Thursday, June 30, 2016

Mairzy Doats And Dozy Doats

So, FINALLY after a Week over a Full Year we finally got another Taxidermy specimen off the Floor and hung up!   I felt so Accomplished... and now that we know the convoluted way to try to find studs in the walls of a New Build, mebbe I can feel Secure enough to get the rest hung up now slowly but surely too?!  *LOL*

You see, in our Historic Home ANY place on the fourteen to sixteen inch thick, solid as a brick shit house, Walls would be Secure enough!  So I'd bang things up effortlessly and know they weren't going anywhere... ever!  *Smiles* 

  But after the tragic mishap at New Villa Boheme' where Lil Dic-Dic bounced off the Wall with a vibration from a slammed door, well, I've been over-thinking every Wall hanging Project ever since for Security and Safety reasons!   *LOL*

Originally for example I wanted a two Mounts Vignette in this large Niche Alcove... but finding stud placement centered adequately for that Vision, well, it didn't work out.  In fact he's not actually properly Centered and that's coz NO freakin' stud was in the Center of this Alcove... dammit!   And since I'm trying valiantly to embrace the 'Less Is More' Philosophy I scaled back the Vision to just one... and not even the two empty Antique Frame Idea on each side since just hanging this was such a pain in the arse!  *LOL*

But I felt Accomplished just getting this one small Project FINALLY done and enlisting The Man as my Minion without either of us losing it in The Process!  Yay!   You have no Idea how enlisting the assistance of someone with TBI can be such a particular Challenge since his logic, moods and coordination are now so impaired and I had to keep my Calm while delegating his part in the Job.  As I simultaneously stood two rungs up the Ladder Of Death, which to me, is a Big Deal with my phobia of heights and the Vertigo thing I struggle with!  *LOL*

Holding my little Silver Hammer as he's raising his voice in frustration with my Girl Logic about hanging anything and appropriate use of tools... I kept having that Beatles Song looping thru my head... Bang, Bang Maxwell's Silver Hammer came down on his head... *Bwahaha!!!*   Sorry, the Dark Humor just overtook me as I'm up there laughing hysterically and The Man is looking puzzled like I've lost my ever lovin' Mind!   I don't think he would have appreciated the Humor of it had I Shared the inside joke, so I kept it to myself.  *Winks*   

But we got it done... eventually... and as he quickly left the room to get back to his Shows before I could think up another Team Project, I foofed the Buffet Vignette beneath it and stepped back to Admire our handiwork.  Yes, it was Good and I could handle the compromise of the Vignette from the original Vision!   And one Project a day is probably all either of us can adequately handle anyway, so we'll just have to pace ourselves and not get Crazy about checking off the long delayed laundry list of things left undone for this past Year of Moving Into our New Home.

It's not Easy you know, the OCD in me wants to have everything done and in Order so I can just Enjoy the New Home and have every Room's Styling and Decor completed.   I want everything to be Functional and relevant... I want all the Storage to be gone thru and dealt with in the big ongoing Editing, Purging and Culling Process I began an Eternity ago!   I WANT a LOT, right... so what's New with that revelation?  *Smiles*

And it all will be in due Time I suppose... so I'm trying valiantly to Roll with that too.  In fact, the delays have been a mixed Blessing in disguise as I tweak the Vision and make it work as it slowly comes together.   And The Man, well, he did come up with the Brilliant Idea to wire the Santos Crown on the Mount's Head so it won't ever tumble off in some random vibration.   So Man Logic does sometimes come in handy, even impaired Man Logic... but wait a minute... wouldn't all Gals ascertain that ALL Man Logic is impaired... and vice versa?  It's all a matter of perspective I suppose!  *Winks*


And I'm Hopeful that after FINALLY getting ALL the Taxidermy eventually hung up and working together as Team Boheme', while reluctantly respecting each other's differences in how it should be done... well, we won't end up resembling this?!?!??   *Evil Cackle*


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Happy 30th Birthday Son!!!

Today my "Baby" turns 30... THIRTY... what a Milestone Celebration!  And as he said to me this Morning, now I'm halfway to 60!  *LOL*  I'm sure he's Celebrating with a flourish, since he has always done everything with a flourish, and I couldn't help but turn back Time in my Mind's Eye since it's all gone by so very fast!  So let the embarrassingly Nostalgic Look Back begin!  *Winks*  I Love you my Son... Happy 30th Birthday!

In preparation for her Uncle's Milestone Birthday Celebration a certain Niece was a flurry of activity in the Kitchen baking up a storm this Afternoon!   Sprinkles were flying and a Feast of iced Cupcakes, Donuts and Cake Pops were being churned out like an assembly line.  One would think she was auditioning for Cake Masters or Cupcake Wars! *Smiles*

For those of you who have Young budding Confection Masters at Home and perhaps also live in swelteringly Hot Climates where Baking in the Summertime is Insanity, lemme let you in on a Wonderful Secret to saving your Sanity and allowing virtually mess-free Confection Creating with minimal Supervision!

The Thrift Shops, especially after the Holidays, are jammed packed with various Kitchen Gadgetry in the way of small Baking Appliances that are Marvelous and so easy and mess-free to use!   Most have never even been used and so you get them at a fraction of the Cost of Retail, all of mine were had for under five bucks apiece!

They don't heat up the kitchen and are Simple since they have a Green Light that comes on when baking is complete, which is lightening FAST.  And you can plug in as many of these gadgets as you want, to get a great assortment of mini Confections in a hurry.  Then sit back and let the Kiddos get Creative with the Decorating.

I personally bought the Babycakes Cupcake Maker {foreground results}... Babycakes Donut Maker {background results}...

Two of the Cake Pop and Donut Hole Makers {foreground results before being impaled on their sticks}... and a Cakesicle Maker {not shown but resembling little Popsicles which you then stick on an ice-cream stick}.

She had so much Fun making these and my Supervision was minimal for the whole process.  I suggest for very Young Kids you don't plug them in 'til they drop all the batter in the molds first... and then you take them out when done since it's still pretty hot like a Waffle Iron would be.

So my Son... your Party Platters are ready Compliments of your Loving Niece... Love Mom and the big ole extended Family!  Mwah!


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Monday, June 27, 2016

Where Bloggers Create Party Coming July 15th!... Sneak Peek...

My Talented Friend Karen Valentine of MY DESERT COTTAGE Blog will be Hosting her annual Where Bloggers Create Blog Party on July 15th.  We are hopeful we will have as many Participants as Spectators to make this year's Party a huge Success! 

  Now if you're already making Excuses as to why you cannot possibly Share your Creative Sanctuary let me first come Clean about mine!   And Yes, I will still be a Participant in case you were wondering, this Post will be a sneak peek of my unfinished Art Studio Spaces at New Villa Boheme'.  So no excuse of yours will likely rival my Shame of a Creative Sanctuary in utter Chaotic Limbo!  *Winks*

You see, I too wrestled with whether or not to Participate this year since I'm still barely moved into my Studio Spaces upstairs.  Most of the heavy furniture for my Studio is still languishing in the Garages, since schlepping it upstairs will necessitate Stud Muffin Volunteers.  *Winks*  Thus most everything in the Creative Spaces is still unpacked, in piles, crates, baskets and laying all over the floors!  Yeah, not exactly Blog Fodder to take Pride in Sharing, right?  *LOL*

One would think the Studio is set up for Gnomes to Create Art since just about everything is about twelve inches off the floor right now!  Sure I'm getting some things slowly unpacked and Organized to give a semblance of Order, but it hasn't had the highest of priorities this past year of moving in.  We've already Celebrated our First Anniversary at the New Home but the Living Spaces are all still quite a Work In Progress... with not so much Progress really.  So the Creative Spaces were even further down the Laundry List of things to do.

Which also meant since Upstairs is The G-Kid Force's primary domain for Living, well, they tended to extend and enlarge their boundaries and take over certain parts of Gramma's Art Studio Spaces!  It's like a War up there to hold and maintain my ground!  I mean Lord Baby Jesus, I've got a Tent and a Child Glamping with her neckid' knock-off American Girl Dolls in one corner of my Loft Art Studio... they are now permanent Squatters!  *LOL*

Not to mention every time I go up there I'm having to conduct Interrogations like a CSI Agent to find out who confiscated my Supplies?  Where are my Good Scissors?   {Remember when your own Mom or Gramma called her most Beloved Tools the "Good" ones?  Bwahahahaha!}  And where are all my Expensive German Glass Glitter, Jewelry making Tools, Sewing Supplies and Colored Sharpies?  Of coarse NOBODY knows, since NOBODY swiped or used anything and they all now have selective Amnesia... allegedly!  *Winks*

And of coarse Evidence is left everywhere... I suppose they assume because there is such Chaos reigning up there right now I wouldn't be able to tell Evidence from my own Hot Mess?  *Smiles*   But I have a sort of Organized Chaos and Method even to my Madness, do you?   I KNOW when my Stuff has been tampered with!   I know that my Butterfly Ephemera is on the floor in it's Organizer Spinning Tower, but all in one place.   So if one 'flew' elsewhere, well, it's Suspect.   BTW if you have Spinning Storage and G-Kids, not a Wise Combo, just sayin'!  *LOL*   Those Butterflies probably have 'flown' out of there as it was being spun like a Top?!  *Smiles*

Since some MIA Items will never again be found in this Lifetime I will just have to move on, since their Code of Silence is as adhered to as any Mafia Code of Silence and they stick to their Story, however elaborately fabricated.  But the German Glass Glitter Inquest, well, a certain Child was Shining like a Bronzed Super Nova!  Yes, I now apparently had NO Bronze German Glass Glitter, it had ALL been dusted like Fairie Dust in a telltale Trail leading to the culprit herself... the Fairie Dust Felon!  A good Sixteen expensive ounces of Fun had been dusted about Gleefully up there... certain parts still Sparkle when the Light hits them!

Yes, even when the Studio Sanctuary is set up it won't be able to be locked up like the Historic Art Studio Cottage could be to keep prying little eyes and temptation at bay... and an Invitation Only Rule in place.   And Yes, Rules are in place, but we be a Family of Rebels when it comes to some Rules.  I rarely follow some Rules myself, especially Artistic ones.   And she had Created me something Sparkly and Artistic that day that was a 'Surprise'.  Yeah, I was Surprised all right, one of those Surprises when your Heart palpitates wildly as you try to remain somewhat composed and react as calmly and sweetly as you can.  *Smiles*

But Why did you have to use Gramma's 'Good' Glass Glitter Mamas I bemoaned?   Because I wanted to make QUALITY Art Gramma... well, how can you, as a fellow Artist, Argue with that Logic, right?  *Smiles*   And Why did it require all Sixteen ounces tho'?   Because once you start to Glitterize, how can you possibly Stop?   True that!!!   *Bwahahahaha!*   So we just had a talk about asking permission first and no more Surprises when it comes to Gramma's Expensive Art Supplies... Okay?   We reached that Agreement... and I went out and bought her a host of her own less expensive Art Supplies that I Swore would still Create Quality Art!  *Winks*

And I know that when your Quirky Gramma is a total Hoarder of Artsy Supplies in such abundance, it is so easy to be Tempted to 'borrow' just a few that probably won't be Missed, right?    Note:  Tiny Hoard of Metal Game Pieces are now Missing almost all of the Tiny Weapon shaped pieces that on occasion have been known to somehow Mysteriously end up in the Young Prince's Personal Spaces with his Action and Anime Figures wielding them.   See, I told you a War was going on up there!   *Winks*

And anything with Sparkle and Bling can often be found Mysteriously appearing in a certain Stylist's recently remodeled Dollhouses.   Or that Gypsy Glamp Camp set up in the corner of my our Loft Space.   Yes, she's got that Tent Tricked Out like the Taj Mahal inside!  *Winks*   And I know that until I find the Time and the Energy to Devote to Styling and Decorating my own New Art Sanctuary Spaces, the Kiddos are spending more time up there than I anyway. So what the hell... let them Enjoy it to some degree... within Reason.  Us Grammas tend to be Pushovers like that aren't we?  *Winks*

Besides, us Artistic Souls should never feel the Need to Stifle nor Condemn the Creativity of another, the World can never have enough Creative Beauty bestowed upon it!   So if the Good Scissors cannot be found I'll just buy another set, the old ones will turn up eventually where ever they were hidden away to dispose of the Evidence.  *Winks*   And an Excuse to buy more Good German Glass Glitter, hell, who NEEDS an Excuse, right?  *Ha ha ha*  If there's German Glass Glitter flung all over New Villa Boheme' it will always make me Smile when the Light hits it just right... and impart an Enchantment only Glitterizing can!


And Lord knows I've got enough Art Projects and Supplies sitting around up there awaiting Transformation into something Wonderful that I can afford to Share a few with other Artistic Souls that are spending time in the Studio Spaces.   Getting back to my Fabric Art is something I'm eagerly looking forward to in hopefully the very near Future, it's been on hiatus too long already.

I'm slowly loading up the Art Storage Furniture that I do already have up there... and when the balance of the Furniture is Upstairs and the Walls of the Juliet Room Art Studio Space is Painted in my Fav Hues... THEN we can begin the Styling and Decor Process!   I can hardly wait for it all to be Done one day and am trying not to become too Impatient with how long it's all taking.

  Right now it's all looking like a BEFORE Image... and that will make it all the Sweeter to have Pride in the Reveal of the AFTER Images one day.   I know how Proud and Content I was when my Historic Art Studio Cottage finally got it's Makeover and I could Revel in the Outcome and Show it Off.  It was indeed a Dream come to Life.   It's tough, really tough, to lose and let go of the Perfect Creative Sanctuary and then NOT make unfair Comparisons of any Future Creative Sanctuary.

Especially when the New Creative Spaces are being moved into and look something like this random horror!  *LOL*   When it's just a Blank Canvas you can Imagine what it Could be... when it's all cluttered up with your stuff and in Chaos it's more difficult to be Imagining that Dreamy Outcome!  *Ha ha ha*  So my Hope in Participating this year in the Blog Party is to Hopefully Inspire others in The Process of setting up their Dream Scape Studio or Creative Spaces!?!

To not throw up one's hands when the Task at hand seems overwhelming and a Hot Mess set before you!   After all, if you're anything like me it's not the first time you took a Hot Mess and turned it into something totally Awesome!?!  The sense of Accomplishment when you Transform something from Sad, Bland or even totally Wrecked into something of Beauty is what Art is all about!

I've always Enjoyed the Challenge of taking something nobody wanted or saw Beauty or Potential in and Transforming it into my Vision or a piece of Lovely Art.   If it was already Perfect before I got it, then what would I have had to Work with actually to Improve upon it?   This is indeed a Dream Home, but some of the Upstairs Spaces were pretty Generic, so that was indeed my Ideal Blank Canvas Spaces to Infuse my Essence upon and Improve as seen through an Artful Eye and Artistic Touch.

Perhaps by Next Year's Where Bloggers Create Blog Party I'll have those coveted AFTER Images to Show Off, who knows?   But until then I decided not to just Lurk because my own Dream Scape is still in it's Infancy Stages and simply be a Spectator, using the handy and legit Excuse of not being completely Proud of my Creative Spaces yet.

Because sometimes Inspiration doesn't always come from what we've Achieved thru Perfection and seen thru to completion, but during our flawed attempts as well and our Works in Progress.   Because we've all been THERE haven't we, moving towards a Vision that isn't completely Manifested yet?   Us Creative Souls are in fact often In Process of SOMETHING, it's a Constant with many of us!  *LOL*

And mostly I wanted to put this Pre-Party Post out there in The Land of Blog and on my FB Page to Encourage others to Join In and make this one of the most Successful Blog Parties we possibly can to Inspire as many as we can!   Karen is a Wonderful Hostess when it comes to Blog Parties and she has a Loyal Following that will surely Visit the Party.   But how about we also Invite as many of our own Loyal Following and Friends to Join In as we can too!?  The more the Merrier actually when it comes to Inspiring and Sharing Creativity and where that Magic happens for each Artistic Soul among us.

These are Private Sanctuaries you're being Cordially Invited into, some for perhaps the very first time, so it's quite the Opportunity of a Lifetime when you think about it!   We often see the Finished Product, but seeing where the Artist Creates, where they are most Inspired to Create, how they set up and Organize their Creative Spaces... can Help each of us in our own Planning and Application of Transforming our own Creative Worlds Ideally for each of us.

My slice of Artistic Heaven is coming along... slowly but surely... I've got a lot of Ideas... Editing them down to the Best ones is where I'm at right now.   And unpacking... still... which seems to go on for an Eternity it seems!  *LOL*  Because I'm still being Editorial about Stuff... sorting in piles of Keep, Sell and Donate as each container is emptied of it's contents.  Wish we could have been more Editorial BEFORE the Move... but you know, Time was not on our side to get it all over here without wasting even more time deliberating and culling right then!  *Smiles*

Yes, The Process can be grueling... but there is a sense of Accomplishment in getting it done too... it's been long overdue to see thru to completion and we're closer to being at that juncture in The Process!  Yay!   If you look closely, that Clay Rose was Created by The Young Prince and tucked into one of my Vignettes to Surprise me as a Sweet Gift.   So... how can I ever be Mad when they sneak in there to Create something without my knowledge and make their own Magic?

They are quite the Pure and Untrained Creative Forces themselves and I'm more Proud of that Love of Creating Art and Beauty than I'll ever be of a mere Studio or other Creative Space I have!   Yes, they get into my Supplies... and Create with them... which is what Art Supplies are FOR.  And if I'm not putting them to best and good Use right now, for whatever reason or Excuse, I'm Glad SOMEBODY is!

As I try to Simplify Life I haven't been able to devote as much time to Creativity as I really want or Need to... but I do know I'll get back to it in due Time.  In the meantime I just surround myself with what I find to be Beautiful, Inspirational and Loved... so that the Perfect Environment will be Created for when it's Time to begin Creating again on a more consistent basis.

The Smaller Stuff for those Spaces is already up there for the most part even tho' it's not cohesive yet or Styled in any kind of way I'm Content about, so for now we're Making Do and working on it when we can... or when we Feel like it.  Since sometimes when you can doesn't mean you Feel like it, right?  *Ha ha ha*

Yes, I freely Confess I be one of the Lazy Artists that even only Creates when I'm "On" and when I'm "Off", forget about it!   So Production isn't necessarily one of my Virtues... or Time Lines when it comes to completing a Creation, it can and will take just as long as it takes and I don't Care.   Many times things have turned out better for the delays Truth be told!

But since I know Deadlines are my Creative Enemy, I decided I better get a jump start on the Blog Party Post and this Pre-Post lest the Deadline loom up quickly and catch me off guard and not able to Join In!   Don't let that be YOU my Friends, start thinking upon it NOW so that we'll see you there and what you can Share with us all, Okay?  Is it a Date then?

Don't Stand us Up or let us down then... be there!  *Winks*   Even IF where you Create is in as much disarray as Yours Truly, we Promise we won't Judge... Commiserate mebbe... *Winks*   Besides, we all know Create Minds tend to be Messy and rather unstructured and unconventional, so we're Excited to see and Embrace the Glorious Mess that we all are!

And if you absolutely, positively cannot Participate, or don't have a Creative Space, we do Welcome those who just want to Visit and take the Tours, be Inspired and meet the rest of us... so do still stop by July 15th to Karen's Blog HERE.  Or mebbe even Today since she's always got some Eye Candy to Share!


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

A life touched by God always ends in touching others. - Erwin McManus

I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness for it shows me the stars. - Og Mandino (1923-1996)

For creativity to flourish one should try to look at everything as though it were being seen for the first or the last time. - Quote from "A Thousand Paths To Creativity" by David Baird

Is what I'm about to say an improvement on silence? ~ Galen Pearl