Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Duality Of Life

It can be the best of times and the worst of times all at once.  The weather has been Glorious, reaching the Nineties already and the unseasonable rains have created a Wildflower and Cactus Flower explosion in the Desert, which is utterly breathtaking.  While The Man along with The G-Kid Force have taken turns being quite Sick at the onset of Spring.  So I've got at least one or more Home very Sick daily, and thus much higher maintenance.   Such is the duality of Life. 

 The Young Prince, now completely weaned off of all his Psyche Meds, due to Medical complications, has been Feeling the duality of his raw Moods and unstable Personality all the more intensely for the first time in many years.  Nothing now is mediating or managing his state of Being and that has been quite a difficult transition for us all.   His highs are euphoric, his lows are abysmal.

Princess T and I escaped for a Girl's Day Out this Weekend and she found a $100 bill under our Truck in a Parking Lot!   The most I've ever found was a $5 and I remember being totally stoked about that.  Her serendipity Story will now always beat everyone else's "Found Money" Stories!  *LOL*  She said she felt bad for whoever Lost it... but totally good that she Found it... the duality of Life... you can Feel bad and good at the same time.  She gave it to me saying I always spend my money on her and will probably spend that on her anyway too... it Touched my Heart deeply.

Yes, I'm bragging upon the Generosity of these Grands I'm raising because it knows no bounds... yet so does their ability to irritate just for the sheer amusement of doing so!   Yes, the duality we ALL have in our state of Being... we're not all bad nor are we all good... and we can swing from one extreme to the other, each and every one of us.   I find myself swinging like a pendulum often lately... between my Light self and my Dark self.

I would like to say the Lighter version of me prevails most of the time, that would not be entirely accurate.   Lately my broody side makes many more appearances than I care for it to and not always for any particular reason.  It would be so much easier to validate it if there were a particular reason... but some days I'm on the verge of pissy for no apparent reason that I can justify being pissy for!  *LOL*  The duality of me I am having to just embrace... both sides.  Just as I am with embracing everyone else's duality.

I sway between bouts of inactivity and procrastination... and bouts of intense focus and productivity here on the home front.  I've just had a bout of the most productive kind where the de-stashing of the double car garage went into hyper-drive in preparation of the upcoming Block Yard Sale.   A dozen storage boxes were emptied in a single afternoon!   Sifted thru and portions sent to the Showroom and into the containers that will be Yard Sale Inventory for Sale.  Very few items were Keepers, I felt quite accomplished at that feat and ratio of exodus of Stuff!   I set some Seasonal aside... in preparation of upcoming Holidays and Holy Days.

I worked much too hard and too long and it was exhilarating!  I was bone tired, sore and stiff afterwards and yet the pain and exhaustion felt good because it was the byproduct of something Positive and accomplished!  Isn't it funny the duality of how we can view our fatigue, aches and pains even, depending upon what has caused them?   As if there is a good pain and a bad pain... the perspective is everything... since in actuality it is the same and not different at all.

I was Feeling particularly Unsentimental so I could discard and cull a lot and put it to the de-stashing containers that would be on their way out, exiting Stage Left!   I can Feel both Sentimental and Unsentimental... there is a side of me that doesn't Care about Stuff very much at all.   And yet, I Like my Stuff, and I prefer to Live around quite a Collection of it... yes, the duality of that doesn't escape me.   What if I didn't have Stuff... I'd be Okay with that actually...  I've had little... and I've had a lot... and I've still been me to my core in both situations with utter Contentment.

Philippians 4:12 ... I know both how to be abased, and I know how to abound: every where and in all things I am instructed both to be full and to be hungry, both to abound and to suffer need. 

Yes, Life has duality indeed... it was clearly meant to be so... and so everything is as it should be...


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. We all have both sides. That is what makes life interesting.

  2. I'd love to attend your yard sale; you have so many cool things!

  3. Oh those Cactus Flowers MUST be Gorgeous! You and your family are on my prayer list.


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