Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Rainbows, Buttercups And Unicorn Farts

Life is rarely always Rainbows, Buttercups and Unicorn Farts, but sometimes things just work out.   We've had a couple of consecutive days like that in dealing with The Man's significant Medical Needs thru the Local VA, nothing could have gone any better actually and the relief I feel is Epic!!!   Because previously it has not always gone like that, so I had my War Paint on just in case!  *Winks*

It was Nice to finally have Staff Partnering with me to get him the follow-up, Specialized Care and appointments he Needs in a timely manner, without having to go on the Defensive Position on his behalf!  In fact, they expedited most of them, a Pleasant Surprise!  *Yay!*   He was treated with Dignity, Patience and Respect, so his Anxiety levels diminished considerably by Day No. Two and we got an awful lot accomplished for his Care, without it taking a huge toll on him physically or emotionally.

He is Aware he Needs the Care and so much Medical intervention, but receiving it has been such an Ordeal at times that it has made him very reluctant to go thru the Process or be very Trusting of who is administering it.   The Staff over the past two days, that we've been assigned now, has instilled a level of Trust that had previously been broken, almost beyond repair.   I'm encouraged now, instead of discouraged and so angry... he's finally receiving the Treatment and Care he earned thru many years of Service to Country and deserves... so Color me Happy!

I'm very Protective of those I'm Caregiver of and so to have Medical personnel on the same page as I am about appropriate level of Care is refreshing.  To NOT have to fight the Systems of Care tooth and nail for every little thing and every inch of the way is all I've ever wanted.  To finally Receive that, well, I can't begin to tell you how much that buoyed my Spirits... it was answer to Prayer in fact!   I was sure to Praise each Nurse, Doctor and Administrative Staff Member about this being such a Positive Experience... unlike all the Negatives we've endured in the past!

Several even sincerely apologized for some of the 'sins' of the past against The Man, as they are Aware they exist and never should have while receiving Care at any VA Facility.   I think perhaps things are finally being turned around in this particular System of Care and it makes me very Happy for ALL of the Veterans and their Families.   It is a good start and I do Hope it continues... in fact, my Hope for the entire Country is that our Health Care System can be fixed sufficiently so that ALL can Receive a standard of Quality Healthcare as a basic Human Right.

I don't even like to see an Animal enduring Sickness, Disease, or extreme Disabling conditions that could lead to Death without intervention... and basic Humanitarian Aide being denied to it... never mind a Human Being!   When Care is available why withhold it and make it only available to those that can most afford it and degrade Quality of Life to mere socioeconomic status!?   The measure of a Human's Worth should not be based solely upon that individual or Family's economic and social position in relation to others... based on income, education and occupation.  But we all know that IS "The Standard" isn't it?

I Liked that these past couple of days that The Man's Worth and Value was not based solely upon what he no longer can do for his Country... but upon what he now Needs to Support the best Quality of Life in his current Condition.   When he was a Warrior and fighting the Wars they sent him to fight, he did so with Honor and Courage, his Social Value therefore was higher while he was Actively Serving.  But after 39 Years of Service he's rather a beat up Old Warrior now and Needs to be Served instead.  

I feel he's more than Earned the Right and it's Owed to him, so I've fought hard and aggressively to preserve that Right on his behalf.   I didn't feel I should have had to, but sometimes you just have to do whatever you have to do.  Because tho' others might just see a broken down Disabled Old Man wearing a crusty old Veteran's cap, with body and mind beat up by too many deployments to too many Wars in the span of almost four decades of Honorable Service to Country...  that's not what I see.

I still see my legitimate Bad Ass to the Bone War Hero!  Who has Served in the Marine Corps., the Army, the Air Force and the Dept. Of Defense.   Who has done duty as a Sniper in Special Ops serving two consecutive tours in Vietnam... a Field Medic... and kept the F-16's Fighting ready for numerous conflicts all the way thru Desert Storm.   Who is way too Humble to ever talk about the Heroic deeds he's so highly Decorated for, and which take up a huge chunk of Uniform if he were to wear all the Medals he's Earned in Combat and Service.   We're very Proud of him... and the biggest battle he's ever waged was Rehabilitating himself successfully from his Catastrophic Injuries, so he Soldiers on.  All he Needs them to do now is to have his back.  I'm Glad they did for two days in a row now!


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

A Day At The Zoo

So I remember a Zoo Membership being less than Twenty Bucks a Year, yeah, that's just how long it's been since I bought one!  *Smiles*   But Princess T has been tenacious about me buying an Annual Zoo Pass Membership for the Fam, so I finally gave in, second mortgaged the Home and got one.  *Winks*   Only kidding, but Yowsah have Memberships gone up since the good ole' days!

The Sweet Cashier must have seen my sticker shock, so even tho' any Child over the Age of 12 is supposed to be at Adult Membership Price, she let me have one for The Young Prince at a Child's rate, along with Princess T whose legitimately under Twelve!   *Whew!*   Besides, The Young Prince and The Man won't join us 99.9% of the time anyway so full price for them is really an outright Donation!  *LOL*

Did I mention it's Monsoon Season?  So the Humidity is at 100% with 108 degrees being the Monsoon Season average Temps, so it does feel positively Tropical!   Kinda goes with the Exotic Birds and Animals... but I ain't gonna lie, the Humidity zaps me every time even tho' I can take intense Desert heat!   And Day No. One we lasted only 30 minutes since a fierce Monsoon Storm rolled in Haboob Style and it got Crazy real fast so we aborted the Zoo Experience prematurely!

That day it was only Princess T, The Man and I... The Young Prince had wisely looked to the North and said, I don't think I wanna be at the Zoo when that Storm hits, I'll sit this one out guys.   Dontcha Hate it when a Kid is Wiser than you!?   Well, they do say he's a Genius... and clearly I'm not, since the ominous dark clouds rolling in from the North hadn't alarmed me that much nor deterred my enthusiasm.  The Zoo is only 100 Acres after all, Guess I thought we could do all that before the Storm hit?!  *Bwahahahahaha!*

Oh, and The Man stubbornly and Pridefully refusing to bring his Zimmerframe Walker with a Seat along, natch!  So he's slow as molasses running uphill in February... and has advanced COPD... so you can only Imagine the outcome once the Storm hit with a vengeance and we're out in the lower forty of the Zoo's Acreage!   Remember the Wizard Of Oz when the Tornado hit?  Yeah, it was kinda like that and my entourage was as motley a crew as Dorothy had in tow!

So we'd been sweating profusely in the humidity and then when the Sandstorm hit you now had Sand that felt like Glass whipping against and sticking to your skin!   It was so very Memorable... and I couldn't help myself, I began laughing hysterically at the absurdity of it all!   Especially after what I'd just paid for this Torture, I must be absolutely Mad!!!?!  

Now Princess T and The Man think I'm laughing AT them and they get upset as Hell!  AS IF I'd actually be laughing at him not being able to breathe and her being scared Shitless by the Storm!!   But you know how it is when you've reached the point of near hysteria, it made me laugh all the more and I just couldn't stop!  The Wind has whipped up to over 65 mph and I've got leaves, sticks and shit sticking in my Dreads while trying to Shepherd them along into a Building for Safety... it was just Comical beyond belief at that point!!!

Good thing we'd snapped off some good pixs in the Calm before the Storm... I was thinking I would NEVER get The Man to ever come again... well, one wasted Membership down the drain!?!   But the next Morning Princess T was raring to go back and finish what we'd begun... just her and I this time around.  It was still 100% humidity and about 111 degrees... why not... after all, we'd already established I'm completely Insane!  *Smiles*

It really was an excellent Workout, like a Sauna and being on the Treadmill simultaneously, only with Exotic Animals.   That and a four dollar Snowcone and five dollar Soda at "Zooberto's" in the Zoo, since we'd of dropped dead otherwise!   And Yes, that's the name of the Fast Food Mexican Restaurant in the Zoo... a take on all the '-berto's' bonanza of Mexican Joints in the City!  Good ole' American Marketing Strategy since there are likely no Owners with the names of... Filiberto's, Umberto's, Roberto's, Rigaberto's, Alberto's, Humberto's etcetera times a Million of these Joints!!!  *Ha ha ha*

But she was having the time of her Life and so it was all Good... and the very next day was her Brother's turn to do the Zoo with Gramma.  Thankfully he's much more 'Into' the Aquatic Animals, which are mostly housed in the air conditioned buildings scattered about the Zoo!   I think he must spend half his Life online soaking in Marine Life Trivia because he knew way more about every Fish than I thought was Humanly possible!!!   He's a walking Encyclopedia of Knowledge when it comes to anything that fascinates him.

Let's pet the Manta Rays Gramma, but only use two fingers... and after I do and mention the texture of their skin... The Young Prince tells me it's a protective Slime and to limit my touching since it will make them prone to infections!   I question the Ranger on Manta Petting Duty, he confirms this fact... which is why I'm then thinking, why do we have a Manta Ray Petting Station then?   Seems like it's not beneficial to the Rays and then I felt bad for having touched them in ignorance at all!   Besides, now I have Manta Ray Slime on my hands and we haven't had Lunch yet... does this stuff come off easily I'm Wondering?  *LOL*

Most of the Animals were as Hot as we were and so I got some great Close-Ups since they were just too Hot and Tired to even try to get away or bother I suppose?!  *Smiles*   Go ahead Pathological Picture Taking Annoying Human, I'll even strike a Pose for ya.    It helped that some enclosures have Feeding Stations and now they're used to Humans = Zoo Kibbles.  I went thru all my Quarters buying Zoo Kibbles for various Fish and Animals... but The Force Loved it and so did the Critters!   My hands now smelled like Zoo Kibbles and we still haven't had Lunch yet... Splendid... hands with Zoo Kibble Aroma and Manta Ray Slime!!!  I'm now looking for the nearest Bathroom Sinks!  *LOL*

As we walk to the Restaurant, 'Dillon's' which has Fab Food BTW... at the Bar Lounge is the Tank with the enormous Albino Crocodile.  I remember him from Years ago when my Kids were little, clearly they live a long time!!!  I'm thinking to myself, he's Aging way better than me... tho' we both are now considerably larger all these years later.  *Winks*   He'll probably still be around whenever The G-Kid Force bring their own Children one day!?

This enormous Lizard's tongue was equally enormous and he seemed to Enjoy having his Photo taken and getting so much Attention.   Wouldn't it be Cool to have one of those as a Pet Gramma, The Young Prince muses... NO... NO it would NOT I respond.   I envision The Young Prince's Home years from now filled with all manner of Exotic Pets and I won't have to ever go to a Zoo again, I'll just have to go to his House!?!  Or mebbe I won't... I'm not sure my Heart could take what his House might look like given the track record of what his Living Spaces here often look like!?!   Throw in some scary Fear Factor Creatures he's fascinated with and it would just be too much for me to handle I'm sure!  *Smiles* 

But we had a Good Time together... if I just have ONE of any of them in tow, be it The Man, The Young Prince or Princess T, we usually do and I don't have to moderate or mediate between them all.   The Young Prince actually has a hilarious sense of Humor and we laugh constantly when we're out together without an entourage of Sister or Grandpa.  He does flawless impersonations and has that wry sense of Gallow's Humor that I just Enjoy.   After the Zoo we were going to my Health Food Grocery Stores on the East Side of the City.

The Man had asked us if, when we got there, we could pick him up some Oreos and Mayo!?   The Young Prince had turned to me and given me that knowing Look with a Grin and wryly responded... Sure, Grandpa, we'll look for some Vegan Oreos and Organic Mayo while we're at Whole Foods... *Bwahahahahahaha!!!*   While we were at Trader Joe's, next door to Whole Foods, a Lovely Young Clerk with a huge bun of Festival Dreadlocks tells us there is such a thing as their healthier version of Oreos... who knew?!   So we got them... don't know that he'll actually eat them... I think they say Gluten Free or made with Spelt Flour or something that will convince him they're not Real Oreos, but Hippie substitutes??!   *LMAO*

Yes, for years he's given me crap about my Hippie preferences in things, and Lifestyle, but he was dead serious about the Oreos and Mayo even tho' he knew we weren't going to a 'Normal' Grocery Store and one of MY Grocery Stores instead!  *Smiles*  This is when we realize... and the Young Prince says, Gramma his Brain Damage is probably permanent becoz he really thinks Whole Foods has Oreos?!?!?!??!!  *LOL*   Sorry, I don't care who you are, that's Funny!!!  *Winks*   And if you were offended and have delicate sensibilities... get a Life... around here we've learned to find Gallow's Humor in the Darker things about Life's serious Issues we Deal with daily... it saves our Sanity, what little we have left!

And call me a Super Weirdo, but I thoroughly Enjoy traipsing around my Health Food Grocery Stores, it smells Healthy and makes me want to eat even Healthier options!   It also has the best Hand-Made Soaps ever, which The Young Prince and I J'Adore and we smelled every single one and then chose two apiece to bring Home.   Mine of coarse had scents such as Patchouli, Sandalwood and one called Hippee that is Nag Champa blend and my Favorite {above}.

This is the Patchouli and Sandalwood blend bar, also Divine and my 2nd Favorite scent.   The Aroma is strong enough with these Soaps that it scents the entire Bathroom... and the Vehicle on the ride Home!  *Smiles*   The Young Prince is one of the few people who will spend hours smelling Hand-Made Soaps with me and have an intense dialogue about which ones are our Favorites and why!  *Smiles*   He was totally Jazzed that I let him pick out a couple of his own Favorites.  Most of his Favs have Eucalyptus, Green Tea, Citrus and Spicy tones to the Scents.  He said they make him think of a Tea House like Chakra 4 or my Chinese Doctor's Office Healing Herbal Aromas.

We were unanimous about this Bar's Scent tho', which has a heady Floral tone that smells like Roses and a mixture of something equally intoxicating.  We were told it is one of their best sellers and we got the last bar of it this day.   But I digress and got carried away with Hand-Made Soaps... Smiles... so back to a Day at the Zoo...

The Young Prince and I decided that should we get a Pool installed one day we'd like to have an Aztec Theme something like this to give it an Ancient Temple Ruins feel.   We'd want a smaller Natural looking Swimming Hole sort of Pool, so size isn't nearly as important as the Visual of it being Unique and Pleasing to the Eye.   Tho' we all like using a Pool, we aren't Fans of the Traditional looking back yard Pool.

Too bad we don't have Acreage anymore Gramma he lamented, so that we can't ever have Peacocks.   He and I have fantasized about having Peacocks and at the Historic Homestead we could have some and never got around to it.  Tho' I had a Friend that bred them and would have given me one had The Man not been so opposed!   They are loud and have a haunting cry he said, besides, in the Old Hood of an Inner City perhaps they wouldn't have been all that safe from harm and so I never did get any.

In Arizona almost all of the Historic Ranches had Peacocks on the grounds and so many of the ancestors of those original birds are still on the grounds of the few remaining Ranch sites, many of which have become City Public Parks.  The Zoo had some fine specimens of several Peacock species as well as some Albino Peacocks.

Tho' the Zoo has a wealth of Animals, Birds and Aquatic Life, I'm drawn to the Exotic Birds and their Show-Out Colorful Feathers and other plumage like the Crests on some of their heads.   This one I tried to Photograph behind it's chain link fence, which gave it a rather unexpected muted Vignette look to the Image.

And of coarse who doesn't Love the Monkeys and their funny acrobatic graceful antics?  There were several Baby Monkeys that must have been born just this Spring and they are beyond Adorable!   This Adult Monkey was playing Peek-A-Boo with us... The Young Prince is suspicious of Monkeys tho', he is convinced most of them would rather throw their poo at you so he keeps his distance from the cages, just in case!  *LOL*  Thankfully there were no poo flinging Monkeys this day... the heat can do that to ya and stifle urges I suppose?  *LOL*

Even tho' it was spendy, I'm Glad I bought a Zoo Membership finally, I think we'll get a lot of use out of it {well some of us anyway} since we live so close to one of the two larger Zoos Citywide.   When one is practically in your back yard you really have the opportunity, when the Weather is nice, or if you're Crazy and even go when it's not... to visit often and walk the grounds for exercise, relaxation and enjoyment.

There's just something Special and almost Sacred about being around Nature and it's varied Wildlife that can't be replicated.   There are many things that I do Enjoy doing, but being out in Nature and around God's Creatures is by far my most Enjoyable times Communing with it all.   Yes, I am one to talk to the Animals and they typically respond to an Appreciative and Respectful Human Voice interacting with them.  Or mebbe it's entertaining to them to listen to the Crazy Lady having a one-sided conversation with them, I dunno?

I like to view them from afar... but it's even more Special when you can up close and more personal.   Those that have become accustomed to Human interactions, tho' certainly not Tame and are still Wild, have developed somewhat of a Bond with us.   We got there at Feeding Time and it was hilarious to see how the Animals just knew it was Time, without the aide of a Clock... and how animated they became at the excitement of a good meal being delivered soon!

And Yes, The Young Prince also Enjoyed his Meal sitting by the enormous Shark Tank in the Main Restaurant and watching them at Feeding Time as we also savored our Meal.   I had taken his Grandpa and Sister to the same Restaurant that first day.  May I suggest the Catfish Dinner, it is Sublime and is enough food to serve two amply, so I usually split it with a Grandchild and it's more than enough for both of us!!!  Yes, I had successfully washed Manta Slime and Zoo Kibble odors off my hands beforehand.

And when The G-Kid Force begins School next Month I suspect I'll be taking long walks at the Zoo by myself after I drop them all off... in the Quiet of the Mornings, a Nice way to begin the day and get some daily exercise.  So actually it was cheaper than buying a Gym Membership, so I can't complain.  *Winks*

This was one of the views from the Restaurant Windows... and you can't beat that either, can you?   I'm all about The View... and a Good Meal with a View, well, it doesn't get much better than that does it?!?

This Morning I'll be taking The Man to his VA Primary Doctor's Appointment that we've waited over Six Months for, so I Needed to get my Zen on... and a few consecutive days at the Zoo was just the place to do it.  Hopefully I soaked up enough Zen to get me thru the whole VA Ordeal Experience... we'll see... one has to be virtually Saturated with Zen to keep one's Calm and sense of Humor whilst Dealing with the VA I've found!!!   And a Morbid sense of Gallow's Humor don't hurt either!!!!!!!!   *Winks*


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Will I Ever Get It Together?

Some people have a very Organized, Orderly and Tidy Home... they are Domestic Goddesses... I am NOT one of them!  I'd Like to be, I've even Tried to be, to no avail, it's Futile!   Those of my Tribe might relate better to the Home self-described as Organized Chaos?  It's not that I don't attempt to have Organization and Order, because I function better if it could be that way, I'd stand back and Bask in it daily... but I'm too haphazard in my ways to KEEP it that way.

It is much more likely, in our Home, to find my piles of 'Stuff' just randomly placed everywhere, with no Rhyme or Reason to how they ended up THERE, rather than perhaps a Logical place to BE!?!   My 'Piles of Stuff' are the bane of my existence, I banish them, but they reappear and I am the culprit!  No, I'm not talking about "Family" Mess, Disarray and Disorder... which is Epic around here too, we're talking about WILL I EVER GET IT TOGETHER my Friends?!

Sometimes things are so Chaotic that I don't even Notice when The G-Kid Force has been Messing with me... like THIS!   Yep, no telling how long she's been intentionally Exposed and Flashing a Boob as a Prank on Gramma?!  Nor how many Guests have walked into the Entry Hallway and had THAT Imagery seared into their Memory as a First Impression to entering our Home?!?  *Bwahahahaha!*  Not that The Rest wouldn't equally Shock or take them aback, so... whatever...  *Smiles*

Because Seriously, that's not even the Weirdest, most Shocking or Wildest thing they'll see around here... not even close!  *Winks*  I know some have wandered in unawares, if they really don't know us well, and had their jaws grow slack and mouth just hang open!  Because they couldn't even pretend it's like any other Home they ever walked into Cold and not have their countenance be evident of that fact!  *Ha ha ha*  Yes, we are Aware we are Addams Family Different kinda Folks and I'm Okay with that fact.

What I am NOT Okay with is my Piles... even tho' I've just given up and Embraced some of them, like my Fabric Piles, which are Visually stimulating and Pretty enough to just Be.   It seemed a Shame to Store them away unseen anyway so I am now Content to just leave those Piles alone as Decor... yeah, that's what we'll call them... Decor!  *Winks*   And some Piles I've just arranged into Vignettes where they just landed... why not?  Then they at least give the Illusion of being more Intentional!? *LMAO*

Okay, so that's a Stretch, I know this, and if a Vignette is just randomly sitting in a Weird spot on the Floor, where no Vignette should ever Be... well, it's probably not Fooling anyone, including myself.  *Le Sigh*  But sometimes I'm just not having a Place for it to Be yet... my Curating of Space and Stuff is still a Work In Progress.   My feeble attempts to Get It Together are progressing in a Positive direction and moving at rather a Snail's Pace.

Which is why you can often see some Art and Mirrors just stacked in front of one another and behind some Fabric Piles... casually, AS IF that is where I Want them, rather than hung on a Wall, where they actually should Be!!!  *LOL*  Does anyone else do that I Wonder?   I would Like at least one Brave Soul of My Tribe to weigh in and say Yes... Why, isn't that Normal?!?  So that I don't Feel so much like The Lone Ranger in my Affliction of Odd Housekeeping tactics!???!??   *Smiles*

I do Try to be more Relaxed in my approach to Housekeeping... because it would drive me Crazy otherwise to not live up to my own Standards, which are pretty Lax... and yet, I STILL can't seem to live up to them!!!   *Le Sigh*  Never mind try to live up to the Standards of Normal people who manage to keep house effortlessly, or seemingly so anyway!!!   I don't know a lot of allegedly Normal people, so that Helps.  *Winks*

I know... but it's True... if you were REALLY NORMAL, and Lived a relatively Normal Life, well, I probably wouldn't have very much in Common with you to Cultivate a Relationship and Connect, you see.  *Smiles*   There would be so few Points of Reference in how you Live or Think that I could remotely relate to.   And yet I do seem Aware of what Normal could and mebbe should Look like... it just doesn't around here... AT ALL!  *Winks*

I'm not Judging nor making Unfair Comparisons, I'm just stating a Fact based on my own Observations of people in general.   I am acutely Aware that I'm a Weirdo, I just would Like to be a more Organized, Tidy and Orderly Weirdo than I am... that's all!  *Smiles*   But, I'm NOT... I'm SO NOT... and it is frustrating sometimes since I Work on it.   I don't Try NOT to be Weird, I Like being Different and Celebrate my Differences and Bond with My Tribe.  I Love My Tribe of peeps and wouldn't want any of us to Change our State of Being.  They are an Interesting Lot and we have loads in Common to form Bonds with that last!

But what I DO TRY to BE is a whole lot more Domestically Inclined, so that our Home isn't always stricken with my disorganization and inclinations to Piles here, there and everywhere!   Of things not yet put away or put up... or just PUT SOMEWHERE, ANYWHERE that is LOGICAL!  I'm not attempting to reach Domestic Goddess status any more than I'm attempting to become a Saint, it would just be an Impossibility!  

 Besides, I'm too Lazy to be Crowned a Domestic Goddess and too much of a Rebel to be Saintly.   My Halo is askew ALL of the time and threatening to fall off at any point in time... just Test me! *Winks*   I'm not speaking of a complete Overhaul, I Like being ME too much to want to Change a lot.  But I could definitely use some Improvement in the Housekeeping Dept. of Life, that's a Fact!   My Mom was a Superb Housekeeper, but apparently it wasn't a strong enough Genetic Trait to have been passed along to Moi... my Domestic Goddess Genes are watered way down or perhaps totally absent!?  *Winks*

The fact of the matter is, I don't really CARE to have a Perfect Home or one that is so Editorial it could be in a Magazine Spread, that ain't never gonna happen!  I want it to be Clean enough to be Healthy and Dirty enough to be Happy.   But I would also Like to be able to do the occasional Panoramic Shot of it in ANY Room... Okay, I'd settle for SOME Rooms... possibly even ONE Room!  *See how far my Standards can be quickly compromised?!?  Winks* 

I would Like for such places as the Stair's Landing... the Kitchen Island... and Dining Tables to remain uncluttered with Catch-All Stuff just unceremoniously dumped by myself and the Fam!   I do Clean and Tidy them up constantly... and they just never stay that way for long so it almost seems a complete waste of Time and Energy!   But I'm Hopeful we can Change some Bad Habits around with Practice... lots and lots and loads of Practice... mebbe with the aide of Medication I dunno?  *Bwahahahaha!!!*

I'm only partially kidding about the Medication part... coz I Swear to God if they had a Pill that caused us all to be more Organized, Orderly and Tidy... as much of an aversion as I have to taking any Meds... I'd be poppin' one of those Miracle Pills daily my Friends!   I'd be hiding it in the foods of the Crew around here too... just sayin'... that's how Life altering in a Good way it would be for me!  *Smiles*   No longer would I have some Unknown Assailant lay a heavy Plate in a random Room that's never eaten in... and on top of a Fragile Dried Roses Wreath, crushing it's fragile petals!  No... apparently NOBODY around here fesses up to doing that... so someone random broke in and just did it?!?  *LOL*

Well, Yeah, as The Young Prince so astutely pointed out...{perhaps out of Guilt}... we'll never know... IF the Wreath were hung up Gramma, rather than laying on a random Stool near a Window...{that I didn't climb out of in the middle of the Night to sneak out to a Friend's house after you told me it was too late for me to go anywhere}, perhaps it wouldn't have happened?  Things that make you go Humnnnnnnnnnnn...

  Okay, so the part in parenthesis were Implied and he didn't actually SAY them, but you know, I can figure some things out that seem quite randomly Odd.  Like a Food Plate with Crumbs left behind as Evidence near an Escape Route Window in a Room rarely used.  After a certain Nark Princess told me her Brother is probably definitely sneaking out Windows in the middle of the Night!  *Winks*   And what bugs me most is that he could just go in and out the Garage and leave no trace Evidence at all by using the Key Pad Code... he's gotta hone his Teen Rebel deceit skills, that Kid, for me to Claim him as one of Us!  *Winks* 

He didn't Invent Teen Deception nor Rebellion, we have a long lineage of it in fact, but leaving a telltale Mess behind and being Stupid about his Plan, now THAT bugs me!!!   *Smiles*    And I know he went to a Good Kid's house to play Video Games well into the wee hours of a Saturday Night, because we wouldn't let them pick him up at almost Midnight to go do it.   Obedience is better than Sacrifice Kid, and don't try to pull one over on Gramma or Grandpa... we're Jedi Masters at this shit you're pulling... been there, done that... Won the Gold Medals in the Olympics of it Kiddo!   And your Mother... well Kid, she was the Michael Phelps of Rebellious Behavior, so we have tons of Experience to draw upon!  *Smiles*

And the Irony is not Lost upon me that I can Handle such things as THAT with a grain of Salt and complete Calm and Deal with it... yet in the Keeping of a Home I'm completely out of my Element even after all these years of doing it!   Why is that???!?!   Why do I go more Crazy about a Messy Home than in the Dealing with some of the bigger Messes of Life that confront me?   I Guess it's the little things that always send you over the edge, I dunno?   I don't Feel like a Bad Parent if a Kiddo goes Haywire because I don't take all the Credit for their Successes nor all the Blame for their Failures in Life.  But I do Feel like a Lousy Housekeeper almost all of the time!   Go Figure!

Even on days when I don't have a whole lot to do, I will avoid Housework like the Plague and not get around to much of it.  Sure, I'll do some of it... to appease the Housekeeping gods like a temporary Offering at the Altar of having a Lovely Home to Live in.   Seems only Right to keep it semi-presentable... well... areas of it... that could pass in a Close-Up to Share here in The Land Of Blog and give the Illusion the rest of it looks presentable too!  *Winks*  

Well, if you had less Stuff... you could keep on top of it you might be saying?  Yes, I know that... but then things would be more glaringly Obvious of what's going on behind my back.  Such as the fact that little Pink Rubber Band Liga... near the right Wing of the Dove... shows Evidence that The Force have been having Rubber Band Fights again here in the Library... and likely everywhere else in the house when Grandpa is in Charge and I'm at Work!   *LOL*  I don't Notice so much when there's Stuff hiding the Evidence, which is Good for my Heart and Sanity... I can then Pretend there is no Trouble in Paradise in my brief absences from Home!  *Winks*

So... I'm not saying there isn't an Upside to all of this... there can be... and so just a Healthier Balance is Needed I suppose.   You know, just enough Order, Tidiness and Organization to Appease me and yet not be too much.   Sometimes I even get the Home there... to the just enough Look that Satisfies me completely... so Maintaining it at that State of Being would be really Nice and preferable!   But is it Possible?   I'm just not sure... not convinced it can be with my Habits and having three other individuals and a Cat here...

So in many ways I've just Learned to Live with a Beautiful Mess and my Organized form of Chaos, while Working upon improving my Habits... and those of the Family.   To try to promote Positive Changes, slowly... and reasonably so as not to create a Disturbance in The Force.   To not have unrealistic expectations of what we're all capable of... since there seems to be some Genetic Mutation that makes us how we just ARE.

Which is relatively Messy and highly Peculiar people who may never Get It Together, except on occasion, when we Intentionally stray from our Usual way of Being and Try to Get It Together.   Our inability to Keep it that way is Evident and I doubt even a Professional Organizer could Teach us a Successful way to permanently Change how we ARE?   But I do still hold out Hope that we can alter some of it in a measure of Success I could be Okay with.

And now I shall ignore more Housework needing to be done on a Saturday Afternoon because Princess T is nagging at me to go to The Zoo... since this Zoo here at Home clearly isn't nearly enough of a Zoo!!!   *Winks*   Or mebbe it's just a different kind of Zoo or Lunatic Asylum, I'm not Sure which?   Perhaps what I REALLY Need is some Zookeeping Staff, yeah, that would probably Work...


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

A life touched by God always ends in touching others. - Erwin McManus

I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness for it shows me the stars. - Og Mandino (1923-1996)

For creativity to flourish one should try to look at everything as though it were being seen for the first or the last time. - Quote from "A Thousand Paths To Creativity" by David Baird

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