Friday, March 3, 2017

Love-Hate Relationships

I must Confess that I do have a Love-Hate Relationship with some Big Box Stores, especially those that are savvy enough to know what is Trending in the way of Vintage Styling and do a decent Knock-Off product.   I try to buy the Real Deal when I can find it or if I can afford it, but alas, that isn't always possible and so a nice Re-Pop will have to do.

And some things, especially Furniture used often, it's just more practical to buy something New in a Styling you like, that appears Older or has faux Character and Patina imparted unnaturally, but isn't as fragile or costly as the Real Deal.  Some of the Big Box Furniture Stores are finally catching onto those massively popular Styles that the Home Improvement Shows have exposed us to and now are in high demand but short supply to get the Real Deal of it. 

I freely also Confess that I Need a Deal, I just won't overpay or buy something I truly cannot afford.  If something has low supply and high demand it can get into the stratosphere of price points even if you can find it.  So if I'm in a Quest for something we Need at Home, I might opt for a Big Box Option, thus the Love-Hate Relationship with them.  On the one hand I Hate that they do the cheap Knock-Offs, that if you had too much of it in the Home, would make me roll my eyes and Gak because very little of it can really pass as authentic.  There's a fine line here between tacky Re-Pop overkill in Decorating and a nice Blend of it and the Real Deal.

Just like having too much of the Real Deal can have the look of a Museum rather than a Home or a Mausoleum of someone long dead... I prefer a nice Blend of Decor, Old and New combined practically and in Harmony, to Create an Ambiance I Desire that is balanced.  Thus my other hand Love side of the equation at Needing those Big Box Stores and their Options of New crap made to look Stylishly Desirable.  *LOL*  I don't happen to visit or wander these Big Box Stores often tho' or make Pilgrimages to them, usually ONLY when I absolutely Need something specific.

The hilarity being that every so often I run into someone I know who is a Kindred Spirit, Lover of Old and frequenter of the Circuit that provides the Real Deal, so clearly there are a slew of us Lover-Haters of these places out there!  *LOL*   It's almost comical when we run into each other at a Big Box Store because the recognition can be delayed since clearly we're each out of our Element and the Surprise is always mutual!  *LMAO*  It's like when someone runs into me at a McDonalds, which doesn't serve Real Food, you know?  I Hate those places, but every so often, The G-Kid Force and I Need fake Food, what can I say... and I do Love the French Fries I ain't gonna lie!  *Smiles*

So, there The Man and I were Yesterday, at American Furniture Warehouse because we were in Need of a New Recliner for him and a Bed Frame and New Mattress for us.   Coz it's not as if we're Wanting an Antique Mattress or Old worn out Recliner, right?!  *Ewwwwww, just thinking of that makes my skin crawl actually... disgusting!*   Yes, there are some Housewares and Furnishings that you just don't Want to have had someone else break in for ya!  

 We got our nifty new Adjustable Bed Frame and Memory Foam Mattress, think Hospital Bed adaptations to Residential Furnishings for Function... hey, we're Old People, remember?!  *Winks*  It has a gadget and anything with a Remote Control is going to be on The Man's Side, he Loves those things... I have the Love-Hate thing going on with those too!  So we can raise and lower the head part and the leg part for comfort and better circulation or to alleviate snoring... which apparently we suffer from according to each other and the Kiddos.  Okay, so sometimes I've even woke myself up with my Snoring, so apparently the Rumor is True!  *Smiles*

As for his Recliner... well, he broke the other New one he's had just past the time it's Warranty expired and I couldn't just replace it under Warranty.  *Le Sigh*   It was comical tho' since he broke it on an Evening I was Working and swore the Grands to Secrecy so Gramma wouldn't be Mad when I got Home.   So I walk in and he's sitting all 'casually conspicuously' wonky and tilted sideways in it like that wasn't gonna be noticeable, right?!  Nope, nothing Wrong here... Captain Obvious!  *Bwahahahaha!*   What's Wrong with your Chair I says?  Nothing he deadpans, but with that Guilty Kid expression who just broke something and doesn't want you to know and come Clean about it.  He's a lousy liar my Old Man, just too Truthful, Honest and Trustworthy a Soul he is to pull it off.

So the Story and Truth spilled out and what actually happened when the mechanism snapped was just as Comical as his sitting in it trying to look all nonchalant in a clearly broken Recliner.   At least he didn't get hurt, but he could have since the whole thing tipped over and he went ass over tea kettle backwards and The Force had to get him up, which I've got a Mental pix of that playing out like a Three Stooges Comedy Routine!   And so he's had to sit in it upright and NOT recline and use my Pouff to elevate his feet, which has practically killed him both Physically and Emotionally when he's parked in front of his New 60" TV endlessly.   So we knew a New Recliner, a better Quality one, was in order.


But I have a Love-Hate Relationship with Recliners going on too.  You see, they are the most Comfortable and Relaxing of Furnishings, but not always the most aesthetically pleasing to Style your Home with.   So we Love sitting in them and relaxing in them, Hate the way most of them Look, so finding one that is a suitable compromise is like going to buy a Used Car, dread it.   I dread it because he is going for Comfort and how many gadgets the damned thing has attached to it to Appeal to the testosterone laden, and I am going for Style and won't want anything hideous in my Home as Decor... especially not center stage in the freakin' Living Room!!!  With him sitting in it like it's his Throne... might as well put a big Old Spotlight on a hideous piece of Necessary Furniture stuck in the midst of a Stylish Room where the rest of the Decor was Thoughtful and Curated!

But dammit he Needs it and so I know I'm gonna hafta compromise on this Pick.  The last one he picked out... the broken one, was Fabric and I abhor Fabric Recliners that a Man is gonna sit in all the time.  With heavy use they get to looking disgusting quickly and can never be cleaned up enough when wear and tear sets in.  They begin to look like the Archie Bunker Chair and your Man's Attachment to those sorts is so strong that even after they're long past Prime or broken, he's gonna wanna hold onto it like a Fav Toy and try to not part with it!  Especially if your Man has Traumatic Brain Injury now... so detaching The Man from his Fav Chairs has been like toilet training a Toddler, a slow and frustrating Process, but he'll finally Get There with adequate Incentives put in place.  *Smiles*

And yet he Feels really Guilty for having broken the last one so soon after receiving it, especially since I compromised a lot on buying that one and didn't want Fabric or a Cheap Chair that he insisted upon.   I had actually bought him a Real Leather spendy one and he claimed it made him sweat and wiggled around and fidgeted uncomfortably in it looking like a Fish out of water to the point I said Okay, I'll take that one as mine and buy you one that you Like and Pick out.  

 Bad Idea, knew it when I said it and we did it, me reluctantly with Eyes wide shut.  Knew it was a waste of resources and tho' it wasn't hideous, I never Liked it, I Tolerated it being around.  Can I go so far as to say I wasn't that upset when it broke and rather Glad?  *Winks*  Yeah, I can hardly wait for Bulk Garbage Day to get here so it can be kicked to the curb!  Couldn't we Use it somewhere he says... NO... NO we can't, I have no Use for it, I'd rather set that thing on Fire!  *LOL*

  Now he had to admit, yep, you were Right Honey so your input will be Valued this next time around... well Praise God and a hearty Hallelujah!  I don't wanna be Right, I told him this is just the last Recliner I Hope to have to buy him so we're not just throwing money away, I'm Frugal that way.  So we'd upgrade and reach a healthier compromise and negotiation on Styling and Function this time.   I knew it would be a Challenge, do you know how many hideous Recliners are out there... that look like big Ole Marshmallows or are in hideous cheap upholstery fabrics and a yawnfest of Styles that haven't changed in perhaps the last forty years?!?  It's a Recliner Time Warp you enter, like the Twilight Zone of Home Furnishings the moment you enter that Dept. of the Furniture Stores!

In fact, the demographic you see shopping in the Recliner section makes me SO NOT wanna be one of them... are we... now one of them?!?  God Forbid!!!  It's like Geriatric meets Redneck and melds into a Set straight out of the Roseanne Show's Living Room of Tastelessness and parody of Horrorific Styling... OMG... hurry up and lets Move On!  I retreated from Recliner Section of Big Box Furniture Store to Entertainment and Media Section... something Cool and Tasteful has to be better found here, surely!  The Media Room Crowd usually have Money... and Taste... so I felt more Hopeful shopping there where Function might meet Style?!  *Smiles*

Angelic Hosts practically parted the Heavens and we found something he Loved and I could Live with!!!  It had all his hidden Secret compartments and gadgets, even a removable arm table that can fit on either armrest AND it was on Sale!   It was a Media Room Chair but resembled a Contemporary Club Chair and is Stylish and Comfortable in a faux Bonded Leather.  But it doesn't come in Brown and it's not Real Leather he laments, only two Colors... Black or Dove Grey.  We'd wanted any shade of Brown to match my Leather Recliner and my Vintage Hide and Leather Club Chair already in the Room and of coarse I prefer Real Leather.  But I can Live with Black, we have a lot of Black in the Room so it won't clash I says, and even Tolerate Bonded Leather... besides, who knew they actually even Created a Man Chair he'd Love and I'd Like?  *Smiles*

The price was also doable right now so we wouldn't catch another delivery charge since we already bought our Bed so now they can both be delivered together this coming Tuesday.   Not to mention, going Shopping in a Big Box Store several times is just not something I think I can handle back to back, I Need time in between to Mentally prepare for the experience.  *LOL*   But I gotta admit, they sure had a lot of the Knock-Off Styling that I J'Adore there, tons of it in fact and at great prices!   So I Confess that my Love-Hate Relationship with them will probably persist, just like that I have with Hobby Lobby and that ilk... whaddya gonna do?

Via: Pinterest... not mine, I haven't gone completely Mad, but it is hilarious!


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Dawn, I know just what you mean! We have 'Old Sh*tty' (my grandkids aren't allowed to say that word so it's 'Old S....y) plopped right in the middle of the house. A huge fabric beast of a chair! I suppose it IS the most comfortable seat in the house though...

    1. I know, thus is the quandary, right, extreme comfort seems to be so Ugly! *LOL* Love the Handle you've given the Beast though, that's hilarious! Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. OKAY< I was all ready to respond not the 'recliner' issue and then that last pic of the gold-plated henna deer...who is clearly saying----REALLY? When taxidermy goes wrong.

    Anyway---recliners, may they all spontaneously combust, design-wise. Truly horrific, but then, if you close your eyes and put your feet up----LOL, most of America is content. Me, I won't have another one in the house--I think we have been through 5. I now have an ottoman and a chair in the living room. Mostly because recliners are basically buses..and we don't have the proper station room.

    Grins, this was funny---glad you found a 'co-operative' solution. PS, My Dad, tipped over his recliner into the corner of the living room at 88, and had to explain to me the black shoe scuffs on the wall, when I came to visit. His recliner was never quite right after that either. LOL, Sandi, but he had a good story of being trapped by a recliner.

    1. That Henna Deer Mount just cracked me up, it isn't mine, but it is hilarious I think so I had to add it to my own pixs from Home... didn't want you to think I'd gone completely Mad with that on my walls... behind a Recliner! *Bwahahahah!* The Story of your Dad is priceless and it just validates my opinion that Recliners can be dangerous as well as Ugly... but oh they are so comfy so I suppose we'll endure them. *Winks* Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. Oh Dawn, I knew----that the mirror aside it, would never land in your house, maybe outdoors as a lawn ornament, LOL, or a table---grins. Too bad, we don't have a permanent sarcasm font---we could use, just to be not misunderstood! Grins---!
    Yea, he was forbidden to go into the basement, too. His stories to cover-up disasters down there were legendary! Just, Like I wouldn't notice the scuffs on the wall??? Like a little kid, he was soooo much fun! Grins, have a good one, Sandi


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