Friday, October 30, 2015

Happy Halloween 2015!

Happy Halloween 2015 my Friends!  I'm Pre-Scheduling this Post early because we'll be so busy this day... we LOVE Halloween... but then, you already knew that about us didn't you?  *Cackle*   If I had any place to store it I'd want a Prop like this outside our Home as a Halloween facade, just so you'd think we actually Lived in a Haunted Manse.

But wait, we DID live in an authentic allegedly Haunted House and I could still Host this Halloween there since I haven't put it up for Sale yet!   But, we found out that people only like being Scared half to death if they feel they're Safe and not really in any Danger... so a REAL Haunted House just Creeps them out too much I suppose?!  *LOL*

It's True, I like being Scared myself, it's such a Natural adrenaline Rush isn't it?  Quite Primal Fear is... and your body doesn't really differentiate between a Real Scare that is potentially Dangerous and a fabricated Safe one that elicits an identical reaction.  But, it isn't quite so Intimidating if you're watching a Horror Movie or visiting a Haunted Attraction where you know in your Head you're actually Safe and not in any Real Danger because it's all predictably fabricated.   Going into a really Scary situation that isn't fabricated and you can't predict the outcome of and feel you could be in Danger, not so much I'm Game for either Truth be told!  *Smiles*

Even though our Old Homestead had many incidents of what everyone agreed upon was Paranormal Activities, none seemed Threatening or Sinister in Nature, so I was Okay with sharing the space with whatever Spirits resided there too.  We co-existed in Harmony for many years, even though numerous Guests were unnerved or couldn't get thru a single Night, can't say I ever was that Creeped out by my own Experiences.  But if I had to spend the Night or live in an Ominous Haunting space... I'm certain I couldn't wait to get out of there!  *Ha ha ha*

But being the type that is Attracted to Macabre Style, Decrepit surroundings and Derelict Decorating... one who Celebrates the Weird and the Wonderful... well, Halloween is just the Perfect Muse for my Wild Imaginings and Enjoying those Wild Imaginings of others who totally dig it too!

And it's not all the Darkness that I am drawn to... even the Whimsical sides of Halloween are Appealing to me as well.   Scary Clowns for example are Humorous only because I'm not one with a phobia of Clowns... but for those who are, I suppose it's quite Terrifying actually.  And there isn't much that is Creepier than a Good Scary Clown just because a Clown was never meant to elicit Fear, but Circus Humor and Joy, so when it doesn't... well, that's Creepy Evil in disguise!

On Halloween Eve we'll be carving our Jack-O-Lanterns... the G-Kid Force has been itching to do it for days, but we already had one spoil and go rotten, having to be thrown away and replaced, so I've urged them to wait as close to Halloween as they can manage!  *Smiles*  Waiting when they're Excited about doing something is pure Torture for Youngsters... and perhaps even more Torture for the Adults delaying it, with all that begging and petulance going on!  *Le Sigh*

It seems that every 10 minutes or so they're hovering around those Pumpkins wielding the Carving Appliances!  Which the Young Prince doesn't think are nearly sharp enough, those Safety Child Approved Carving Appliances, so he'd really like to replace them with the Knives and such!  Like that is ever gonna happen given that Kid's Track Record with sharp objects and the interactions he and his Beast Princess Little Sister have with each other!  *Bwahahahahaha!*  I don't know who would actually be more unstable with a sharp object, the Wednesday Addams Child or Brother Darkness wearing the Red Riding Hood Cape?!  We just don't want to find out, so it's a No Go with the Knives and such.  *LMAO*

They've already been at each other's throats regarding Choice of Pumpkins... he made more Noise about it, but she Won.  Just because nobody can last longer than her when it comes to wearing people down to a nub so that they're just too weary to fight anymore and barely have the energy to hoist up the White Flag surrendering to The Beast Princess' shrill and tenacious demands!   It wears me out just listening to it and I'm not even in the Ring... tho' I do occasionally throw on my striped Referee Shirt and Whistle to Mediate the melee if it goes on past the usual fifteen rounds.  *Winks* 

My Brother and I were always very Good at Compromise and Shared Experiences which would be Enjoyable for us both, I still like hanging out with him in fact when he comes to Arizona.   But clearly some Siblings don't possess that ability or nurture their relationships with each other... and all Hell can break loose at any time they're in proximity with each other for very long.  When not Tormenting the living daylights out of each other, Grandpa is the next best thing to wind up, it's like having ten year old Triplets around here some days!

And when I'm taking Time Off from Mediating... and can set aside some Me Time... I'm inclined to want to do something that I wouldn't want an entourage in tow.   The Arizona State Fair being such a place, not because I'm Selfish, but since it's way too expensive anymore to entertain taking an entire Family anyway.  Besides, this year I only got a couple of Free Entrance Tickets for a Friday Afternoon and they were in School and The Man Hates Fairs and Carnivals.   I know... we're obviously Yin and Yang that way, so he doesn't mind me going without him, he Insists in fact!  *LOL*

You see, I can go to a State Fair and do absolutely nothing but walking around Enjoying the Atmosphere of it all... and the Sights, Sounds and Smells.  So I don't NEED to spend any money while I'm there.  I don't NEED to go on a ride anymore, I don't NEED to win an over sized stuffed animal or Goldfish in a bag, I don't even NEED Fair Food!  *Gasp!*   Yep, I said that... I don't even NEED Fair Food... I might WANT it, but I don't NEED it!  *Winks*

So, yes, the Giant Smoked Turkey Legs, Chocolate covered Chicharrones and Meat on Meat Dogs were Safe around me... didn't even have the Temptation to partake really since I made sure I ate a hearty meal before arrival!  *Smiles*

And some Fair Food I'm not even sure what it IS?   Texas Chicken Dinner On-A-Stick???!  Huh?  In fact, I've come to the conclusion you can put anything on a Stick at the Fair and folks will eat it... or deep fry it and they'll come... or make the Booth look Enticing enough that it doesn't even matter what it is, the Graphics and Hype made it seem like it will taste Amazing!  *Smiles*

Now to be sure I almost went Zombie Apocalypse when I strolled past the Navajo Nation Fry Bread Stand that has come every year for as long as I can remember and makes the best Fry Bread EVER!   But prices of food and refreshments had more than doubled from previous years... and the line was long... so... that helped me refrain!  *LOL* 

Besides, if there was even a whiff of Fry Bread on me when I got Home I'd be Busted and they'd know where I'd been without them!   And even tho' going to a Fair and NOT riding any rides or eating any Fair Food or playing the Midway Games isn't anything they would find to be acceptable by any stretch of the Imagination... if I Escape and go anywhere without them they Assume that me having a Good Time Solo is more than they can bear!  

I think they have taken it as their Mission in Life in fact to Ensure that I never get to have a Good Time unless I have a Chaperone in tow!?  *Winks*    Preferably one that will lose Interest quickly in whatever it is I'm trying to Enjoy and have it be all about them all of the time.  *Smiles*

And this is why I can Escape Guilt Free when I can make a clean break for it!   Okay, so I'm not as nimble about my Escapes as this fellow, but the only reason we probably don't have one of these poles from our Balcony is because The Man is sure that I'd sometimes get desperate enough to try to use it!?  *LOL*

And besides, even if we did have one... I'm sure one of them Kids would be the Gatekeeper at the bottom and run twenty-four-seven Shifts just to ensure I didn't make a clean Getaway!?!  *Smiles*

As it is I'm SURE the Little One has Gramma Radar that goes off when I even THINK about leaving the house... or try to enter undetected!!!   It's like a Sixth Sense she has about my Presence or lack thereof... no amount of Covert Ops has been able to have me leave or come back undetected... so when she's in School is my only Hope!  *Bwahahahaha!*

Yeah, Scary Stuff this raising of Grandchildren I tell ya... nothing is Scarier sometimes than when we do the Math and realize what Advanced Age we'll be when we finally finish continuously raising Children!   Let's just say the number has a Seven in it shall we... Shudder... and why I'm practically Fearless about most other things now!  *Ha ha ha*

Happy Halloween from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Taking A Walk

So I've been in this Walking Mood now that the Weather has taken a Glorious Turn... and along with walking in my New Neighborhood, which is quite Beautiful and Majestically Scenic with the Natural Desert and close-up Mountain Range views, I have also gone Downtown to my Favorite Historic Districts to walk as well.  Since the Scenery of those Historic Architectural Treasures is equally Captivating and visually an Eye Candy Treat.  

I like when pockets of Historical Areas haven't gone Ghetto in a City, going into a tragic decay and decline beyond redemption.  I like when they are Cherished, Preserved and well Cared for as the Gems they truly are.  I had Considered buying one of them actually when we made the Big Move... but they were way overpriced and thus mostly unaffordable... in the Inner City near too many areas I definitely didn't want flanking my property... and the Schools SUCKED.  But I still do Enjoy taking a gander since Historic Homes is my 'Thing' even tho' I have now chosen not to live in one.

Not to mention the City Parks can also be Lovely this time of year... though personally I prefer Natural Desert and Mountains, Downtown in the Inner City, a well Maintained Park can be the next best thing.   I totally understand why The Man does NOT ever want to Live in the City, the shortcomings outweigh the benefits for our chosen Lifestyle, so Rural is where we prefer to Invest our Lives.   But I'm one of those people completely Comfortable in both the City and the Country... Enjoying the Merits of each... so a nice balance of spending time in both suits me just fine.  *Smiles*

I've chosen just a few of my Favorite Historic Properties in this one District to Share in this Post... more of them came up for Sale than usual this year, so if one was wanting to Invest in the City's Historical District, it was a possibility at least.   I like when there are possibilities... it gave us more Options when we were choosing where we'd put down permanent roots this time around.   Some of these Homes never come up for Sale... and Thankfully greedy Investors haven't destroyed some of the areas where Historic Preservation measures Protect them adequately.  That isn't the case in many parts of the City battling this scourge and that's a real Shame.

When I'm watching Reality TV I feel very Conflicted when million plus dollar listings of Homes with History are grabbed by Investors that will raze them just to make a twenty plus million dollar property Profit, since The View is what the deep pockets can buy at any cost.   I totally Get It, when making that much Profit is possible, greed will almost always trump conscience about what one is destroying in order to achieve it.  But once History is Lost... that's a Forever Thing that I'm not sure we can place adequate Value upon at the end of the day.   So it should be adequately monitored and held in check too to how much is Sold Off to the highest bidders.

Just because you can do something doesn't always mean you should.   But who and what can be 'Bought' is always a big consideration when it comes to alleged Progress and Change isn't it?  I am very Glad that Metro Phoenix FINALLY began designating Historic Districts before it all was Lost... they were very late on getting on the bandwagon of Preservation of it's History.   When I remember what was Lost just in my lifetime and living here Witnessing it's demise, it makes me heartsick, it really does.

But there are still some, even in the Great Areas, that need a lot more TLC... like this one... which Sold for quite a lot of money and has so much of it's original Charm, but which still languishes in the Restoration Process.  I only full well know the Challenges of that daunting Project, so I'm not Judging.   It does take a huge Financial commitment to Restore a Historic Home and keep it well Maintained and it can become a money pit if you don't have the means to stay on top of it.

My Temptation, when we were looking at buying a different Home, was to fall into the Desire to want to Rescue a Home such as this and have it be Our Project!  *LOL*   Resisting that ridiculous Temptation at this Season of Life and reminding myself that was precisely why I was Selling the Beloved Old Homestead was what kept me in Check!  *Whew*   Yeah, this one would be a Labor of Love... and at the prices in this Area, not at all worth it on any Modest Budget... we'd leave this one to a deep pocket Preservationist.  *Smiles*

Now this one is still for Sale and Magnificently Restored and I had the distinct Pleasure of talking to it's present Owner who was very nice, back when I was looking for a property to buy.   But the Price Point was for the Rich or Famous... of which I am neither... so... it was on to the next.  *LOL*   I really feel the Home I bought compares in size and Architectural details authentic to this Style, so in a way I got my Wish for what I was seeking and within our Budget.  So it was all Good to behold what we couldn't have just so we'd know what we really wanted when we could find it at the right Price Point.   Location... Location... Location... if you go further out of the City you definitely get more bang for your buck... and often in a Pristine Natural Setting which is Priceless IMO.   I don't mind the commute and NOT dealing with Inner City Issues either.

And speaking of Issues... is it just me, or is it more than a bit Amusing to find a faux stack of Vintage Suitcases costing this much when you can stack the Real Deal for about a Hundred bucks or so?  Maybe that's just the Die Hard Junquer in me speaking and not everybody knows that?  Granted, this one has drawers in every faux Suitcase, which was rather Cool, but with a SALE Price of a Grand and a half, uhhhh... nope, don't think so.  It would have to be Seriously Reduced beyond this Price Point for me to bite.  Funny how whatever is On-Trend will be knocked off in some kind of way for Mass Retail Purposes so that if you can't get the Real Deal you can pay a fortune to get The Look anyway.  *Ha ha ha*   Very Nice tho', I liked it and it's better than Big Box Yawnfest lackluster Design that is a dime a dozen I must say.

The Man and I, once the Old Home Sells, want a New Bed for the Master Suite tho'... so I'm eyeballing the Possibilities now to get some Ideas of what we're preferring.   This Ebony Canopy Bed was in the fore-running... really liked this Style, though mine would have Jewel Tone Gypsy draping and bedding so it didn't resemble a sterile Hospital Bed to me so much.  *Smiles*  No, I'm Serious, when I see this Colorless Palette on a Bed it makes me think of a Deathbed Shroud kinda thing... which is NOT the Sexy or Restful Look or Vibe I'd be going for in the Boudoir!   I don't want the Eternal Rest Look! *ha ha ha*

Well, I Hope you've been Amused during our Walk together?  *Winks*


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Ofrendas And Pumpkin Festivals

This is the time of year that The Desert Botanical Gardens presents it's Dia de los Muertos Ofrendas Exhibition and Pumpkin Festival.   We eagerly look forward to these Celebrations that will culminate November first.

Princess T always looks forward to picking out her Perfect Pumpkin at the Pumpkin Patch during the Festival and the Hayride leading to and from the Patch.   I look forward to gleaning Pumpkin Stems that I will utilize for Fabric Pumpkin Creations so that they don't go to waste.  *Smiles*

I always have a Favorite Ofrenda Altar and this year it was the one Created by Talented Artist Patricia Silva of SOL DESIGN STUDIO.   Her Dia de los Muertos Skullies were superb and many were fashioned after the Iconic Artist Frida Kahlo.

This year The Young Prince couldn't join us since he was away at a Band Competition, they made the State Finals... but The Man decided to join us.   This turned out to be quite Challenging since the Festival was over-advertised this year and so by nine a.m. the parking lot was already full to capacity and folks were turned away up until past two p.m.!!!

The Man being the true Trooper wouldn't allow our Grand-Daughter to be disappointed and agreed we should walk in the three quarters of a mile from a nearby Park where there was still empty parking!   He's using a Walker, so this was quite the Sacrificial Trek and took forever and a day, but we made it!

I was fortunate that on the way Home a Dear young Lady agreed to drive me back to my vehicle so I could retrieve The Man and Grand-Daughter and they wouldn't have to walk back.  *Whew!*   In return I watched her Kiddos while she got her SUV, since she was parked in the lower forty of The Garden's Parking lot and had five very young Children, each that had picked out the biggest Pumpkins they could find and unable to carry them any distance!  Even a two-fer Siamese Twin tiny Pumpkin couldn't persuade any of the Kiddos from choosing anything that could easily tote!  *LOL*

She was relieved she didn't have to try to tote five enormous Pumpkins by herself nor leave her Kiddos curbside alone while she went to retrieve her vehicle.   You just don't think of these obstacles when you attend a Festival... I hadn't anticipated trekking in on foot from almost a mile away either... and Princess T's Pumpkin, tho' far more modest than her Quintet's Pumpkins, was still hefty enuf not to want to tote far!  *Smiles*

Yes, here she is with The One finally Chosen... mostly for it's Great Stem... there were quite a few Great Stems this year.   Grandpa was just Thrilled that he wasn't the Pumpkin Mule this year, even tho' he'd brought his Walker with a Seat, just in case he needed a Pumpkin Ledge to tote one on!  *Smiles*

The lines and wait to get to and from the Pumpkin Patch via Hayride were quite long... so by the time the Pumpkin Choosing had wrapped, we were hot and tired, quite ready to go Home.  So I came back another day to actually view the Ofrendas Exhibition.   A lot less crowds that day so I was able to get better Images anyway and take my time Enjoying the Displays.

There were some really Talented Pumpkin Carvers working the Festival... I can only Aspire to become this Adept at Pumpkin Art... and typically allow The G-Kid Force to just go ahead and Create their own Jack-O-Lanterns.

Since the Festival only allows one Free Pumpkin per Child under Twelve that attends and the ones you could buy there were pricey, I totally Cheated when picking out The Young Prince's Pumpkins and another for his Sister, and went to the Ninety-Nine Cent Only Store!  *Winks*

Well, hell, for Ninety-Nine Cents I thought these were some mighty Fine looking large Pumpkins with Great Mottled Coloring and to get the trio I needed for less than three bucks, quite the Bargain!  Not to mention I didn't have to hike almost a Mile in the heat, stand in line for two hours to go back and forth to a Pumpkin Patch, nor schlep them around a Festival either!   And she didn't take nearly as long to choose them out of the Bin at the Dollar Store!  *Ha ha ha* 

So the only REAL Battle was the 2015 Pumpkin Choice Smack-Down he and his Sister had once we got the Quartet of Pumpkins Home and they were deciding which would be whose?!  *Le Sigh*  The Pumpkin Patch one was a no-brainer, she wasn't givin' that one up for nothin', but there was quite the Mini Drama about divvying up the other three!  *Arghhhh!  Kids!*

She Settled it by breaking out the Black Sharpie and quickly drawing her Jack-O-Lantern Face on the one she liked best from the Dollar Store, using it's more Orange less Mottled side... he may have Tested with a Genius IQ, but clearly she Thinks quicker on her feet! *Bwahahaha!*   Yeah, she will also be the one that licks the Caramel Apple she likes best just to ensure he won't go near it!  *LOL*

Wednesday Addams Child that she is I'll have to take her back to the Gardens for the Day of the Dead Procession and to view the Ofrendas, she Enjoys it as much as I do.   Festive Macabre Art is something she is equally Attracted to and she Enjoys Creating our Home Altars along with me and the Rituals and Traditions are Meaningful to her.

Though the Young Prince is all into Face Make-Up, Cosplay and Costumes... he and The Man are far more into the Edible portions of the Holidays!  *Smiles*   This year the Young Prince wanted, of all things, a Red Riding Hood Cape for his Costume.... {insert my furrowed brow????}... I'm not even gonna ask!  And I thought The Man was gonna fall over when his Grandson traipsed out of the house into the New Neighborhood Gleefully Sporting a Silk Red Riding Hood Cape billowing behind him in the middle of the Afternoon this weekend after getting it!  *LOL*

Hey, remember, this is the Kiddo that messed with my Head... and my Heart since I needed a Minute after the unexpected Announcement... when the CPS Caseworker informed him, without my Consent, that during the Adoption Hearing they would pay for him changing his Name to anything he wants!   And he Announces, with deadpan serious expression and her sanctioning the choice, that he was gonna change his Name to Crimson Rose!!!   Crimson freakin' Rose!!!  {Insert me with no Words for perhaps the first time in my Life!  LOL}  And then stuttering, "Ummm... wait... I need a Minute..." since I needed a Moment before Responding to being blindsided by THAT!!!

Luckily after she left he informed me he was just messing with me to see my expression and response!  *Whew* Caseworker actually thought he was Serious and her thinking that Crimson Rose was a Good Choice made me Question her Judgment and Sanity tho'??!??!   He IS changing his first name,  and has a legit and well thought out reason behind it, and with the Blessings of his Mom, Myself, The Man and Sister he chose something not ridiculous that could be taken seriously as he grows up and won't negatively impact his Destiny.  *Sigh of Relief!*   Princess T is choosing to keep her Birth Name... which is a Beautiful Name and Good since it will be a difficult enough transition to remember to call him by a New Name after all these years!

But I must say I do like the New first Name he chose for himself and that he chose it so thoughtfully... so by the end of next Month I'll be referring to the Young Prince as Prince D rather than Prince R, just so you know and don't think it's yet another Grandchild!  *Ha ha ha*   But I digress... back to the Ofrendas and Pumpkin Festival...

I could understand why she was indecisive about which Pumpkin to choose this year since the Patch had some Lovely Specimens of all shapes and sizes.

And as for me, well, I'm always duly Inspired by the Ofrendas and the Ideas it will give me to improve our Home Altar each year since it is our Custom to Create a Home Ofrenda annually.

She keeps reminding me that once we get around to Completing our New Art Studio Spaces we can finally begin our Creative Process again at the New Home.

We're really looking forward to that day... there's been so much to do with the Move... the Adoption Process... the Holidays rushing up on us... and all the Big Changes in our Lives, that we'll be Restored with some Creative Time.

Even though Decorating and Styling the New Home has been Fun... and Decorating and Styling for the Holidays is always Fun too... there's just something about Creating your own Art that Restores and Feeds the Soul, isn't there?

I am TOTALLY going to Create some Frames in this Style to Showcase our Loved Ones Images...

So Simple and yet so Beautiful... I was Captivated by them.

And it would be a Project I could get the Grandchildren involved in Assisting me with... since Glitter and Glue are Art Staples for Kiddos!

I had to look up this Artist Online and see if she also offers some of her Amazing Art for Sale?  She does, at SOL DESIGN STUDIO, click on the Link provided.

I got a tote bag filled with discarded Pumpkin Stems very much like the stem on the Pumpkin in the foreground of this Image, so they'll look Awesome on Fabric Pumpkin Creations.

And I was Delighted to see that when I downloaded the Images taken at the Exhibit I did catch one Spirit Orb hovering at an Ofrenda.   I'd like to Imagine that it is Spirit that this one was Dedicated to, since these are to Honor and Celebrate our Dearly Departed Friends, Family and Ancestors.

Here's a Close-Up... Spirit Orbs are Beautiful in their own right if you can get a clear enough Image captured of one through the Eye of your lens... and if you're Fortunate enough to see one Manifesting with the Naked Eye they are Illuminated, pulsating and swirling with Colorful Iridescent Energy that dances around in the air, it's Mesmerizing and Enchanting!

I know that this time of year my Dearly Departed Loved Ones are even more strongly on my Heart and Mind than usual.

And it Touches me deeply to see the Ofrendas Created by others to Celebrate and Honor something and someone close to their Heart and Minds as well... it's quite Beautiful and Sacred.

Yes, Autumn for us is certainly our very Favorite of all the Seasons... and there are so many Wonderful reasons why.

It seems to be fleeting and go by so fast though... since it is packed with so much Activity and reason for Celebration to us.   I'm always just more than a little bit Sad when it ends and Winter is upon us so quickly.

Though Winter and it's Celebrations are certainly a Glorious Season and time of year for us too here in the Desert... the Weather just keeps getting better and Cooler as Autumn transitions into Winter.

The return of the Monarchs is often Celebrated in the Dia de los Muertos Ofrendas as well.   I one day Hope to visit Mexico while spending time with Family there during these Magnificent Migrations and see it in person, I'm sure it is Awe Inspiring and rather Surreal!

All of the Skullies on this year's Ofrendas were Magnificent but this one was my Favorite... I'd like to own one like this one for my Collection of Art Skullies.

But any of them were Worthy to be added to a Serious Collection of Skully Art.

I particularly liked the ombre effect in the painting of these.

And the Vivid, Vibrant, Rich, Cheerful, Bright Colors of all of the Altars just made me Smile and made me Feel Happy.

Losing our Loved Ones is never Easy...but in Remembrance and Celebration of them and their Lives we can Smile and Recall with Happiness so much of what made them Special and Dear to us.

And I particularly like that about these types of Celebrations...

I am very Glad that I grew up Celebrating not only those we Love among the Living... but also Celebrating those who have passed from Time into Eternity before us... the Ancestors...

Certainly there is the Missing... but there are also the Smiles and Joys their Memories and their Stories Impart.

We like to re-tell the Stories and Joys... and even those Family Members who never knew some of them Enjoy hearing about who they were and what Fond Remembrances we can Share.   Princess T is one of the younger Great-Grandchildren that never got to know the Great-Grandfathers, and even one Paternal Grandfather, on this side of Time and Eternity... so she Loves to hear the Stories we recount of those who never met her in the Flesh.

I think that it is Important to form that Connection to our Ancestral Roots...

And it is my Belief that beyond the Veil it must bring Joy to be Remembered Fondly, Honored and Celebrated long after leaving this Realm.

After all... who would want to be Forgotten, Faded from all Memory and never spoken of ever again?

One thing that I always find to be quite Sad and Tragic is when I'm Junquing and come across discarded Images.   I Wonder... who threw them away like Garbage?  Why were they not passed down and along to be Cherished and Honored for who they were in the Lineage of whatever Families they came from?

Some even seem quite recent and may even still be among the Living... and yet there they were... tossed away by whoever in the bloodline no longer wanted them... and I cannot Comprehend such a thing since that is not our Way.   I much prefer to see the Old Images Lovingly Displayed like this upon an Ofrenda... and to be Shared in such a Meaningful, Proud, This Is Where We Come From and Heartfelt way!

I've even Rescued some of these discarded Images as Adopted Relatives... so that they have a New Home... even though they are no Kin to us, it seems such a Shame for them to be destroyed, neglected, Forgotten and unwanted.   I do Wonder if in Life they Endured the same or similar Fate... and not just their Image?   That would be even more Tragic, Incomprehensible and Sad still.

Being unwanted, unloved, uncared for, forgotten by everybody, I think that is a much greater hunger, a much greater poverty than the person who has nothing to eat.” ~ Mother Teresa

I am in total Agreement with that Sentiment and Statement!

And so I feel much more of a Connection to those who Choose to Remember, to pay Homage, to Celebrate and Honor those with their Ofrendas and to Share the Stories with the rest of us.   I am Thankful too that they have chosen to Share it Publicly with the rest of us through Exhibits such as this... if you get the chance to see one in person I'd highly Recommend it in fact... 

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian
A life touched by God always ends in touching others. - Erwin McManus

I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness for it shows me the stars. - Og Mandino (1923-1996)

For creativity to flourish one should try to look at everything as though it were being seen for the first or the last time. - Quote from "A Thousand Paths To Creativity" by David Baird

Is what I'm about to say an improvement on silence? ~ Galen Pearl