Wednesday, March 30, 2016

No More Trepidation... Try It Again!

So as many of you already know I've had Taxidermy laying about all over the floors of New Villa Boheme' for many Months now and I Hate it.  But due to the unexpected incident involving poor little Dik-Dik being shaken off the wall and crashing down causing considerable condition issues, I've had serious trepidation of hanging it all up Safely!? The New Home looks so solid I forgot it's a New Build and not nearly as solid as my Century plus Old Home's walls used to be.  It vibrates as spring loaded doors slam shut!  Not noticeably of coarse... well... until something crashes down from it!

Even little Dik-Dik's previous Tiara was all mangled from the big fall... and a major Restoration Surgery had to take place with E-6000 to repair and reconstruct her little Horns and attempt to repair a seriously damaged Ear.  I was devastated when it happened, I Love my Taxidermy Specimens a lot.  Repairing her was a Labor of Love on my part, not Perfect, but at least presentable enough I wasn't crying anymore when I looked at her!  Nobody likes something or someone they Love being disfigured or beyond being made whole again... it's never the same after a serious accident.

Having gone thru The Man's catastrophic accident and serious injuries and him never being able to be the same again, well, I just can't handle too many more of that sort of thing, even if it's an inanimate object I Love rather than a Beloved Person!   I know that comparison might seem weird, but it just triggers something in me when anything or anyone that cannot be replaced sustains serious injury and will never be the same again.  So getting over my trepidation and having the courage about hanging her back up today was a Big Deal for me.

Other Taxidermy has been Styled around the Home earlier just because they're hanging on Old Doors and not the Walls so they're not subject to any potential vibration issues.  But there are some of my larger Specimens that I had a Vision for hanging up in my Niche Archways on the Walls, so I didn't want to compromise the Vision out of Fear and trepidation inhibiting me.  I want my New Home a certain kind of way and to make it Feel like Home and look right I Needed my Taxidermy Lovelies off the floors and where they should be!!!  I was tired of offering explanations as to why there were so many Dead Heads all over the floors of our New Home like there had been a Taxidermy Massacre of sorts!  *Smiles*

I'd consulted numerous Taxidermy hanging Experts and there's no Magic to it, a big ole screw should do the trick even for something as massive as a Buffalo Head they said... and yet I hesitated to risk it again and kept putting it off worried of another incident occurring!?  I mean everything else was coming together Style Wise and looking so Nice and like a Home and I'd be Pleased with how our New Home was looking...

And then I'd walk into the informal Dining Room to the scene of the apparent Taxidermy Massacre sights of scenes such as this!!!!!!!!!!!

And that...

And this!!!!!  I wasn't sure if it looked more like they'd overindulged and passed out from turning it up too much at an Epic Party... or been Murdered while Celebrating?  *Bwahaha!*  Either way tho', it wasn't a Pretty sight to behold each day as I walked thru that room!  It was a reminder of something I wanted Done and was still fearful of trying again!  I couldn't bear for any of my Quartet awaiting placement to suffer another damaging fall off the Wall!

I was rather paralyzed by the trepidation actually... but Today I felt like we just had to take Action and try it again because I couldn't stand them all on the floor for almost a year now!  We began with little Dik-Dik since she's the lightest, I even put a lighter replacement Tiara upon her head, like that was really gonna make a difference!  *Bwahahahaha!*  But you start taking ridiculous precautions like that when you're fearful!

The Good News is that while looking for said replacement Tiara I discovered the Lost Ukrainian Egg Collection I hadn't been able to locate before Easter!  *Smiles*  Yeah, me the Treasure Hunter can't find hardly anything that is still packed or was squirreled away hastily as we Moved over!  *Smiles*  I'm locating most things anymore by complete Serendipity and Chance!

Okay, so Easter only just passed so I put them out anyway to Enjoy them for a little while and not have to wait another whole year.  Just because most Holiday Decor is lingering long past it's Holiday around here so what does it matter?   I mean, I still have some lingering remnants of Christmas and Valentine's Day that aren't bothering me enough to put back into Storage!   So what's a few extra Easter remnants that look Pretty laying about... besides, we're just now getting around to getting the Taxidermy off the floor after over Eight Months!  *LMAO*

Stuff just isn't bothering me quite like it used to I guess... not that the OCD is getting any better really.  *Winks*  But that after such an Epic Move and Life Change which involved such a lot, I'm mellowing just enough that things can just wait a while until I can get around to it and muster sufficient motivation... that's Progress for me.   Not Progress in the context that things don't stack up like they used to before, which is very Nice not to have so many undone Projects and piles mind you... but Progress in that what is stacked up and piled about awaiting attention no longer makes me quite so Cray-Cray!  *LOL*

I can now walk past something not yet done and not lose my Mind about it so much.  Or leave it up for a while longer without having that not so quiet conversation in my Head about you really should be putting that away already because the Season has passed!  *Winks*  I'm liking that I'm more laid back and not quite so obsessed... the Family definitely is Enjoying that new Incarnation of me.  *Winks*

Things can co-exist without an immediate intervention by Yours Truly I'm finding... because for most people it really doesn't even matter and they truly don't even Notice!   Well... unless they're more like me they don't anyway?!  *Bwahahaha!*    And even when I fail at something like Taxidermy hanging I'm slowly getting over the trepidation of trying it again... without waiting for someone else to step in and do it for me.  Because my Patience factor still needs a lot of Work for waiting upon Help to do stuff, I ain't gonna lie!  *Ha ha ha*

Though having to wait it out can have it's just rewards as well.  I waited years to find a Vintage Cloche that would fit over my Piranha Vignette and finally did find the right one with perfect dimensions.   But tolerating having him uncovered and in place and having Dead Heads just laying all over the floor of the house is two different things altogether on my Tolerance and Waiting Meter!  *Winks*  Eight plus Months waiting has been excruciating in the realm of Taxidermy on my floors!

Not that having Dead Stuff all over our Home is a problem nor an Issue for us Addams Family Types that kinda dig the Postmortem Collectibles, Macabre Style and Cabinet of Curiosities Vibe... but for anyone with OCD Placement is EVERYTHING, no matter what it is!  *LOL*  And by the way, I picked up this Awesome Book on Postmortem Collectibles at our Antique Mall for a mere two bucks and it's a great addition to my Cabinet Of Curiosities and Library!  If you are a total Book Geek like myself our Mall is a great place to Source them in fact, Book Store retail prices are in the stratosphere now.

I'll be Sharing our completed Project of Taxidermy hanging when we get it all done.  We're presently checking vibration levels as we close doors and learning how to use his Stud Finder Tool again since he forgot, after the accident, how to utilize a lot of his tools and I'm utterly Tool Use Challenged.   I mean I'm the Gal that will hammer in nails with an Ice-Cream Scoop and drive a Man Crazy with my misuse and ignorance of Toolage, what can I say it must be a Guy OCD Thing?  *Winks*


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Incarnations And Trying On A New Persona

Any time I make a big Life Change I feel it's rather a Fresh Incarnation of myself and I get the chance to think of becoming a different person and trying on a new Persona.  Maybe I didn't want to be a Maximalist anymore?  Simplify seemed to be the Word I felt that I could embody and embrace fully in this New version of myself.  Exploring the possibilities of allowing Stuff to fall away and the Focus to become more Organic.

I rather liked the Idea of a New Beginning somewhere else becoming a Metamorphosis of myself as well, because I've done it often in my Nomadic Lifestyle days.  I've always been a firm Believer that we evolve constantly and it's almost like a series of Lifetimes spent here on Earth as the Changes occur and Priorities shift.

I'm starting out in our New Dream Villa thinking I could be another person quite easily, since so many internal Changes are occurring simply due to the Environment being so different than any place before this one.   When we often lived Internationally I had a lot of Fun with my American Woman Abroad Incarnations actually as we Embraced each New Country and it's Culture, Lifestyle and Styles.

The complete Metamorphosis for me has many Stages though, it's not instantaneous, but it is noticeable and I've been quite Introspective about it lately and rather excited about who I'm becoming NOW?   Haven't you ever just found yourself in an Environment of any sort and just felt this Connection that Yes, I could and even WANT to Live like this and move in that direction accordingly because it Appeals to Inner Me so well? 

I've often Noticed it in the most Unusual of places actually... especially if I enter a particular Store or Shop, Neighborhood or Location and it just Feels so RIGHT!  I Feel so at Home in that particular Environment even if it's the first time there.  Often since it doesn't even look like the Environment I might have just come from or surrounds me daily it gives me pause for thought.  About drastic Change Exploration... of trying on a New Persona and doing something completely different... a new Incarnation of Self.  I'm at such a juncture now and it's exhilarating!

Many of my Passions will Abide of coarse... but they will be Refined now to the New way of Being.  The New Existence that is not only paring down and allowing Stuff to fall away gradually as a detachment takes place, but to Add only what Feels Right for the here and Now and towards the different Attractions, which are becoming more Profound.

Because nothing IS the same Here... and it actuality, neither am I.  Because it is Transforming me and I'm so Enjoying that Process as the Metamorphosis takes place and a Fresh Incarnation of myself emerges!


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian 

Sunday, March 27, 2016

When OCD Gramma Has To Hide 221 Eggs!

Okay, so I know I said it was like a gazillion when we were filling them with Candy, because it seemed just that many at the time... but the actual Count was Two-Hundred-Twenty-One Candy filled Eggs for the Big Easter Egg Hunt!  We made certain of the actual Count since Princess T is as OCD as they come about finding them ALL if possible!  *Smiles*

Yes, we Needed that many since everyone will Share the contents and the Candy Dishes are once again filled, but only Princess T was Hunting here at New Villa Boheme' this Easter.  No... she didn't mind one bit being the Center of the Universe for the Big Egg Hunt and not Sharing the Stage with Siblings nor Cousins.  It was all about her and that's just how she likes it! *LOL*

Now, when equally OCD Gramma has to Hide 221 Eggs what do you suppose happens?  I'm Staging each and every one for a Superior Photo Op for Holiday Blog Fodder Posts, right?  *Winks*  This also meant it was taking a long time... and The Man couldn't stand my Pace and so he opted to jump in and Assist so she wouldn't fall asleep upstairs waiting for it all to be done!  *LOL*

Honey, she's losing her Mind up there trying to restrain her Excitement he kept prompting me as I lined up yet another frame!  *Smiles* 

 I could hear her calling down the stairs about every 10 minutes or so, "Are you done yet?"... kinda like the "Are we there yet?" you usually get from the back seat on a drive. *Ha ha ha*

Well, you did give me 221 I reminded her and you DO want us to Hide them all, right?   So this is gonna take more than a Minute.   I was now also becoming concerned about Grandpa's Methods since like a typical Man he's very Competitive about Hiding these Eggs WELL, too Well!  *Uh Oh!*

And it's not like before the TBI where he might actually recall where he could have hid most of them... he Forgets instantly now... so this could be a Problem!  I decided I better tail him part of the time and remind him not to Hide them so good that we'll be Seeking them all Day!

Because if you think she's losing her Mind now waiting... just wait 'til she can't come up with the Total Count of FOUND Eggs!!!  *LMAO*  I was Glad he was Enjoying it and getting Into it enough to get Creative and have Fun with it...

But Yeah, lest we Forget it will be Easter Meltdown 2016 and she'll be Obsessed and we'll be then Recruited to help her Find said missing Eggs if he Hid them too well!  Aren't you worn out enough just Hiding them that you wanna Risk all that I asked him?!

Uh Oh, you might have told me that too late he mutters almost under his breath!   WHAT?!??!   Oh No, you didn't?  Dont'cha even remotely Remember the year you, your Brother and Son hid them so Well that none of the Children could find the majority of them and we were still Finding them right up until we Moved last year at the Old Property!??!!  That's a True Story, no Exaggeration!

This would also be Why we quit Hiding REAL hard boiled Easter Eggs many years ago for obvious reasons!  *Bwahahahaha!!!*   Finding a Plastic Egg years later with petrified Candy in it is nothing compared to trying to locate that Rotten Hard Boiled Egg that couldn't be Found and stinks up the place to High Heaven!  *Ewww!*

But Men take the Hiding thing to Extreme Sports levels... like Pirates Hiding their buried Treasures never to be Found without Maps and tons of Clues.  And this year was no exception... he'd gone overboard with several Hides before I could stop him and insist he Hide them Child Friendly so I wouldn't have to Calm a Frustrated Ten year old! *Le Sigh*

I didn't mind so much being Recruited to be her Minion for the Hiding of the Eggs, I actually had Fun with it... but Lord I didn't wanna be Recruited to try to find a few elusive Eggs Hidden better than the remains of Jimmy Hoffa!

After all... we did have Plans to have a Spit Roasted Lamb Traditional Greek Easter Luncheon Feast at Dino's and get there before the After Church Crowds filled the place up since we didn't have Reservations!!!

I'd have Visions of this succulent and delicious Feast in my Head since Yesterday... I think I even Dreamed about it Last Night!   *LOL*

And who would Win the Luck for the Year playing Tsougrisma with the Red Eggs?!   Spoiler Alert, I did!  *Winks*  Yeah, she and The Man were convinced my Red Egg was an unbreakable one and I'd somehow 'fixed' the Game?!  *LOL*

Yes, my Winning Egg went two Rounds against each of them... and then they insisted on going two more rounds with their cracked Eggs trying to break it to no avail!   I am clearly gonna be VERY LUCKY this coming year!  In the end I let them break it just so they could see I hadn't rigged the Egg from the back Kitchen at Dino's... AS IF?!  *Bwahaha!*

But I digress... back at the house that Morning for the Epic Easter Egg Hunt of 2016 after an Hour of Hiding and Photographing Hidden Eggs *Winks* we finally called her downstairs to begin!   I know we're Wicked!  *He he he*

Now, mine were Hiding all over in plain sight... because I'm just not that good at Hiding Stuff and I didn't want to not Recall where they were just in case she couldn't Find all of them. 

 Sometimes Hiding in plain sight is just as difficult to spot actually... and this year was no exception... some of the last to be Found were hidden in plain sight!

The key is not to make it too Easy nor too Hard for the Kiddos... so they Feel it's a Challenge and yet don't lose Interest or become too Frustrated and go from Happy to not having Fun anymore!  *LOL*

Because Trust and Believe if they're not having Fun anymore the Reason for the Season will be secondary to the Fit they will be throwing once they get Emotional about it all!    We don't want that for Easter... we want God is Love and all the Positives of that Great Love He has shown us in His Death and Resurrection, right?  *Smiles*

And it being Easter Morning and all... how the day begins is usually telltale of how it might play out for the remainder of the Holy Day!?   I did not want to be Dealing with the Beast Princess emerging, she had woken up all Light and Sunshine with the Joy of Jesus in her Heart... so don't even Frustrate Grace and Mercy upon us I told The Man!  *Smiles*

Apparently this Warning had fallen upon Deaf Ears as he'd gone ahead and Gleefully Hidden the majority of his Eggs HARD... so that even with he and I helping her in the end... there were FIVE dreaded missing Eggs that couldn't be Found!  Dammit!

One would Think that the Accomplishment of having Found 216 Eggs relatively quickly and easily would be enough that we could persuade her to just wait 'til her Big Brother got Home from his other Gramma's Celebrations to help her Find the few remaining ones?  One would be Wrong... 

Dead Wrong!  *LOL*   Uh Oh... the OCD quickly kicked in and I could see it in her Countenance almost immediately, she began to re-count the Found Eggs again... and again... and I had to just Stop her lest we ended up aboard the Crazy Train!  All Aboard Ay Ay Ay...  Yeah, Ozzy was ringing in my Ears now!

I know what you're Thinking, if she's like that why do you insist on Hiding so many?  Well, you ARE Thinking that would Solve the Problem and be the Sane Solution, right?  *Winks*   No... No it would not... wanna know Why?

Because when you're Dealing with someone with OCD there is no Sane Method that Works... I should know, I'm similarly Afflicted.  *Winks*  So lets just say you did Hide a Sane number of Eggs shall we.  

 Then you Hide them all in a hurry and she Finds them all in a hurry and makes you Hide them again... and again... and again until she Feels Satiated and you've already lost your Mind from Repetitive Actions!

An OCD Person is just Excessive by Nature... so you might as well just Hide an Insane Number of them and give them the Real Thrill Of The Hunt and try your darndest to Hide them relatively Easily so that sheer Volume makes up for lack of Creativity in Hiding Places.  *Winks*

But then make Sure you don't have someone like The Man, who isn't at all OCD Assisting you... but has his own Obsessions about Competitive Nature and being really Good at Hiding and Impatient about how OCD People Hide OR Find the Eggs!  *Ha ha ha*

Oh, you Guys are Exaggerating he growls when we couldn't Find those last few Eggs, I didn't Hide them all that Hard, we'll Find them right away he insists!   And so we give him a bucket too... now he's Recruited and rather Regretting having said anything, he could have stayed out of the Loop of Obsessive Behaviors otherwise and at least kept his Sanity!  *LOL* 

Now, to be absolutely Fair about it, tho' none of my Hidden Eggs were not glaringly Obvious... a couple Hidden in plain sight did get overlooked nonetheless.  The Lead Pix No. One of this Post was one of them, we walked by it several times in fact and it was sitting right there Hiding in Plain Sight!  So that narrowed it down to only Four missing Eggs!

Mebbe we should have even kept a Count of how many were Hidden in each Room... but we just weren't that Organized.  I mean I'm not THAT Crazy OCD about any of it!!!!!!  I could actually Live with some Un-Found Missing Eggs!  They'd turn up some day... or Not... I really could Care less! *LOL*  But a certain Someone DOES Care!  *Smiles*

And she was actually rather Enjoying Grandpa and I getting in on the Hunt for the remainder of the now few Hopelessly Lost Eggs... at least for the last Half Hour anyways!  *Bwahahahaha!*

So there we were... now delegated to being "Finding" Minions traipsing around the house together trying to Recall where the Hell we had hidden those Elusive Lost Eggs that couldn't be Found?   Crap!!!

One of the ones I'd Hidden turned out to be Harder than I realized it would be and I almost Forgot it was there... perched on top of a deconstructed Lampshade, kinda blending in with it actually.  I Found it again... Whew!  Well, now all of MINE were accounted for!  We're down to only Three now...

The two of the Hardest Hidden ones The Man Recalled the Hiding Places of finally turned up and he Found them!!! *Thank God!*  So now we had Found 220... with ONE damned Egg still MIA... and that one was like Finding a Missing Penny while Reconciling an Accounting Ledger... like Finding a Needle in a Haystack!

But we finally had Worn her Out sufficiently that she too was now Ambivalent about the last of the Missing Eggs... she just didn't Care so much anymore... Hallelujah!   We'll wait 'til I bring your Brother Home from Gramma Lydia's and he can have the Joy and Satisfaction of having Found it when all the rest of us couldn't and Failed, he Loves and Lives for Challenges and Bragging Rights like that!  *Smiles* 

She actually was so sufficiently Worn Out from the Extended Hunt that she fell fast asleep in the Jeep on the way to the Easter Luncheon... we'd done our Job Well my Friends!  *Winks*

The little Nap refreshed her and she wasn't so Cranky nor Ornery as she could have been, she's still at that Age of fighting Naps but sometimes Needing them when she's overstimulated.   So our Luncheon went very Well and was totally Enjoyable and Yummy!

And since Dino's is in the same Area as my Antique Mall, after Lunch we walked it off at The Brass Armadillo, where they were giving away Twenty-Five Dollar Gift Certificates every hour in a Free Holiday Drawing!  No, we didn't Win, but we had Fun visiting with our Friends and fellow Dealers.

And after I'd dropped The Man and Princess T back off at Home so they could both take another Nap, since now the Feast was kicking in, I headed back into the City to retrieve The Young Prince from his other Gramma's Apartment.  He'd spent the Night at his Dad's, but Easter Morning they were setting up the Egg Hunt and Feast at Gramma Lydia's house for all the Kiddos.

Princess T was Clearly NOT gonna make it thru a second Egg Hunt that Afternoon... she didn't even make it to Bed... and fell fast asleep again... this time on the floor of the Guest Bedroom listening to Pandora on my Cell Phone!  *LOL*  She's still there now in fact, and it's past Eight PM!  *Ha ha ha*

The other Gramma lives on the far East Side of the Valley and Holiday Traffic was coming back Home so it was quite a Commute, but I didn't mind, the day had gone so Well and driving alone is Quiet Me Time.

The Young Prince had sounded quite Exhausted too when he called for pick-up... I knew he'd been helping his Dad's Family with all the smaller Children this year and there were a slew of 'em!  *Ha ha ha*  Yeah, every Fifteen year old Boy's Dream right, herding little Boys high on Sugar Blazes, it's akin to herding Cats!  *LOL*

His Aunt was responsible for all the little Girls... but he and his Dad were responsible for all the little Boys... and apparently they were a handful!  *Winks*   And I got no sleep last Night Gramma since my little Brother {who is Three} had a Slumber Party and two of his little Friends Sharing the room with us... and one had a Pee problem and kept wetting his pants... and his Bed!  *LMAO*

So he kept coming over to my Bed and waking me up to tell me he'd had another Accident... and I hadda help him get into clean clothes and put him back to Bed!   I am now Certain this is the best Birth Control Training EVER for a Teenage Boy!  *Evil Cackle*  No Wonder he keeps telling me he wants no Children of his own!  * Bwahahahaha!*

But other than the Pre-Schoolers wearing him out he had a very nice Easter with his Dad's side of the Family and got to spend Quality Time with all the Paternal Relatives. 

  He and his Aunt had opted to stay behind at Gramma Lydia's to help her clean up after everyone else left too, which was Sweet... and he got to have them all to himself, which he Enjoys since it's a Rarity with a big Family gathering.

It touched my Heart tho' that he said he was Glad to be going Home to our house since it's Quiet and Zen.  *LOL*  I think he is beginning to Appreciate the Atmosphere of Peacefulness and Serenity I strive to Create here in our Home.  He's become used to a laid back Environment with lots of Privacy he can easily have.

He wasn't quite in the Mood to go Searching this day for the one Lost Egg, tho' he was Glad he would have the Challenge to once he finally got some Sleep... and he too retreated to his Quarters at Home and went fast asleep early.  *Smiles*

And though we weren't able to get together with The Son and his Family this Easter as we'd all Hoped we might be able to coordinate... it was still the Easter I had Envisioned having this year... Quieter and more Intimate than usual.

Just the right amount of activities and inactivity to suit The Man and I perfectly!

And yet enough for The G-Kid Force too... they were utterly Content with how their Easter had gone this year.  Even tho' we don't yet have a New Church in our New Community that we're attending yet, which was the only thing lacking this Easter for us.

The Candy Dishes are all filled up again with Treats taken from the 220 Eggs Found!

And it will be interesting to see if we ever Find that last Lost Egg to round the Count out?!?  *Winks*

I Confess that I'm Intrigued as to where it will be Found and have told The Young Prince that IF he manages to Find it to let us know where it was Hidden so Well?  It will be hilarious if it too is Hidden in plain sight and glaringly Obvious?  *Smiles*

I think it will actually become a Fun Family Challenge to see just who does locate it and secure Bragging Rights?  *Smiles*

I poured over these Images I downloaded to see if all of these ones were Found... they apparently were... so I'm not getting any Advantage there!  *Ha ha... Darn it!*

I'm pretty Sure it's The Man's Fault we have that one Elusive Egg that cannot be Found... he's such an adept Hider!   He was also pretty Creative in some of his Hiding Places and some were Editorial enough to warrant being Preserved for posterity by Yours Truly... the Pathological Picture taking OCD Gramma! *Winks*

Because to me one of the things almost as Fun as Creating a Memory... is Preserving one!

Though our Traditions and Rituals pretty much remain the same and are pretty constant, they still hold Special Memories each year we participate in them that are Unique and have distinctions we want to Remember fondly.  Like almost forgetting the Hot Cross Buns this year and making a side trip to Whole Foods near his Gramma Lydia's to get the very last batch from their Bakery!  *Whew, that was close!*

And Recalling how our very First Easter in our Brand New Home played out this year!   I think we actually Enjoyed having our Big Easter Egg Hunt inside for the First time too because it was Wicked Hot outside this year again.

Though it was a Glorious day outside, especially in shady spots, we still opted to spend most of the day inside doing activities and chose not to Dine Alfresco at the Restaurant for the Feast either... tho' Dino's Patio was Cool and Lovely.

All of the Parks were very full anyway and we rather Enjoyed not being around Crowds this Easter or having to Reserve a Space somewhere Popular.  Which is why we chose Easter Lunch rather than Easter Dinner at Dino's where it would be packed out and probably Sold Out!

And Greek Easter is May 1st this year so we'll be back for another Greek Easter Feast at Dino's to Celebrate Traditional Greek Easter!  *Yippee!*  Who doesn't like Celebrating a double Important Holiday or Holy Day?

I just Hope that Princess T doesn't then go all Greek Easter on us and Insist upon Re-Hiding 220 Eggs that we already Found?  *Yikes?!  Bwahahaha*

Hey, it could happen... as Comedienne Judy Tenuta would say!  *Heaven Forbid! LOL*

I am not Sure I could handle trying to Color Coordinate the Plastic Eggs to their Settings again?  Yes... I did!  *Bwahahahahahahahahaha!*   See... Lavender on Jesus' Robe here... and Lavender on Plastic Egg Hidden beside Him... not that anyone actually notices, but that's just how I Roll regardless... Clearly I'm not a Well Woman!  *Winks*

And hey, I'm not the only one... Princess T was Disturbed that these two Eggs were Hidden together and side by side... Yeah, no amount of Therapy could Fix us from being Hard Wired this way!  *LOL*

The rest of them have just had to Learn to Deal with it!  *Winks*   And sometimes Delight in the Tormenting us with it since they know what makes us Crazy about something that isn't Just So!  *LOL*

They often just don't Get It... but those of you that are just like us do don't you?  I mean doesn't the Golden Egg look so much better Hidden near like-colored Stuff that Compliments it?  *Winks*

Yes, tho' it be True that nobody else much Cares or even Notices... it's Okay... it's Important to us and that's all that matters to the OCD Obsessed Mind!

And Yes, only the OCD would Truly Delight in actually taking the Time to Photograph about half of a 221 Hidden Egg Hunt Stash and Share them in a Blog Post... so those of you who have Faded in the Oversharing, it's Okay, I can't tell since I can't see you!  *Bwahahahaha!*

So those of you Thinking or muttering to yourselves Lord Jesus did she actually Photograph about half of those Eggs she Hid AND try to Color Coordinate them to their Locations?  Yes... Yes she did!   *Ha ha ha*  And how many of you Noticed my Efforts before I came Clean about it?  You my Friends would be of the Similarly Afflicted Variety!  *Winks* 

And perhaps that is why those of us like this are rarely ever actually Bored... because we Delight in some very Unusual past-times and activities lemme tell ya and can lose ourselves even in minutia of the banal and stuff that doesn't really matter!

And when we Create Stuff we will layer Details upon Details and Beauty upon Beauty Delighting in The Process even if nobody ever pays attention or even notices.  And it wouldn't make it Quicker and Easier to do it that Laborious way but we just don't Care!

If I charged by the Hour for my Art Trust and Believe you couldn't afford it... but since it's Feeding my Soul I don't even Care about Selling it actually... the Joy comes in the Creation of it and all the fussy OCD stuff I do to it!  *Smiles*

Hence I'd make a lousy Business of it and so I never have on Purpose.   And when we do stuff for the sheer Pleasure of the Doing of it well it does not matter very much to us how much Time, Resources and Energy has been expended actually... we're Crazy like that.

And precisely Why we'll keep on Hiding over Two Hundred Eggs every Easter that anyone wants to Hunt them, just because WE CAN.

And I might just continue to Photograph a slew of them because I want to and Enjoy it... because I like Creating Pretty Pictures and Moments frozen in Time.

And because also there will come a Time when there will be no more Kiddos to Hide them for or Create the Moments for as they Grow Up and Move On... and I know I'll Miss it then... probably a lot!

And maybe they'll Miss it a lot too... since our Grown Kids often like to Recall and Reminisce about Past Epic Easter Egg Hunts and some of the Crazy Stuff we did Together during Special Moments we Created, especially during the Holidays and Holy Days.

My Parents took the Time and Energy to Create Special Moments too... and it's oh so Worth it because those Memories are indeed Priceless to us all aren't they?

Some things are easily Forgotten... but the Special things stand the test of Time for being especially Memorable... especially Poignant and Nostalgic.

I sincerely Hope you Feel it's Important enough to take the Time to Create lasting Memories and don't just hurry thru Special Times without much Thought towards it standing out rather than blending in to a haze of years of doing it without anything particularly Memorable about it?

I never do have any Connection or Understanding with those who seem to be so Glad when the Holidays and Holy Days are over and done with... as if the Celebrating of them was such a Chore they'd rather not have to go thru the Motions of at all?!? 

 If that be so... and that is the Sentiment attached to it... where it's either so meaningless or a burden and the Feelings about it are more Negative than Positive... why bother is my adage?

And it is whatever WE make it actually... so if you want less Stress or Work, make it a point to just play it out in such a way you can add less Stress or Work to it however and whatever that may mean to you personally.  You Control the Destiny in which you play your part in whatever you're doing. 

 I've never had any Negative Feedback from the Peanut Gallery when I've told them I'm doing something different to make less Work or Stress... because they know I'll still make it Memorable and Special... just Different.  And I have passed the Torch to others and relinquished Control of some things.

Downsizing could mean less Eggs Hidden one day... or less Decorating... or even doing it at someone else's Home... we've moved in that Direction on several fronts in fact as Time marches on... but it all turns out Okay anyway since our Sentiments don't diminish about Why we're doing any of it.

And this had gone Long on Purpose because I CAN and I WANT TO Tonight... when it's your Show you can Run it any which way you wanna actually!  *Winks*   I just Feel like Blogging and I'm having Fun with it... just as much Fun as I had Hiding and Photographing the Egg Hunt earlier!

And in my way I've made it Interactive enough that you could actually join us in The Thrill of our Hunt... just in case you didn't get the chance to have one yourselves this year... or even if you did?  *Winks*

Did you have Fun with us?  Did you Smile?  We did... we had a lot of Fun with the Placements of the Eggs... and a lot of Laughs about some of the Set Ups... I like to hear my Family Laughing and having so much Fun with it all... it's Music to my Ears!

In fact, The Man was particularly Pleased with the ones he managed to put into the Mouths of my Taxidermy... if he could have placed one in the Mouth of my Piranha I'm sure he would have.

  It was Good to see him come get me to show me some of his Favorite Placements... like in the Black Bear's Mouth!  *Smiles*

And her Joy in Finding it Hidden in such places... look where Grandpa put this one Gramma were a lot of the squeals of Delight coming from various rooms as she Discovered his Hiding Places and I had to come take a look... and a Photograph.  *Smiles*

I Hope you all had the Happiest and most Blessed of Easter Celebrations too my Friends?

'Til we do it all again next year...

And who knows how many Eggs we'll decide to Hide?

Easter Blessings from the Arizona Desert...

Dawn... The Bohemian


A life touched by God always ends in touching others. - Erwin McManus

I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness for it shows me the stars. - Og Mandino (1923-1996)

For creativity to flourish one should try to look at everything as though it were being seen for the first or the last time. - Quote from "A Thousand Paths To Creativity" by David Baird

Is what I'm about to say an improvement on silence? ~ Galen Pearl