

Perhaps that was Wishful Thinking and I just wanted to Believe I was doing the Right Thing by him?
Yes, I knew he was Dying... and I guess I always knew he would never make it to the New Home... and probably he shouldn't have... our Historic Old Homestead had been his Domain for so long that it just seemed Right to allow him to Live out the rest of his days there and bury him on our Acreage... his Forever Home.   And I Type this with Tears streaming down my face because this Morning when I awoke I new it would be The Day... I Felt it so strongly that I knew I'd have to look for him on the Acreage because he would not be standing Vigil on the Front Porch as he always did... I just KNEW it!   They always Go Away a bit to Die... to a more Secluded Spot they want to spend their last minutes.   I wasn't sure where that would be for Old Morris, but I Suspected it would be a Forbidden Spot, like my Veggie Garden, which they knew was Off Limits so they wouldn't crush the Harvest.

I've had numerous previous Fur Babies allowed to Pass Naturally that Chose a Forbidden Spot to Die... it's almost as if in Quiet Rebellion they want to be somewhere Special that they knew they'd be Found and could Enjoy something previously I wouldn't Allow... but that I'd never refuse the Dying Wish of to any Beloved One to be there to spend their last Moments on Earth.   Yes... I Found him THERE this Morning... and though it might seem Morbid I had already dug his Grave, knowing it was near his Time, in the unforgiving hard parched Earth we have here in the Desert... no easy task when it's 113+ degrees to even Create a rather Shallow Fur Baby Grave... so I knew it would make it easier to be proactive rather than reactive in Grief to Prepare it.

And so this Morning our Beloved Old Morris was Laid To Rest at our equally Beloved Old Homestead.   I won't be able to do that in our New Subdivision... have Pet Graves on our Private Property unless we drive up North to our Forty Acre Ranch Site... so for our last remaining Fur Baby Miss Priss it will have to be somewhere else than Home... when it's her Time.   But I'm Glad for Old Morris that we could still Honor him in our Time Honored Tradition of burying Beloved Fur Babies on our own Acreage Properties... he Deserved such a Special Burial Site.  You will be Missed my Old Friend... Besos and Hugs until we meet again on the Other Side.


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Some Order... Some Chaos... My Beautiful Mess

Okay, so not all of the Mess is so Beautiful to Behold actually, but to have some Order being Restored in the Chaos of Moving is a thing of Beauty as things come together and it begins to look more and more like Home.

I'm actually Surprised at myself that I don't have more of a sense of Urgency to get things unpacked once they arrive here... and just take my time in setting things up at a slower pace so that they have a chance to evolve without rushing it.

I change some things, add some things, remove some things... as the whim takes me... and some rooms are more complete than others, but that's perfectly Okay, I'm in no great hurry.   I'm slowly packing up things at the Old Homestead and will for some time I suppose... and Editing possessions in that Process.   That property is in utter Chaos with the Move in full swing and everything being dismantled and hauled away, so I don't like to spend a lot of time there anymore.


A Moving Out Location is rather Sad because it looks less and less like your Home and is in such disarray it looks virtually ransacked!!!   So I prefer spending more time here even though there is still much to do there.    I'm intentionally having a balance of 'Down Time' and working to complete the Move... that way I don't Feel quite so overwhelmed by The Process and physically worn out.

Moving is a lot of Work in and of itself... but I felt it's still the most Ideal time to also seriously Downsize our possessions and cull them to a more Curated Collection of what we absolutely Love and want to bring over to the New Home.  So as I pack, I'm conscious of what I want to Keep and am not packing anything I'm not absolutely decisive about Keeping.

The Oldest of the Dress Form Gals have finally made it over to the New Home... and due to their weight and awkwardness, for now anyway, they will remain on the ground floor and not be brought up into the Studio Spaces upstairs.  The lighter less Vintage versions will go up there, while the Old Garment District Gals will reside downstairs here and there.

We are having Fun with it... deciding where things will go for now and slowly allowing each Space to Evolve and Transform.   Small enclaves of some Order... along with some Chaos... my Beautiful Mess here... where even what isn't in place yet doesn't look so bad and chaotic and a Hot Mess as the Old Homestead presently does.

I do not function well in Chaos and require a certain amount of Order and at least some version of Organized Chaos around me... so I'm not even bringing very many boxes of things inside our New Home.   I keep them in the Garage Spaces neatly stacked and labeled until I want to unpack them one at a time and bring the empty boxes back to the Old House for refills.

I don't want to Live around packed boxes of things... so as we unpack we try to Create some Order out of the Contents and put it away or Decorate with it.   I just can't bear to have both locations in complete disarray, there would be no Sanctuary to Retreat to.   And I want the New Home to continue to have that Feeling of Inspiring Awe and Welcome that it had even when empty.

Though some things I don't mind having laying around... like Old Deconstructed Lampshades and piles of Vintage Velvet and Tapestries, which visually look Appealing even if they're not where they should be yet.   Many will be hung Chandie Style from the Ceiling with Single Edison Bulbs Illuminating what they provide Ambient Lighting for.

Others will go back on Lamps once I decide where I want extra Lighting provided by Table Lamps and Standing Lamps.   I Love all of my Collection of Deconstructed Antique Lampshades so they were Keepers... but I did get rid of a lot of Lamps and will be Selling Off some more, only Keeping my absolute Favorites.

Piles of Vintage Fabrics are still stacked around both locations... but slowly I'm bringing them all over here.  I had considered Selling Off some, but decided that for Creative Purposes I'd regret doing that since it would take me too long to Hoard Up quality Vintage Fabrics of this caliber again... so the majority will come over now that I've decided to Keep most of it.

Even Impromptu Arrangements that are temporary while I decide where it all will go I try to put together in such a way that it doesn't bother me or prompt my OCD to kick into high gear!  *LOL*  If it looks like somewhat of a Beautiful Mess then I can handle it not being where it should be yet and still in Transition.

And some things I'm keeping similar to how they were Styled, just for that Familiarity that is so Comforting, especially during a Major Move and completely different surroundings.   Some things being the Same as they were at the Old House just makes me feel less uprooted and more grounded.

Change can be a bit more difficult as we Age I'm finding... though I embrace Change, I do find that it takes me some time to adjust to it now.   New Experiences and going to New Levels is Exciting... and yet, just a bit Scary as well.  Maintaining two Homes is something I haven't done for a long while and so there was some trepidation about juggling it for as long as we need or want to.

I feel much Calmer about it than I thought I would though... and Confident... at first I had some Nerves... but now I really don't.    Even the added expenses that were unexpected and rather major haven't made me Panic Stricken... but that's another Story for another time.   Enrolling the G-Kid Force in their New Schools and preparing for Back To School Expenses didn't even derail me and I've stayed Calmly Centered.

Don't my Vintage Silk Umbrellas look simply Divine grouped together while they await placement?  It's Visuals like this laying around that keep me Uplifted while I work through what I need to in order to get everything and everyone Transitioned.   The Young Prince even went to his Band Camp at the New High School Tonight after Enrollment there this Morning... and made the Team for Winter Guard Rifle and Sabre Twirling and Tossing, so he was totally Stoked!

He's already making Friends in the New Neighborhood... whereas Princess T, though excited School will resume in about a week, is more timid and therefore clinging to me and insisting I sleep with her so she doesn't have separation anxiety about her New Room being Upstairs, separate from the Ground Floor Room The Man and I will sleep in.   So... for now anyway, I'm Sharing a bed with a Nine Year Old and having her be my Conjoined Twin Sidekick for a while until she begins to make New Friends.

If you've ever had a Nine Year Old practically Stalking your every move you have no Idea how suffocating that can Feel and how it makes getting anything accomplished a major Challenge!!!  But I am Sympathetic to how she's Feeling and though its a whole lotta Togetherness for Gramma to Endure, I'm attempting to Savor it as well since they grow up so fast and those times are so fleeting.

The Man propped a few things around for me while bringing them over and actually, I'm rather liking this there and may leave it.   Though I am anxious to paint some Niches and get Artwork and Taxidermy hung up and off the floors.   Having it look like a Hunting Massacre and a Looted Gallery is a bit much.  *Winks*

Placement of Objects hasn't been so difficult as Placement of Furniture though.  Since I don't want to have to move heavy Furniture twice I'm trying very hard to decide where it should go when it arrives on the Fly.   This is no easy task since I hadn't thought it through very much before it began arriving.  Both Homes were so very different that Placement here is quite different than Placement there could be.   There are entire walls here that are floor to ceiling Windows or Arcadia Sliding Doors into the various Outdoor Areas and Courtyard... so cannot be obstructed with Furniture.

There are loads of wide Covent Arches that also need to remain free from Furniture... but I J'Adore those Features and therefore I'd much rather eliminate some Furnishings to properly accommodate the Architecture of this Tuscan Styled Home and keep it Airy and Spacious looking, not cluttered up even with Beautiful Furnishings.

Challenges that I'm up to tackling... which is also why I want to take it slowly and have it done correctly with few do-overs and extra Work that isn't necessary.   There's enough Work to do the first time, right?!?  *LOL*

So Carefully I'm making my decisions about our stuff and about Placement of what we're considering Keepers.    The Man hasn't quite wrapped his Head around the fact that he'll HAVE to get rid of a lot of things he has in his various Storage Buildings and Work Shop at the Old Homestead because though this is a big Home, it does not have the Acreage or Outbuilding Storage we used to have.

I've been Okay with a Major Purge... he hasn't quite thought about it very much yet... and soon it will be time to consider it since it will have to be addressed as I clear out the Old Property.  I'm not bringing over things we don't have room for Storing over here or he never uses anymore.  He's got enough Tools to build a Subdivision, yet he hasn't built anything in years... so it's time to let go of a lot of it to someone who will and who can.

You get Spoiled when you're used to Acreage and no Restrictions on what you can Store on it... and have had numerous Outbuildings to put things in.    But I'm actually Glad there is less Space to do that here because we had too much and it was time to downsize it all considerably to a level of Sanity and proper Maintenance of it all.   I desperately Needed LESS to take Care of... and now I've just about reached that Goal!

And at the end of each day I can now draw myself a Luxurious Bubble Bath and have a completely Zen Moment to Restore my Tired Body and Refresh my Soul...

Simple things that most people take for granted... but which when you've been living in a Historic Homestead that had no indoor Baths for a a decade and a half and only tiny stand-up Showers in cubby sized Bathrooms... you really Appreciate to have in your Life again!!!

I can't even begin to tell you how much I J'Adore my Enormous Dream Bathroom my Friends!!!

Calgon... take me away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   *Winks... this is my soft porn Moment to Share without inhibitions Old Hippie that I am!  Bwahahahahahahahaha!!!*  Yep, those Jets in that Tub whip up a lather of Bubbles that make you Feel like a Kid again!  *Ha ha ha*  I stayed in there 'til I was Raisin-Like!

And afterwards, Fresh Fruit Tart...

Yes, some things never change... 

And we wouldn't really want them to...

This being among them... because our various Traditions and Rituals are a big part of making our House a Home, aren't they?

Now, will you join me?  Will you be having one slice or two?


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

A life touched by God always ends in touching others. - Erwin McManus

I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness for it shows me the stars. - Og Mandino (1923-1996)

For creativity to flourish one should try to look at everything as though it were being seen for the first or the last time. - Quote from "A Thousand Paths To Creativity" by David Baird

Is what I'm about to say an improvement on silence? ~ Galen Pearl