Wednesday, April 27, 2016

As Life's Challenges Mount Up...

**NOTE: Several of the Beautiful Imagery Shared Today are via Pinterest so all Credit goes to those Amazing Photographers whoever they are!**

One of the reasons we didn't Travel to Cali to be with Mom at Hospice, among many, was that I didn't have a Peace about The Man being Well enough for a Road Trip anywhere away from Home for an extended period of time.  You never want to risk having a Medical Emergency while on the road and far from Home.  And since I cannot clone myself to be in two places at once this has left me feeling very Conflicted indeed!

Both Mom and The Man Need me right now... as does my Brother so that he has backup for the difficult decisions having to be made regarding our Mom... but I simply cannot be in Arizona and Cali simultaneously!  And so I've been racking my brain trying to figure out a viable solution to this dilemma and just when I thought I had it finally all worked out... The Man's health tanked and all bets were now off the table again!!!  *Le Sigh*

We've been waiting for a VA Referral for Months... and had been awaiting contact for the assignment of a new Doctor at the new far West side VA Clinic closer to our new Home.  We had been told the waiting period was around forty-five days even for those with serious health issues such as The Man's and that we couldn't receive the Oxygen nor meds he Needs 'til we see the new Doctor.  We filled out all the paperwork way back then and waited... and waited... still no contact or appointment scheduled...and he kept deteriorating in the interim!

And so I loaded him up Yesterday Morning after I got the Kiddos to School and thought, screw this, we're going in again to find out what the delay is, we should have had that referral complete and an appointment by now!   Well, turns out they hadn't even submitted it!!!  In fact, they couldn't even find any record of us requesting it, tho' I had my copies to prove it had been done!!!  So the forty-five day waiting period hadn't even begun in actuality as far as they were concerned!!!  WTF!!!  

 It's no National Secret that the VA Facilities are under Investigation and Veterans are dying waiting for Treatment and being neglected, it is all over the Media and a National Disgrace.  This kind of thing is precisely the reason why and it's NOT getting any better even tho' they're allegedly under intense scrutiny?!?   ARE they... they're supposed to be, right?  I Wonder, since nothing is changing or even getting slightly better.  The surly Nurse didn't help matters, I was now in Standing Bitch Face Mode myself so Touche' surly Nurse!  So she went to get the Emergency Doc on Call... not wanting to Deal with upset Wife Dependent of Disabled Veteran in Medical crisis now.  *Winks*

Of coarse you'll get the usual default suggestion, why didn't you just take him to the Downtown Inner City VA Emergency Room MILES away and about a one and a half hour commute one way?!   Ummm... because No. One, have you ever been there?  We have on numerous occasions... it's quite the Sideshow, especially after dark!  The waits are atrociously long, they're severely understaffed... and you'll get to interact with some very, ahem "interesting" people from the Streets in the area on your way in and out usually, which can be quite disconcerting.  All of which is sure to put The Man in total Anxiety I Don't Wanna Be HERE Mode!!!  The list could go on from there 'til we get into double digit reasons Why... but why bother?

So now this is when they give you the spiel that this new Far West side Clinic really has VERY limited resources and cannot handle most of what your Loved One really Needs anyway!  The majority of people in the Waiting Room with us it seems were on their way to a Pottery Class... No, I'm not making this up, my Imagination is just not that Fertile!  We actually passed the now full Pottery Class in session on the way out and the Waiting Room was now empty!  Had The Man Needed to learn Ceramics apparently he would have been in the right place!  Now I'm Wondering why I'm even bothering with a long convoluted transfer referral at all, clearly this is NOT the place for him to ever go for Medical anything anyway!?   But, the Doc, who was very Nice I must say, did give us an immediate referral to the Emergency Room of the Civilian Hospital nearby since she felt he was in serious Crisis now... duh.

The Staff there could actually Help someone with Medical Issues, especially Serious ones... which should be the Point at ALL Medical Facilities, but maybe that's just my sentiments, I dunno?  Note to Self: Even if our crappy Insurance now being issued to GI's and Retirees doesn't pony up and the VA refuses to pay again too, I'm using Civilian Docs for him!  Forget about the Government Issued ones since it's a worthless endeavor and he's too Precious to me to Risk the possible consequences of marginal Care. 

  I cannot wait for November to arrive and he can qualify for Medicare to hopefully fill in the gaps, even tho' the Premium will be three quarters of his paltry Social Security Check each month, it will buy us Priceless Peace of Mind.  Not to mention boycott future Collection Calls for Medical Expenses Insurances aren't honoring or making Civilian Docs wait sometimes over a Year to receive payment of!   Yes, that's right, over a Year... and after much harassment by moi, they finally paid up the outstanding Medical Bill from the last Cardiologist I saw during a Medical Emergency that should have been totally Covered and I kept getting Billed for!  It's just too Stressful to keep Dealing with such Administrative shenanigans and screw-ups, but whaddya gonna do? 

So anyways... here we were in the Civilian ER again... with The Man more worried about what all this is gonna Cost and will his Insurance not wanna pay again?   I told him to relax, I don't Care if anyone gets paid right now {or ever actually, I'm just to that point with our Medical earned benefits deteriorating to a useless stage}, lets just Deal with the Priority of him receiving adequate Care shall we and worry about all that later!   The Intake Nurse tells me the Base and VA send ALL of their local Patients there now so she's quite familiar with our crappy Insurance and don't worry about it, they'll push it thru some kinda way.  *Winks*   I liked her right away  *LOL*... she 'Gets it'... and with all the Active Duty and Retirees in the area I'm sure they do Deal with this all the time now the closures of Military Hospitals and ER's have necessitated this situation at hand.

I explained his TBI so that they knew they weren't just Dealing with his current Medical Crisis and why he was acting so squirrelly.  They were very Patient, Soothing and Kind with him, which Calmed him and allowed him to Trust them, which gave me relief that I could leave him in their Care since it was requiring him being admitted for Cardiac and Respiratory Issues and Testing.   I don't like to have to leave him, he gets Scared and very Anxious about being left and Hospitalized because of what he's Endured negatively at the hands of some Hospital Staff in the Past.  I Promised him I'd keep in close Contact with him and this Hospital, I had to get Home for the G-Kid Force, who had walked Home from School to an empty house and been on Lock Down inside 'til Gramma could get Home.  They did very well and I was Proud of them following all my Safety prompts in my absence, they're Growing Up. 

I'm now very Glad I followed my Gut Instinct and didn't even attempt an out of State Road Trip with The Man in tow to be at Mom's Bedside at Hospice.  He'd been Game for it if we could scrape together the funds, but I hadn't had a Peace about his Health being stable enough for the Journey and added Strain of why we were going.   Hospice might have given him flashbacks of Residential Facilities he had to be in after his near death experience and I didn't wanna risk that either.   Once I get his Health stabilized we're considering leaving he and The Young Prince here with substitute Supervision looking in on them should I necessitate having to make the Trip to Cali due to Mom's dire situation.

We've been Working diligently upon giving The Young Prince greater responsibilities and he's done very well.  He's been Proud of doing more independently, with just some Guidance and Supervision by extended Family to keep an eye on things.  I have but a precious couple years left to prepare him to be able to live Independently and Manage his own Care and Path in Life.  The Man too has been Working diligently upon attaining a greater degree of Independence, which he really misses having, since his rehabilitation has been a very long road to recovery after his accident.  But he's doing better bit by bit, so now getting his physical Health stabilized is our Primary Focus.

And we've put it all in the Lord's most Capable Hands and will Patiently just await Him working out all the Logistics for us now.  Since as Life's Challenges mount up, so much of it is out of our hands as it unfolds and we've done what we can on our part.  The rest is totally up to Him now and I've taken my hands off that which I never had Control of anyway and requires Divine Intervention.


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Monday, April 25, 2016

Sweet Salvage ~ Color Stories ~ The Finale'

Yes we are at the Finale' Post of the SWEET SALVAGE Color Stories Event... I thought I'd end in a mostly Wordless Post to allow the Colors and their Stories to do all the talking...


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Sweet Salvage ~ Color Stories ~ Part III

Since the Theme this Month was 'Color Stories' I was interested to find out exactly WHICH Colors I was most drawn to during the Event?  Seeking out the Imagery that I found to be most Inspiring and the Vignettes that lured me in strongly was the major clue.

Sometimes and in some Seasons you know exactly which Color Story you're bonding to most strongly... other times it is much more subtle a nuance.  For me it was more a subtle migration of preference for a certain Color Combo right now.  I am not a Purist when it comes to any Color, I can be quite fickle in fact with what Colors Appeal to me at certain times.

Right now it clearly revealed itself to be the Color Story built around Green, Black and Gold elements.  That trio really stood out as the Story told with those hues melding together Beautifully that spoke to my Soul at this Event.  I wasn't all that surprised actually since Green, Black and Gold have always been favorites of mine on the Color Wheel.

With Sepia thrown in as a Grounding Neutral I'd have to say I'd be quite Content with a lot of Black, Gold and Green in my World actually... I like the Atmosphere and Visual it imparts.

As an Old Hippie I've always been one of those Mother Earth sorta Gals and in my Youth most of my rooms were so saturated with living plants that you almost needed a machete to get thru them and couldn't distinguish whether you were still outside or in?!  *Smiles* 

I can fully Appreciate other Color Stories told well... but I know that Decorating with them and Living with them wouldn't be authentic to Self.  I think all of us can relate to that since we each will have a Color Story that we would prefer to surround us and be our Personal Cocoon Space that we feel most Comfortable in.

The Pretty Romantic hues are Visually a Joy... but not so much my Cocoon Color.   I am quite certain it would not be The Man's choice either, but he can certainly co-exist with me most comfortably and in unity with the Palette I'm most drawn to anyway, which is rather handy since neither of us is therefore necessitating a compromise.  *Smiles*

He likes the Outdoors so Green is a Given for his preference.  The Soothing element of Sepia brings a Calmness and Grounding to any Space and it's pretty Neutral for most people.  Black tends to be a strong Masculine enough Color in Decor to suit almost any Guy I've ever known and what Old Goth whose Muse was Morticia doesn't J'Adore it?!  *LOL*  And who isn't taken by GOLD?  The Man always Loved Prospecting, so Golden elements are a decadent luxury we both are drawn to.  *Winks*

And what is particularly strange to me is that I wasn't even NOTICING most specific Color even tho' it was certainly a Colorful Theme going on and each Vignette did devote itself to a particular Color Story!!!  I was rather Color Blind during a Color Story Event, go figure... since I didn't expect to be.

And that is what I mean by a subtle influence of which Colors spoke to my Soul... I didn't even so much recognize which ones it had been until afterwards, when I downloaded the Images.  In the Moment I had lingered at certain spaces but wasn't entirely sure why... but now it's quite obvious.  Those particular Colors were telling their Story and I was reading it on a deeper level of consciousness.

And it hindsight it made perfect sense... the Colors that Soothed my Soul are the very ones that usually do and I tend to surround myself with instinctively at Home.  The pieces I would have added to our Home, had I been in Buyer Mode and not contemplative restraint mode due to circumstances, were of those hues.  {Especially that hand-painted Jardin Art... Magnifique!} 

Yes, the Greenhouse Effect was mos def luring me like a Siren's Song... it's Earthiness just spoke volumes about a Story I've always Enjoyed being told by the Elements of Nature and a language I Connect to.

At the exclusion of so many Vignettes I failed to Photograph I apologize, since perhaps those Color Stories would have spoken to you in much the same way?  Hopefully you got to attend the Event before it was a wrap on Sunday Afternoon and see for yourself what I missed in the Sharing?

Yes, indeed, I could only Share a small Sampling of the Stories being told by the Color Wheel at this Event.   And alas, I didn't get a chance to go back since so much has been going on in our Personal Lives recently that it's been rather consuming and difficult to fit much else in without being overwhelmed.

You can clearly see what Captivated me and Ministered to my Soul.  If I can manage to schlep a big ole Apothecary Cabinet Home one day I shall... and fill it's drawers with mini Vignettes Displaying a rotation of our Favorite things and Storing away the rest out of sight 'til it's rotation comes around. 

Most of this Nest has all the feathering it will ever Need really, but there are still a few Statement Pieces I'd like to eventually procure and swap out some of the existing as we Upgrade in due time.  I Love to Upgrade but it is a gradual Process as Resources permit.

Great Vintage and Antique Apothecary Cabinets of all sizes happen to be my particular weakness right now... I'm Lusting over every one I see that I can't have right now! *Le Sigh*

Not that I didn't also see some other Cool Stuff like these Ruby Glass Seltzer Bottles with Fab Etchings which were Killer!

Or da Bling, which I always notice... duh!  *Winks*   And I actually thought this Post would be the Finale' but I still have some more Imagery to Share, so we'll hold off on it being the last one for now and mebbe do at least one more shall we?  Hope you can continue to join us my Friends?

Still more Color Stories to tell...


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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