Sunday, August 30, 2015

So, What Does This Girl Do In Her Free Time?

I'm just kidding, I don't have any Free Time!!!  *LMAO*   But, no matter how many Irons I have in the Fire I must say that I'm still inclined to still find extra things I Imagine I NEED to do, you know?  Yes, I'm totally Insane that way!   Certifiably in fact!  *Bwahahaha*  

It's not as if a Major Move and Maintaining two Properties is quite enough for me apparently... along with daily Full Time Caregiving... Nope... I'll still find Trifles that drive me Crazy until I Fix them... you know... like some of my Taxidermy not being Pimped!   *Gasp!*

Yep, it's True... some of them had been put out without Pimping and that just would not do... and so I was on a Mission to procure some Broken Vintage Bohemian Bling for the Birds so that I wouldn't be so Fixated upon how Plain and Unadorned they looked!   So... a three dollar Goodwill Hunting broken Vintage Bling Bracelet now Adorns this one as a Necklace...

And I Found this one's Vintage Bling Applique in a box of as yet unpacked Treasures from the Old Homestead... that sit in towers of Banana Boxes halfway to the ceiling of the three car Garages waiting for me to get around to it.   But... a Girl has to have her Priorities in Order, right?  I could look at those towers of unpacked boxes of possessions for Months and not Feel the least bit bothered by them or inclined to unpack them yet.   But... walking past Unpimped Taxidermy was making me twitch and Fixate with a vengeance... having the OCD kick into overdrive until I just couldn't stand it anymore and HAD to Act!  *Smiles*

I know, Pray for me... I'm not a Well Woman clearly!  *Winks*  Because in the midst of having entirely too much to do I will still scatter my resources like I'm flinging Birdseed rather than Energy and Time around like a Crazy Person!  I will start one thing... and then another... and yet another... until I'm doing everything and nothing all at once, as The Man likes to call my Unfocused Style of getting things done.   And yet, I DO get a LOT Done, it's my completely Unorthodox and Unorganized Chaos of Doing and somehow it Works for me even tho' it looks like Utter Madness to the innocent bystander.  *LOL*

You see... it was bugging me that we only had two Rebar and European Grain Sack covered Stools for the ample Kitchen Island Breakfast Bar side.  Not only didn't they Spin, which is a requirement when you have Grandchildren... but with all the various Grandkids and... or... their Friends preferring that Spot, there was much fussing, shoving and fighting over the limited seating at the Bar!  So at least doubling the Seating helps... and my Vendor Friend Michael had a pair of these Awesome Vintage Industrial Drafting Chairs that he Negotiated a Killer Deal for me on... so... hadda have 'em!

They're very Comfortable... very Sturdy... Look Great... were a Helluva Bargain... and did I mention that they Spin?!??!  *Winks*   They also don't tip over so easily when one Kid shoves another that is perched upon a seat at the Bar!  Which happens quite often... one of those 'Givens' when you have Kiddos, they simply cannot Resist giving each other a good shove as they walk by another one Quietly sitting there innocently Enjoying something to eat!  Kiddos not crashing into Granite Counter Tops and Tile Flooring is a Good Thing... so I particularly LIKE that Feature!  *Winks*

And a Spinning Child is a Happy and Content Child... easily Amused and thus out of my Hair and NOT Tormenting me for one reason or another needing undivided Attention... which I also Enjoy immensely.   So these Chairs were a Great Investment as well as being Budget Friendly... and go with the Vintage Industrial Theme I see building in major portions of our Home now... which we're Unanimously totally diggin' as a Family!

And I decided that I Needed to Inventory ALL of my Library's Books since I now have them looking so spiffy in my New Museum Style Bookcases in this room.   So... no more Unintentional duplication when I'm Sourcing Books for my Personal Library.   Though... if I do Source a Favorite Book again that I know will Sell easily in the Showrooms, well, that's different and Intentional duplication.   Yes, Style and Decorating Books are an Easy Sell in my Showrooms so no Good Book goes to waste.   And this is in Line with my Intention of being more Organized at the New Home and less Chaotic, so I can kinda know what I have... kinda.  *Winks*

I'm also going thru my Vintage Linens, which before had been a Taboo Hoarded Collection to even THINK about Purging any of and Selling some Off!!!!!   The Letting Go of Vintage Linens in my Collection was one of the last bastions of my Self-Imposed Therapy of Learning to better Let Go of even the most Cherished of Collections so that they become more Curated and less... Hoarded!  *Winks*   Purging and Selling Off most of my Stash of Old Salvaged Doors to Pickers had been a Good Start... so on to the Vintage Tablecloth Collection I say!   Yes, can you only tell how Empowered I'm Feeling??!??!  *Ha ha ha*   This IS a Big Deal to me you see... BIG DEAL... Epic in fact!

And I Purged and Sold Off almost everything I had Displayed as a Collection in my Antique Bead Board Cabinet... so it sits completely Empty for now... awaiting a Cabinet Of Curiosities Makeover to be Displayed there instead.   In fact, I've been in no Hurry to actually FILL anything that currently lies Empty for the time being... especially Storage and Display Spaces... they will Slowly Evolve instead.

Now... one thing that IS bugging me is that I have yet to be able to hang anymore of my Taxidermy Dead Heads until I speak with my Friend Mary about how best to repair the Broken Antelope and hang everything more securely so that vibrations are a non-issue with them jumping off the Walls!?!  So... I still have a Massacre Looking Eyesore of the Carnage of Dead Heads scattered all over the Floor and Tables around the New Home.  *Le Sigh*   And Drapes that as yet cannot be hung since The Man is too unsteady up a ladder... and I'm a Vertigo Basket Case when up a ladder... Princess T is too Short to send up the Ladder of Death... and The Young Prince has a Conspiracy Theory that we might have a Plan to have him fall to his Death since he's been up the Ladder of Death so much lately?  *Bwahahahahaha!*

So there are a Host of Unfinished Projects still languishing all over the place at BOTH Properties as I Distract myself in Typical ADHD Fashion with Carefree Abandon, flitting around like a Demented Butterfly and scattering my Energy and Resources by Dreaming up even MORE shit to do!  *Ha ha ha*

Sometimes the Results are way Worth It as things begin to come together and get Done despite my Chaotic way of going about it by having several Projects going on simultaneously.   Those of you similarly Afflicted will TOTALLY relate to how this Miraculously happens and anything actually gets Done even when you have one hundred Applications Open at the same time on your Devices... or a couple dozen Projects going on at once!   Or you have a particular Destination in Mind and then Spontaneously stop five times or more somewhere else on the way and yet still manage to somehow get there and actually Arrive regardless of your Detours!  *Winks*

But even though I've been furiously Working upon BOTH Properties relentlessly... to get one set up and another one cleared out... there were other things that NEEDED to be Done... especially before the Holiday Season kicked into High Gear and Rushed up on me and caught me totally Off Guard and Unprepared!

I haven't actually been 'Pickin' and Sourcing Inventory in what seems like Ages... and though a certain amount of Junquin' Withdrawal has set in... I've staved it off somewhat by 'Pickin' the Old Property for Treasures that I'd completely Spaced Out and Forgotten we even had.   Lord have Mercy... I had an Aladdin's Cave and Treasure Trove of Objects that were right in my back yard, literally... and awaiting me to but Discover or even Re-Discover them and get them ready to either go to the New Property or Sell Off.

So.. NO... I really don't NEED to go Junquin' for the remainder of 2015 if I don't Want to or Can't... I Seriously Doubt that will happen *LOL*... but, just sayin'...  I could actually preoccupy myself for a few more Months just wading thru what we already have squirreled away.  Or didn't even know came with the Old Property when we bought it!!!  And keep opening Outbuildings and Searching every Nook and Cranny of the Property so that we don't inadvertently leave any stone unturned or any Treasure left behind when we eventually Sell the place.


I don't know exactly when I'll finally get around to being able to Create again... but I'm Hopeful that it will begin during the Holiday Season?   The Art Studio Spaces are some of the last that I'm even taking any Time to Organize and get Set Up since we don't Live in those Spaces so they're lower on the list of Priorities.   Not Creating is like Not Breathing to me tho' so I don't know how much longer I can hold my Breath and NOT Create SOMETHING??!??!?!??!?   *Winks*

Oh... and just look at what I got from my Friend Richard... a Baby Gator Letter Opener in a Leather Sheath... how stinkin' Cute and SO ME is THAT?!?   Of coarse he knew that and couldn't wait to show me and let me have it since he thought of me immediately when he Sourced it... we worked out a Sweet Deal on it and I can't say I've ever seen one so I hadda have it for my Cabinet Of Curiosities didn't I?  *Smiles*   Thanks Richard, Mwah!  SEE... I cannot even stay on Topic in a single Post... so how would anyone expect me to stay on Task with any Project?  *LOL*

And in the midst of doing a Million and One Things at both Properties... well, I had been Negligent with both Showrooms hadn't I?   They were Tragic and some Order had to be made of the Chaos in at least one of them... so we decided upon the larger one No. One-Fourteen.   Princess T and I spent two entire days in fact this Weekend overhauling that Showroom and we completed it this Afternoon... boy are we Tired and Sore!  *Whew!*

It was a LOT to do since I hadn't done a damned thing in either Room in eons it seems and my Sales certainly reflected that Truth!  *Le Sigh*   But The Magic began to happen the moment we began the Transformation... and we'd finish a Vignette only to have it 'Picked' by Customers immediately... and so then we'd make another... and another.  *Yay!*   Yes, for Example, there had been an Antique Chair all of this was Styled upon, but it SOLD before we could even snap a pix of it!

And Styling everything or Photographing a room without getting Customers in Frame did prove to be a particular Challenge.  Sometimes we just had to leave the room until everyone cleared out and we could get back to Work because it just became too crowded in there.  Funny how when you're Working on stuff People get so CURIOUS and it draws them like Moths to a Flame!   Even the carts laden with Product were being pawed thru and it's All Good... so the first day we spent NINE Hours at it!  *Whew*

And then Today we brought in replacements for the Halloween and Garden Style Rusty and Crusty Elements that were flying out the doors as fast as we could Style with them the first day!   Yes, when you Work it then it will work... I know that Fact, but I don't always have or make the Time to get in there like I should to keep things Energized and the Bottom Line Solid.   But, it's on the top of the Priority List now that at least one Showroom is back on track and in Order.

I also Vowed not to Sell Out or Compromise my Aesthetic EVER AGAIN in this Showroom and only bring in what I want to and Love to Style with and Sell... and not just cater to the demographic and what just Sells and I HATE carrying.   I know, it was a big Leap for me because if rubber dog turds are Selling then it's really, really hard NOT to Sell rubber dog turds to the People isn't it?   I mean, Crap Sells more often than I like to admit it... and Quality Merchandise and what has Value as a Collectible, Salvage, Art, Vintage Item or Antique can languish if there is no Demand for it... it's just Retail Suicide not to pay attention to that Fact.   But I LOATHE carrying what I wouldn't want or wouldn't buy for myself and so I have decided NOT TO even Source it regardless of how much of it would Sell fast.

I'll Clue you in Later if this was a Mistake or not... but at the very Least it's making me be in a better Head Space... Feel ever so much better and I've always Hated being a Sell Out and Compromising my own Aesthetic even more than not making Money, you know?   I already Like being in my Showroom more now that there's no Selling Out setting around to remind me that I'd Sold Out and had to get back to Center!  *Ha ha ha*  Now... Showroom One-Thirty-Three is another matter... but eventually that too shall receive a complete Transformation and Infusion of Eclectic Boheme' to replace any rubber dog turd Inventory still stinkin' up the place and making me Feel like Crap to be around it or Feeling like I have to supply it to make Bank!  *LMAO*


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian 

Saturday, August 29, 2015

We're Baaaack... Familiarity... There's Just Something About It

Familiarity... there's just Something about it isn't there?   It's why, when we go on a Vacay, no matter how Fabulous and jaw dropping the surroundings, it's just not Home.   It Feels different... and even if Enjoyable and long awaited... returning Home always still Feels Good.   Home Sweet Home... our Personal Sanctuaries with our Familiar Objects and Surroundings enveloping us in utter Contentment.   I think that is why the Transition Period when you Move can be so tough until your Contents arrive and get set up to make it Feel like Home again and not so foreign an Environment.  Even for us Nomads who have Moved often and perhaps all of our Lives, certain things make it Our Home.   That "We're baaaack" Familiarity of our Possessions Moving back in with us and taking up Residence too makes it Feel Complete.  That is finally how we're Feeling at the New Home now.

Enough has finally Moved over with us and been unpacked out of the towers of boxes to start making each room more Familiar, more like Home.   Sure, it can be set up differently and Styled in a Fresh way... or not if we were totally diggin' how it always looked a certain kinda way.  It can end up in different rooms than before and we can mix it up and intermingle it with some New Objects... but it just BEING THERE makes the World of difference somehow.   And certainly we're far from finished, there is still much to do in just about every room and things still awaiting arrival or unpacking... but we're finally at that tipping point where our Comfort level is back and we're settling in to a Normal Routine daily, as you do when you're finally Home.

I've been Experimenting with the Details and what seems to just Fit together nicely.  Coupling things I've previously had with some relatively New Treasures I've procured since the Move began and things began to be in a constant state of upheaval for an unspecified amount of time.   I've been chomping at the bit to Style with certain things that really couldn't have a place at the Old Homestead because there was just no point in Styling before a major Move... and I hadn't had the time nor energy to get around to at the New Home until just now.   I've had this Fabulously Tattered Antique Lampshade for what seems like an Eternity because I was waiting for the right Lamp it should Grace... or should I Suspend it from the ceiling Chandie Style I'd Wondered?  Well, for now it's Gracing a relatively New Found Treasure of a Sterling 1920's Loving Cup converted into a Lamp.

Which in turn is replacing a Mid-Century Mod Butterfly Motif Goose-neck Double Lamp that I used to have illuminating my Computer Work Station... before I recently Sold it from the Old Homestead to a Picker Friend.   Yes, some things that I did Love and Enjoy the use of for many years have not made it over to join us at the New Home... that being among many.   It's not really that it wouldn't have Fit since there are many Butterflies exhibited throughout this particular room that the fiberglass Butterfly Motif Shades of the Mid-Century Mod Lamp would have matched quite well in fact.   But some things had to be Let Go of... in fact many things had to be Let Go of and it was often rather a spontaneous Process for me as to what and when.   I didn't really even put a lot of thought into it, because when I Overthink anything I can just waffle too much and be indecisive.

I just don't have the luxury of time to be indecisive about what to Keep and what to Let Go of.   Though to be sure some things were definitely Keepers and I didn't even have to think twice about that.  Others were not so definitive and I just had to make a spontaneous Judgment Call about them if someone offered to buy them on the spot and seemed to Appreciate them enough that I could Feel Good about turning them over to be Sold.   I Wish I could say I was all Business about it and could detach just that easily, or that it was all about the Money... but neither would be entirely my Truth.  It's just that the Time had come to Seriously Downsize and so you have to make some Tough Choices sometimes in that Process. 

Knowing that some things will be easy to Release and others won't... though they may not be excruciatingly difficult, downsizing means that you shouldn't Keep everything you might Want to.  But to Keep just enough that the Familiarity of your Environment remains and the Conscience about what you have Released doesn't Haunt you.   I try to have few regrets about my decisions and a Peace about them, even the hard ones.   Will I Miss some of my Familiar Treasures that were still Loved and yet had to be Released... well, yeah... but it's not as if I can't or won't find others you know... being a Die Hard Junquer and Incurable Collector... there's no telling what else I might find in the Future!?!   And that is so Exciting to me that I don't have very much Anguish about what I no longer have in my possession and have passed along to others now.

I have kept the things that I Enjoy the most or are Beloved or Sentimental for one reason or another. They may not even have as much actual Value as some Objects I have Released... and that is why the Value I place on my Treasures is not very Conventional really.   It could be Rare and I could still Let it Go... it could be Expensive and I could still Let it Go... it could be totally Worthless in the sight of anyone but myself and I will often hang onto it for Dear Life because it is Priceless and irreplaceable to me!    Some things I would be absolutely Distraught to have to Let Go of or Lose... some things would be so hard to Let Go of that I will shed tears, but I can still manage to Let Go.   The Old Homestead is one such thing that many tears have been shed about the Letting Go of, but I still have a Peace about moving forward and that it was just the right thing and right Time and Season of Life to do so.

And as I sit here at my newly Styled Desk, which just came over from the Old House Today, so I could finally take down the Temporary Vintage Card Table my Computer was set up on, I'm liking that it's totally different... and yet, Familiar enough to be Comforting and Comfortable for me to Create my Blog Posts around.   In fact, I'm Loving this Library Room so much more than I even Loved my previous Computer Space at the Old Homestead!   I'm actually Loving everything about our New Home... it just Feels Right... it just Feels like Home... and it did from the very start actually... but now that the Familiarity of our Beloved Objects moving back in with us is well underway, well, there's just Something about that which is unexplainable and makes things Feel Complete.

I Feel as though Creativity will Flourish in my New Environment... the Energy is just Ideal for it to in fact.    Yes, this is our Dream Home now Manifested in Real life... a Forever Home that I would definitely Feel completely Comfortable Living out my days Occupying.  It's a New Bohemian Valhalla for us... with enough of the Familiar... and enough of the New and Exciting to Energize our Spirit and yet still Soothe our Souls.

Moving at this more Advanced Season of Life was definitely much harder than in our Youth... and I cannot say we Embrace Change quite as Easily as we used to be able to... but Thank God we're also not stuck in a rut and unable to Change or Accept Major Changes as they become Necessary and are a part of our Destiny.

Being able to be Adaptable and still look forward to something completely different is something that is Invaluable since the only Constant is Change.    And being able to Keep some things that don't Change very much helps to soften the Transition, doesn't it?

We're still in our Transitionary Period for a while longer... an unspecified while longer since I haven't yet cleared out the Old Property nor put it up for Sale yet... that Process is coming along nicely but taking much longer than I would have liked for it to.  Some days I do just want for it to be over and done with already.  But it's not quite so Overwhelming now that most of it seems to be behind me and what lies before me isn't so Intimidating anymore... I can see Light at the end of the Journey we've been on since deciding to Move and make such a drastic Change.


And this Journaling of it has Helped as well... to Document the Process for Posterity... and remember what it Felt like... lest I get a Wild Hair in the Future and have Wanderlust really bad... I can temper my itchy Nomadic Feet with knowing how Tiring this has been.  Rewarding and Exciting and yet completely Exhausting all at once!   Yes, there is always that downside to every upside isn't there?

And as the Journey continues I can hardly wait to see exactly where it's taking me actually??!??!


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Friday, August 28, 2015

Mid-Century Mod ~ Zinnia's At Melrose

My Friend Mike has expanded his Antique Mall and added a large new space, many of the Vendors displaying their wares there specialize in Mid-Century Mod and Vintage Industrial Style.   So of coarse I hadda check it out!   Mid-Century Mod is Trending right now and it's such a Cheerful and Fun Style that I'm not at all surprised at it's resurgence in Popularity.   I remember decorating with this Style back in da day... in fact, my first Apartment Rocked this Style... with some Boho Hippie and Exotic Accents added of coarse!  *Winks*   But yes, I had the Grass Green, Vivid Orange, Bold Turquoise and Brighter than the Sun Yellows in those days as part of my Color Palette.

And I remember the Furniture was so Comfortable, as well as the Clean Lines and Retro Shapes making it Fresh, Futuristic looking, Interesting and very 'George Jetson' Ultra Modern.   Which as a Young Adult I was definitely drawn to during that Era when it made it's initial appearance on the Scene and we all clamored to have some because we'd never seen anything quite like it before.  I still think it makes an Impact and Visual Statement when grouped together and is an Effortless form of Styling, where Less is definitely More.

There is also great Signage in the expanded section of the Mall... and this enormous Advertisement really caught my Eye... the Colors still so Vibrant and the Graphics Amazing and Fun.  If I was gonna hang an oversized Commercial Sign in my Home it would definitely be something like this one.

In my Mind's Eye I was Pondering if I even had a Wall large enough to Showcase such Signage?  Alas, only in direct Sunlight and I wouldn't want it to fade, so that wouldn't be a Practical spot.  Such an Enticing Sign makes you want to try all seventeen delicious flavors, doesn't it?  *LOL*

And how Cute would this Retro Sofa be in a Girl's Bedroom to lounge upon and Entertain their Friends?   I could see this in Princess T's room... only she's not such a Fan of Pink... but the Conch Shell Pink coupled with Black and Chrome did look Stunning even if you're not such a Fan of Pink... and it was very Comfortable.

I could Imagine, if you have a Loft Space, that a Wall of Commercial Clocks like this grouped together would be a Focal Point to the entire room... all set at different Time Zones around the World!   For those of us who have Friends and Family that live Internationally and around the various Time Zones of the USA it would be quite Helpful too, if you labeled each Zone's Clock, to remember what time it was there before you make a Call.   And the thick Shag Rug made me Smile... I remember having thick Burnt Orange Shag Carpet in one room and this shade of thick Shag Avocado Green in another {I know, Gack!} but it didn't seem to look half bad with Black Vinyl Furnishings and lotsa Chrome... but ya hadda RAKE it!!!  *LOL* 

Pool Hall Style would look really Cool in a Young Man's Bedroom or Living Space.  The Young Prince Enjoys Clean Lines and the Minimalist Look in Styling his Personal Spaces.   Right now he's quite Enamored with Japanese Style and Culture so that's the Look he's going for in his Personal Space here at the New Home.

There were towers of Trunks... Illuminated Signage...

And plenty of Vintage Industrial Style Inventory as well.   I particularly Wanted and was Seriously Jonesin' for this Unit which held Twenty-Eight Metal Gym Lockers.   This would be Great Storage in my Art Studio Loft Space!

And another Interesting piece I was Attracted to was this Money Table... this Style would go really well in our New Home's Vibe...

The thick Lucite Top was encrusted with various Tokens, Trinkets, Keys, Coins, Rings and other Currency.

I have always been a Fan of Encasing Interesting Objects in or under Lucite as a Decorating Accent.

And Grouping Vintage Mirrors on a Wall always looks Stylish too... I have a Collection of Antique Mirrors and prop mine up all over the house.   Usually don't hang them since many of the Antique Mirrors are extraordinarily heavy and I don't want to risk them coming down... like Poor Antelope did... don't need the Bad Luck of Broken Mirrors.  *Ha ha ha*

If you Love Oversized Commercial Signs you'll be in Seventh Heaven my Friends...

And there was even some Taxidermy... so I was suitably Impressed with the expansion... Job Well Done Mike and the Shop Guys... Bravo!


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian
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I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness for it shows me the stars. - Og Mandino (1923-1996)

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